Age: 1week & 1day

Well today is Gabriele’s due date and he is already 8days old. This last week has gone so incredibly fast it seems as though we have lived with him for a lifetime already. He’s upped his milk intake by an extra ounce per feed, his tummy button is healing beautifully and his skin has evened out to a beautiful golden brown like his Daddy’s.

Baby Gabriele Sleeping On His Due Date

I absolutely love the fact that I can put him down for a nap during the day and get on with my housework properly as it helps to scratch my cleanliness itch by being able to clean the cupboards and bleach the floors again! It’s so strange adjusting to life without a bump, I feel so much lighter, I flashdance around my kitchen when I cook, I can bend without looking like a rugby player doing the haka and my bladder – boy oh boy am I being spoilt; when I go for a wee instead of a struggling little kitten squirt I now unleash a whole reservoir at once! My breasts are calming down after I laid boiling flannels on them yesterday and it helped to relieve some of the pressure.
I’d had to cling film my nipples for the last week as they were so sore and cracked and bleeding they kept getting infused into the breast pads and ripping apart every time I took off my bra, but today they are like two eager pink bald eagles pert in their boobie nest.

This morning I had a little pamper and had my teeth whitened and eyelashes tinted which was BLISS. I’m feeling more and more human by the day, but at night the lack of sleep still drains me back down and takes me off of my energetic super-mummy perch and turns me back into a washed out zombie. It seems everyday I play catch-up with my energy levels, but I don’t mind so long as the kids are happy and all is taken care of around the house.

I’m dreaming of the day when we can go for a nice walk in the sunshine and this horrible cold drizzly weather stops and I can feel healthy again. Because I’ve just had my teeth whitened I can only eat white food today to avoid staining, which is either a really good thing as it stops me from bingeing, or a really bad things as the only white foods I can think of all seem to be stuffy food; bread, potatoes, ice-cream, onions, ice?

I haven’t weighed myself today as I don’t want to become too obsessed with losing weight and I don’t think there’ll be much difference day-to-day, but if I consult my brain it’s giving me a cheeky wink saying “You’ve got this Trace”. My clothes fit so much nicer as each day goes by, I went up to a size ten when pregnant and I’ve generally got size eight with a few bigger ten tops in the wardrobe; so I know I’m around the right mark now, I just need to shake off some of this extra wobble and turn the junk in my trunk and muffin top into buns of steel again.

Without wanting to sound smutty, I’ve had a body MOT and passed with flying colours and all parts are officially in working order! I was a bit hesitant if not nervous about the whole ‘throwing a sausage down a hallway’ syndrome as I’ve had curious nightmares that the more children you have the wider your hallway becomes, and I guess it’s not normally something that you’d ask other mums; or if you do I think they might slightly sugar coat their hallways and avoid admitting to anything embarrassing for fear of not being able to keep up with the Jones’. I sometimes see ladies with four or five very young children and can’t help thinking to myself, Jesus, she must have such a big and messy hallway for a family of that size. But although my hallway is filled with red roses at the moment and a little tender I don’t think any walls have been moved or repositioned! In fact I think my hallway has taken it’s renovation nicely and hasn’t devalued the price of the house. I would however still appreciate a smaller hallway so must remember to look up mummy magic tricks online when I have a quiet moment to spare and can stomach the answers that I might find!


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