Gold Crush Hair Growth Supplements

One of the first things you tend to notice about somebody is their hair, smile and eyes, because the face is our primary point of contact. The difference good hair can make to your day is incredible, as when I have a bad hair day I tend to feel more shy, avoid eye contact and hurry away home as quickly as possible; yet on a good hair day I’m swinging my locks around like something out of a shampoo advert, smiling from ear to ear and find that I’m far more conversational towards others. Looking good undoubtedly equates to feeling good, so why not make the most of your locks by tending to gorgeously thick and glossy natural hair with proper supplementation.

Gold Crush Hair Supplements

Gold Crush Hair Supplements

Nutrients ensure that our bodies function properly, as it’s not just what we put onto our hair that effects its condition but more of what we put into our hair through our bodies that counts. Leading a balanced lifestyle can boost our immune system, with complex vitamins supporting optimal healthy hair and nail growth. Gold Crush Hair’s unique blend of vitamins and minerals includes Selenium and Zinc along with complex B Vitamins such as Biotin, which feed and nourish your follicles helping to contribute towards healthy hair from the inside out.

I know all too well of the daily torment that can cause stress and damage to my hair, and even hair products can have drying and damaging results. I’ve certainly had my fair share of split ends and dry snapping scarecrow strands, but since opening my eyes to the health of my hair I have now ditched my straighteners, hair dryer and hot rollers for hand washing and towel drying only, and my hair looks and feels so much better for it. Whilst the actual hair is dead, our roots and follicles are still alive and continuously growing, so it’s important to maintain a healthy scalp. The GoldCrush Hair Nutrition Formula provides support for your skin and nails, making it a versatile multi vitamin, with Vitamin A to maintain skin and Vitamin C to contribute to collagen formation whilst zinc and selenium contribute to healthy strong nails.

Here I’m wearing a GoldCrush Hair t-shirt which is very cleverly marked out in inches so that I can chart the progress of my hair growth, as well as decide when I need a trim to take off the dead ends if it looks too messy! I also have a handy chart to mark off each day that I’ve taken my supplements as it’s recommended you take two capsules daily with water after a meal. A one month supply of 60 capsules costs just £20.00 and is an all-in-one to achieving healthy, glossy, long and strong natural hair and nails. Bring on the natural beauty!
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