Age: 9 Months (39wks)

This week has been hectic, as per usual, and it seems that since we’ve hit February everything has found a sudden sense of urgency. The lull over Christmas and the serenity of the January snow has left everybody struggling to catch up and carry on now that we’re already two months into the new year. The days are literally flying by and I’m wondering if the world has actually picked up its pace or if time has always flown this fast and I’ve never noticed?

My Beautiful Babies: Millie 5yrs & Gabriele 9months

So other than the voluntary spring-clean of the kitchen and throwing away several sacks of recycling, the house and my mind are pretty much on par. I’ve got such a drive at the moment and want to do everything straight away, the promise of our new year and fresh start at life has left me feeling a whole different person and I can’t wait to make the most of seizing the day!

And now that Gabriele’s nine months old, the children have come to an age where they can play together, communicate and joke around. Millie blows raspberries on Gabriele’s feet and tummy and he giggles the house down, they love cuddling up together and in the car when they’re sitting in their seats in the back they hold hands and giggle. It’s the most amazing thing to have two healthy and wonderful children, they lighten my soul and make every day a blessing and I’m so proud to be their mummy.

Baby Gabriele’s Sleep Routine 39 Weeks After Birth

Gabriele is still a little tyke, his energy and stamina are faultless and I honestly don’t know how he wakes so often at night and stays up so late. I run around after him like a buzzing bee all day and it totally drains me come the end of the evening and I can hardly keep my eyes open, yet he’s crawling and standing and climbing and playing and somehow he has the power to keep going and I’m grateful that Luca can take the reins for a little in the evening so that I can collapse face down on the sofa. I actually think Gabriele is superhuman because there is no way that any baby I have ever met has had even a tenth of his stamina!

My Gym Routine 22 Weeks After Starting

This week I started the Insanity Workout and am keeping a blog of it here! I’m hoping to tone up after having had two children but I’m not looking to lose anymore weight because I like my size. Even though I’ve slimmed down I still feel that my body hasn’t firmed up enough and my stomach is flat but doesn’t hold my organs as firmly as before. When I lean forward as sick as this sounds, I feel as though everything inside of me moves forward and that wall of muscle that I had there before like a cage to keep it all in now seems to be gone. So I want to strengthen up and tighten my insides and the Insanity Workout is a high-intensity interval training sixty-day program that promises to do just that! Whether or not I’ll manage to see it through is another thing, but so far I’ve completed my first week of eight and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

My Weight Loss 39 Weeks AFter Giving Birth

Despite working my behind off and breaking my back over doing such a high-intensity workout each day this week I’ve somehow managed to put on weight! SIX POUNDS to be precise and I have no idea how!? I’ve actually eaten really well, all home-cooked, fresh vegetables and fruit, no junk food at all and plenty of water and exercise. But it seems on a week when I would have normally had a couple of takeaways and snacks in the evening, I’ve actually gained weight for behaving myself rather than maintained where I was at last week. How strange!

The Results Of My Body Fat Composition Test

But as I’m training for my sixty-day program I had a Body Composition Test this week and despite putting on six pounds in weight, I managed to have a great result of 16% body fat which is a good deal below the national average but not unhealthy. So I guess maybe I could have put on muscle mass this week? Or my body didn’t like being 8st7lbs and preferred to carry a little more fat? Who knows, but so long as I feel good and I’m eating well and training hard then that’s all that matters.

Half-term is coming up fast and I’m thinking of fun things to do with the children, as well as Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, my dad’s birthday and Gabriele’s 1st! Blimey, I feel sorry for my poor bank account already! x

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  • Hello Tracy, hope you are well first of all you look FAB well done you :). I am currently doing Insanity am quite slim anyway just want to tone up especially my love handles. I just wanted some information on the diet part. There is a certain amount to eat when doing insanity. However I cant eat so many meals in a day I eat much less- but I do have crisp like everyday which is 130cal. As i dont eat the required amount of calories will this effect my workout. Also I dont drink any shakes or anything is this vital do I have start taking protein shakes. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you


    • Hi Faz, congratulations on starting your challenge. Firstly addressing the crisps, each food contains different fats and nutrition. Crisps will give you very little energy and turn quickly to fat so if you’re looking to lose weight then they’ll make that very hard for you. Their calorie content may seem small of 130kcal each day, but over a week and it’s almost half a days extra allowance of calories. A jacket potato will be similar in calorie content and still potato but provide you with carbs and energy and much more food to assist in your workout. I have completed routines with and without protein shakes, without them I still achieved great results but I ached a lot and felt tired after. With protein shakes your muscles recover quicker, you feel less tired and it becomes a little easier to achieve your results when you’re not aching. It’s not compulsory to take protein shakes if you already consume protein in your diet, which is mostly meat, cheese and eggs. But if you’re thinking of trying it then it typically involves drinking a shake after each workout, along with eating your regular meals to help your muscles. It is not a meal replacement and in itself it will not make you lose weight.

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