Yolli Cookie And Biscuit Cutters

Not only do I have a sweet tooth, but also two very sweet children who love baking, so what better way to spend a summer afternoon than making cookies! With our surname being ‘Kiss’ we just couldn’t resist these pretty lips and flower cutters from Yolli, as making cookies is seriously fun on the best of days, but making personalised cookies is that little bit more magical and meaningful at every occasion.

Yolli Flower And Lips Cookie And Biscuit Cutters

Yolli Flower And Lips Cookie And Biscuit Cutters

We used a very simple cookie recipe which took just minutes to make and cost mere pennies, weighing 225g of butter, 110g of caster sugar and 275g of plain flour together in a mixing bowl, with Millie finger crumbling and kneading it all together until it became a soft doughy ball the size of a small melon. Now I have to confess that not all of the cookie dough made it to the cutting table, as some little peoples finger, and a cheeky Mummy had a nibble or two, actually three, whilst we rolled it out but it’s out of this world. The finished dough is slightly moist, flexible and dense, making it perfect for rolling with a wooden pin on a floured kitchen surface.

We made our dough around 1cm thick into which the children pressed the cookie cutters firmly, with a little twist when lifting them away to ensure that each shape cut cleanly. We laid them onto a flat oven tray which was also dusted with flour, and on the lips shapes we pressed the handle of a teaspoon to create a lipline along the centre, leaving some as plain lip shapes too. We then put them into the preheated oven at 170 degrees for around fifteen minutes until they were lightly browned.

Millie Loved Cutting And Decorating Her Cookies

Millie Loved Cutting And Decorating Her Cookies

After sliding the cookies onto a cooling rack we finished them with a touch of colour by sticking coloured smarties to the centre of each flower and our cookies was complete. The children loved serving them to the rest of the family with a cup of milk before bed. What a beautiful afternoon and a precious memory of dusty noses and sticky fingers. The Flower and Lips Cookie and Biscuit Cutters cost £1.49 each from Yolli online and are very sturdy, made of a good quality metal finished in silver unlike some that bend and rust.

For more information, a full product range or to purchase this equipment you can visit Yolli online here!

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