Waist Training With Hidden Beauty Secrets

I previously had a size UK8 Leopard Print Waist Trainer from Hidden Beauty Secrets, and now I am ready to move down to a smaller size UK6 as my waist training is working so well.

Waist Training With Hidden Beauty Secrets

Waist Training With Hidden Beauty Secrets

The waist trainer is a fashion and fitness corset that can help you to achieve the killer curves you desire by creating the perfect hourglass figure. The compression garment helps to firm and tone your stomach, lower back and love handles to create more permanent curves whilst fusing together overstretched stomach muscles after pregnancy and improving posture too. Wearing the corset whilst exercising, walking or running will encourage heat and sweating around the waist and stomach which in turn increases healthy weightloss.

I am wearing a black size UK6 on the widest setting, as just like a bra, there are three sets of hooks and eyes for small, medium and large to adjust the width of the corset as you progress. To start with it makes your torso feel very straight and tall and I found I walked all stiff and over-exaggerated my movement when bending until I got used to it. But it doesn’t dig in, rub or cut at all as it’s surprisingly smooth and flexible with four concealed ribs to shape to your body. I can eat and breathe fine and it’s not uncomfortable at all.

The training corset is 100% latex at the core which allows it to sculpt to your body and fit like a second skin, keeping everything in place and containing any bulges. The inner lining is 93% cotton and 7% spandex which is soft and warm against the skin, and finally the outer lining is 83% polyester and 17% lycra giving the corset a smooth and shimmery finish. The training corset is incredibly well made with strong and stable hook and eye fastenings up the entire front making it easy to get on and off. It is recommended that you gradually build up the time spent wearing the corset day by day, starting with one to two hours for the first day, two to three hours for the second day, three to four hours for the third day and so on and so forth until you eventually wear the corset all day everyday. Everybody is different and will progress at their own pace, but if you’re in any doubt about pregnancy scars or discomfort whilst wearing the training corset then always consult your doctor first.

The corset is beautiful and can easily be worn for fashion purposes, either on it’s own, over a vest top or blouse or under a dress to capture that perfect hour glass figure. I keep my corset on throughout the day whilst working out, eating and drinking and find that I stand taller and sit better as it keeps my back straight and prevents my stomach from bulging and slouching, which in turn makes me want to drink water to keep healthy and eat clean rather than pigging out on huge dinners, snacks and junk food. Instantly my waist looks smaller, my clothes fit better and I feel sexy wearing the corset.

The waist trainer is available from Hidden Beauty Secrets in a variety of different colours and patterns, priced at £54.99 in sizes 6-22 with free UK delivery.

To place your order simply email:[email protected]

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Twitter: @hbsecrets_
Facebook: /hiddenbeautysecrets


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