My Sixty Day Review Of The Insanity Workout By Shaun T

With a name like ‘The Insanity Workout’ I can’t help but get excited for this challenge. Apparently this crazy workout takes interval training to the max and gets you buffer than a shiny rock in just sixty days, which by my calculations would have me looking bikini ready just in time for easter. The reason I’m doing this workout is because I’m a mother of two, my daughter is five years old and my son is almost nine months, I want to tone my body and increase my strength and stamina as opposed to losing weight. So bring it on Shaun T you scrummy man you!

Visit the Official Insanity Workout Site here!

Mr Shaun T On My TV

Here I will be documenting the next sixty days of training with ‘The Insanity Workout’ 13 DVD’s and showing you some before and after photos each week, maybe some snippets of me working out if I don’t look too trashed and make it more than one minute into the routines. I have to say it looks like a pretty meaty and intense workout and something this scrawny vegetarian can’t wait to get her rabbit teeth into. And as I’m vegetarian I won’t be following the eating plan, I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and soya produce as it is and have been working on my cardio at the gym prior to starting this workout, so I am confident that my diet is already on point to allow me to undertake this challenge. If you like the look of sweaty fun and/or torture then you know where to go for the ultimate workout, as Shaun T the super-human instructor says “Get Fit Or Get Out!” Oh yes! And if by some sheer miracle I make it to the final I will do the 60th workout video in a teeny tiny bikini whilst wearing loads of makeup and too much hairspray to celebrate instead of looking like a slicked back boy in my gym gear- what an incentive!

28/01/13 Day 1

My First Attempt At The Fitness Test

So the fitness test is CD1 and a way of charting your progress and stamina as you complete each of the eight weeks. I took this test today for the first time without having used the DVD’s beforehand, I am completely new to interval training and the 45 minute test annihilated me, left me feeling sick and made me go for a massive toilet break!

The fitness test is broken into ten sections which are as follows:
Warm Up
Switch Kicks
Power Jacks
Power Knees
Power Jumps
Globe Jumps
Suicide Jumps
Push Up Jacks
Low Plank Obliques
Cool Down

Each part of the test seems to have been specially designed to make you want to collapse with the idea being that you beast out a block of high intensity intervals followed by a short rest, which is the opposite of regular workouts where you’d normally maintain a steady rate and then beast out one minute of intensity. So I’m hoping for some pretty mean results when I’m done as people who are doing the routines are reporting a burn of around 620-900 calories per workout, now that’s impressive considering the average female daily intake of calories is 1800.

My Body Stats Before Starting The Insanity Workout

So check back here every week and I’ll keep you up to date with my progress! And if you’re doing this workout too let me know how you’re getting on! If I can do it then surely anybody can! Let’s get fit for summer πŸ™‚ x x x

UPDATE: 29/01/13 Day 2

I woke up this morning and I feel FRESH, energetic and firm. Every muscle feels like it’s had a good seeing to and I can’t wait to do the next step today! Yehh!

Day 2 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 58 More To Go

So I’ve just completed the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout which is CD2. It’s basically a forty minute attack of your lower body through basketball, boxing and skiing skills and I have no idea how I’ll get up the stairs to bed tonight because I’m twitching and tender in muscles that I didn’t even know I had.

The Plyometric Cardio Circuit consists of:
Warm Up
Suicide Drills
Power Squats
Mountain Climbers
Ski Down
Switch Feet
Football Wide Sprints
Basketball Drills
Level 1 Drills
Ski Drills
In-and-Out Plank
Cross Jacks
Cool Down

My legs feel torn to shreds, my abs feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach and again it left me sweating for fun and feeling a little sicky. I actually worked out in just a sports bra, hotpants and trainers because it got me so hot I wanted to peel my skin off and jump in a lake to cool off. My veins and lungs feel flushed through, I’m so fresh right now yet destroyed at the same time and have the most amazing sense of achievement. This workout is insane and I’m hooked and determined to see it through. Bring on the burn! Only 58 more days to go!

UPDATE: 30/01/13 Day 3

I am absolutely destroyed this morning. My thighs are more tender than a slow roasted joint of meat and walking down the stairs makes me look and feel like a spaceman on the moon. The motion of stepping downwards is so so tender; part of each workout includes the warm up and cool down so that I knew my muscles were ready for the crazy hit that they took, and I’m not exactly in pain, I’m just delicate and slow through the sheer amount of squats, jumps and routines. Let’s hope I have the use of my limbs back by this evening for my third workout attempt!

Day 3 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 57 More To Go

Wow, day three is DONE excuse me whilst I do a little dance and give myself a round of applause. It’s nine o’clock at night and I’ve been walking like John Wayne all day from my quads and calves absolutely killing and being so stiff from yesterdays killer workout. I honestly didn’t know if I could get limber enough to even stand for forty minutes let alone workout today, but from somewhere I found the strength and determination to push myself harder, muscle through and carry on and I am so glad that I did. I’d hit the wall and instead of quitting I just smashed straight through it! That’s how it’s done!

So today was CD3 which is the Cardio Power & Resistance workout and it focused more on the upper body, although my legs took another battering today but I’m hoping they’ll loosen up more by tomorrow. I’m already considering throwing a load of clothes onto my stairs tonight so I can forward roll to the bottom in the morning when I know there’ll be no hope in hell of me ever walking down them.

The Cardio Power & Resistance workout consists of:
Warm Up
Power Jumps
Power Kicks
Hit The Floor
V Push Ups
Hurdle Jumps
Globe Jumps
Moving Push Ups
Floor Sprints
Hop Squats
Push Ups
Cool Down

After my third day of training I’m already feeling like a rock, my legs and bum are so tight and hard I’m like the terminator, and when I’m stretching out my muscles I’m realising how much further and lower I can go each day already. I’ve never been able to do the splits but I seriously think in the next week or so I should be able to and I will definitely take a picture to tick it off of my list of things to achieve and attempt to impress my great grandchildren when I’m eighty!

Although the workout today was harsh and left me puffing and panting and sweating like I’d been out in a rainstorm it didn’t feel as violent as yesterday; I didn’t feel rising sick in my throat and my hearing stayed fine throughout, so I’m either increasing my stamina or Shaun was feeling kind and eased up a bit ready for a bad one tomorrow! Right now I’m feeling great, I’m broken but I’ve earned it and my whole body is alive. Bring on tomorrow baby! Yehhhh!

UPDATE: 31/01/13 Day 4

I woke up this morning and I’m actually human! How the dilli-oh did I manage that? I feel as though I’ve had a good workout but on a scale of 1-10 for tenderness I’d say I’m now at a 2 compared to an 8 yesterday. So as you’d expect I’m now feeling stupidly overconfident for tonight and I can’t wait to go head first into some killer cardio. I actually did some situps after my workout last night and I’m going to do some arm weights prior to it tonight; it’s not part of the Intensity workout plan but it’s something I would normally do so I don’t see the need to drop my regular routine right now and surely it will only help me to continue, right?

I’m also at the halfway point of week one, how cool is that!? And I’ve decided that I will film each fitness test at the end of every week to show you how I’m improving, so there will be eight videos in total if I make it through to the end. I hope my cameraman can stay awake long enough! πŸ™‚

Day 4 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 56 More To Go

What’s that sound? Oh, that’s right, it’s victory over my fourth Insanity workout! πŸ™‚ So today was CD4 of Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery which focused on stretching and yoga positions and I totally loved it. I used to do yoga several years ago and it brought me a great deal of peace and tranquility, I loved holding squats and feeling my muscles pull and I’m edging ever closer to being a human pretzel! Ha.

So this is a once a week routine to help your muscles to recover and to focus on breathing, and it leaves you shaking like Bambi after holding squats and pulsing.

The Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery Workout Consists Of:
Warm Up
Plank Position
In & Outs
Plank With Elevated Legs
Downward Dog
Hamstring Stretches
Pulsing Squats
Side Lunges
Plie Squats
Yoga Positions
Opening Hips

I’m feeling so tight and firm right now I could literally crack nuts with my thigh muscles, that’s if I really wanted to. I can feel my whole body responding to the workout now and even though the routines are gruelling I’m finding it so sadistically moreish to keep pushing myself and going that extra bit longer, with a grimace on my face and my muscles literally screaming at me, just knowing that I’ve taken my limit that step further feels amazing. Bring on a smasher of a burn out tomorrow because I’m ready for you! Rarr!

UPDATE: 01/02/13 Day 5

Hello day five you beautiful thing! I’m almost at the end of week one and feel amazing. My muscles no longer ache and I have bags of energy, but I know I’m about to take a kicking with today’s workout so I’m going to make the most of feeling smug right now because I’ll be wincing over it later no doubt.

Day 5 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 55 More To Go!

So today was CD5 of Pure Cardio and boy am I ready to cry! Mother fudger does my body hurt all over! During one of the routines I pulled a muscle in my thigh somehow during the push up jacks and I’ve been stroking and kneading my right leg muscles like a baker ever since. Gahh!

The Pure Cardio routine consists of:
Warm Up
Jumping Jacks
123 Heismans
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Mummy Kicks
Back Extensions
Yoga Poses
Suicide Drills
Switch kicks
Wide football sprints
Stance Jacks
Hooks & Jump rope
Power Jacks
Level 2 drills
Frog Jumps
Power Knees
Mountain Climbers
Ski Down
Scissor Runs
Suicide Jumps
Push Up Jacks
Cool Down

If it wasn’t punishment enough feeling like a cripple and battering myself with a crazy workout, I’m now about to have my body fat composition measured to find out how much fat I’m carrying. Now this is a delicate subject for any girl to discover if she’s big-boned or in fact a blubber-bucket, so I’m crossing my fingers and saying a silent prayer that God built me well and I’m not told in a moment that I’m 89% lard. I will have the same test repeated when I finish my 60th day and hope that I’ll notice a difference, otherwise Thorntorn’s sales will be getting an imminent boost from yours truly!

Having My First Ever Body Composition Test

As my brother is a nutrition advisor it was handy to pop over for a quick test before a well-deserved dinner and it only took a few minutes. How I understand it, the little metal connector things send a small current into your body which you can’t feel, and it measures the amount of water, fat, muscle and organs in your body to give you a report on what you’re made of. So if a BMI tells a muscly bodybuilder that they’re obese because they weigh sixteen stone, the body composition machine will recognise how much is their actual body and how much is fat and identify that they’re perfectly healthy. People can be naturally big boned, carry a lot of muscle or have large organs which can make them weigh more even though they hold very little fat, so when dieting never seems to work then this can shed some light on why. So clever!

Here Are The Results Of My First Body Composition Test

So the magic number for body fat is 15.9% which my brother said is pretty darn good considering I had baby Gabriele nine months ago and have shed four stones of over-indulgent pregnancy weight! He took all of the weight and measurements himself also to ensure the results were accurate and repeated the test twice.

At the start of the week my WiiFit told me I was 8st7lbs without clothes and after five days of working out my brother has recorded me as 8st13lbs with clothes, which would indicate a gain of 6lbs within a week; as alarming as this sounds he advised that I have been working out with a gruelling routine and the muscle gain will weigh more than fat, I was well hydrated from having not long had a workout and drank a sports bottle of water which my body was still holding. Also, because my Wii is in the lounge I weigh myself on carpet which can have an effect, and the time of day and when I last ate should also be taken into account. So size wise I’ve not noticed a difference in the fit of my clothes therefore I’m unsure of if I’ve put on fat or muscle as this is my first test and I have nothing previous to compare it to – but I will have from now on.

It is interesting to know that I’m at a pretty decent size, carrying more muscle than the average female and with a nice low percentage of fat, and it identified I could safely lose another pound of fat and be in the best shape of my life without being sick! My entire body contains 1st 5.8lbs of fat which is such an eye-opener, obviously our organs need fat to protect them and keep them warm, but now when I pick up baby Gabriele it makes me think wow you’re my body fat! But I’m not in this to lose weight, I just want to tone up after having had my second child regardless of what my weight does over the next two months.

You Can Have Your Body Composition Tested By My Brother For Less Than The Price Of A Packet Of Cigarettes!

And I recommend everyone to go and have a test, because it’s quick and inexpensive (around Β£5.00 and takes 10mins) and bloody exciting to hear your stats. It’s very reassuring when people question your weight and exercise routine and suggest you may be over/underweight and unhealthy based on a general national average, and when you know your actual composition you can turn round and say well actually I’m so healthy right now you can have my autograph if you ask nicely! Ha! I so wish I’d done this sooner because it’s always been one of life’s little mysteries for me and now I know.

UPDATE: 02/02/13 Day 6

My leg muscle no longer needs kneading so my baker skills are redundant until next time at least. I was still tender by last night, but this morning I’m feeling fresh and ready for todays workout. Only one more day until week one of eight is in the bag and if I had a handlebar moustache right now I would be twiddling the end with a great big smile and a puff on a cigar. Exxxxxxxcellent! πŸ™‚

Day 6 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 54 More To Go!

So today was a repeat of The Plyometric Cardio Circuit and it was a little bit geeky for me to know the routines already and get excited for what was coming up next. I no longer feel sick when I push myself to the max and I’m going stronger for longer which makes me want to roar like a warrior. I feel good, I have bags of energy and I’ve seen the start of a six-pack forming! πŸ™‚ But you’ll have to wait for my weekly picture update to see it! Tomorrow is the end of week one with only seven more to go and I can’t wait!

UPDATE: 03/02/13 Day 7

So today is the day of rest that you take once each week to let your muscles relax and repair I guess, and I really wish I didn’t stop! After keeping the burn going all week and muscling through the tenderness, since I’ve stopped I feel so drained and lazy and I ate a chocolate easter egg, a huge bag of doritios, a spring roll from the chip shop and some chocolate clusters last night! Not good! It seems when I’m in the swing of working out I feel so good and healthy and don’t even feel the need to snack or binge, but as soon as I stop I instantly feel tired and my junk cravings return! Roll on day 8 when I can get back to the land of the living!

My Body Stats 1 Week After Starting The Insanity Workout

UPDATE: 04/02/13 Day 8

What a shock to the system it’s been as I got back into the swing of things today with the Cardio Power & Resistance workout! My leg muscles felt absolutely destroyed, I was sweating like a pig and towards the end my movements were like a limp frog that had been left out in the sun. I hope I can find some energy from somewhere tomorrow so I can power through because at the minute I’m more flab than fab! Dig deeper Tracy! That six-pack is so near!

Day 8 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 52 More To Go

UPDATE: 05/02/13 Day 9

Today was the Pure Cardio workout again and what a lovely experience that was; I’m now puffing and panting like an old crow and giving off a delicious perfume that I can only describe as musty onions for all of my effort! Shaun T you are an insane and wonderful man. My abs are feeling tight, my arms and shoulders involuntarily flex when I point at things and when I stand still in a queue I have this uncontrollable urge to squat slightly in readiness. It’s safe to say I feel like a warrior today and can’t wait to take on tomorrow! Rarr!

Day 9 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 51 More To Go

UPDATE: 06/02/13 Day 10

Today was the Plyometric Cardio Circuit again excuse me one moment whilst I toot a little tune on my plastic trumpet, but I actually managed to go all the way through without collapsing on the floor! I actually dripped sweat, my face made a beetroot look pale and my lungs were like a flock of frantic flapping pigeons, but I did it and I’m so proud. My abs are coming along nicely and I now have dimples, yes dimples under my ribs; is this my first ever 2-pac or have I punctured my lungs? Either way I’m feeling firm and fabulous, even though I look like a sweaty teenage boy in my picture as my five year old daughter Millie likes to point out! Thanks honey πŸ™‚

Day 10 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 50 More To Go

UPDATE: 07/02/13 Day 11

Today was the Cardio Recovery workout again and what a muscle mash-up that was. My thighs are like rocks and my abs and bum are a work of art, even if I do say so myself. I’ve never been so toned and muscular as I am now and I have to admit that I’m finding this whole routine totally addictive, I could easily get hooked on bodybuilding, which is something I would have laughed at in the past. This crazy old duck has morphed into a glorious muscle-swan within eleven days and I can’t wait to see what the next 49 of the course do to my body!

Holding the yoga poses, stretches and routines today isn’t much of a recovery, more of a punishment as my whole body is rocking tight right now, but it feels great to stretch it out and find the tightness of my core has given me a new found strength and balance. I also had to adjust the chest width of my bra today after it became too loose which took me from a 30DD to a 28DD so that’s a measurable difference!

Day 11 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 49 More To Go

UPDATE: 08/02/13 Day 12

So today was a repeat of the Cardio Power & Resistance workout and gahhh what a blast! I’m dripping in sweat and my thigh muscles feel like a well struck metal xylophone right now. Everything is tender, my arms and shoulders are floating at the moment after so many press-ups and triceps dips and I’m looking forward to collapsing face down on the bed for a hearty mouth-open, head back snoreathon! Zzzzz

Day 12 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 48 More To Go!

UPDATE: 09/02/13 Day 13

Woah! What a workout today was. I’m a jellyfish and a half right now and my abs feel like they’ve been kicked by a miniature pony several times. So today was the Pure Cardio & Abs CD 5 and woah! I know I’ve already said it, but what a workout. Literally every inch of me has been ripped today and I’m glad of the rest day that is due tomorrow to recover in time for the start of week three.

Day 13 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 47 More To Go

Even Tania the insane-abs lady in the picture who motors on like a robot through the routines struggled today and I felt a little smug and pouty over the fact that I out-flexed her in one of the Pure Abs sets. It’s ok Tania, you still look amazing girl! Here’s a sweaty and tired ‘we’re all hurting inside’ picture to mark today’s progress. Now where’s my pillow and blankie, I’m about to set a world record for the longest sleep known to man!

UPDATE: 10/02/13 Day 14

Today was a day of rest with no exercise at all and what a mistake that was! I have literally eaten my bodyweight in junk; cake, biscuits, cheese straws, chocolate, pasta, and a truck load of bread. Why do my dirty cravings rear their evil heads every time I stop exercising? I actually think my only way to stay fit and healthy is to sleep on a treadmill and padlock my fridge shut. Or maybe cook my bank cards so I can’t go out and buy food? Either way, boo hoo!

UPDATE: 11/02/13 Day 15

Today is the first day of week three, and how do we celebrate this joyous occasion? We have a fit test of course! Woo hoo, just what I was looking forward to and the first real way of marking my progress since starting this insane workout two weeks ago now. Overall my stamina has most definitely improved, I’m feeling rock hard and positive, although after my rest day, slightly puffed up with carbs and sugar! But without a doubt the routines have had an amazing effect on my body and I’m totally bragging to myself about it right now.

The Insanity Workout Fitness Test 2

So my fit test has rewarded me kindly with an improvement of 126 reps on my first fit test score which has made me a very happy bunny indeed. Tanya still managed to smash my score, but she is part God so I’ll let her off. Let’s hope that come test three in two weeks time, that I’ll be able to improve even further and put the terminator to shame!

Even though I’m getting more accustomed to interval training the test was still a great physical push, as rather than getting easier, I simply achieved more, which left me puffing and panting and sweating once more. I can see a pattern starting to emerge here. I can’t wait to hit the half way mark at week four and to know that I can begin the countdown to success rather than a count-up the mountain. But I’m staying strong and positive that I’ll see this through, every drenched day at a time. Dig deeper people! And let me know if you’re doing the Insanity too so we can share tips. Until next time. Zzzzz!

UPDATE: 12/02/13 Day 16

Today was a repeat of the Plyometric Cardio workout and I geeked my way through it, calling all of the routines before they came up and getting ready in position in anticipation for the stretches. As I’m a creature of habit, far from finding the workout repetitive, I actually find it reassuring because I know what’s coming up, how far I am and what I have left to do with each workout and I can count it down and recognise my progress. I no longer hurt or ache after workouts, I sweat like a sperm-whale and my heart rate shoots right up with the intervals; but after a matter of minutes I’m back to normal and carrying on with my day. Stamina central!

Day 16 Of The Insanity Workout: 44 More To Go!

UPDATE: 13/02/13 Day 17

Today was the Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs workout and I am literally whimpering right now. My delightful period is due to arrive any day now and I feel so bloated and uncomfortable. I have the worst cramps and just want to curl up into a ball in my bed with a hot water bottle and family sized bar of chocolate in a fluffy dressing gown. But oh no, that’s not how insane people roll, what did I do? The Insanity Workout day 17, and what could have been worse than working out with stomach cramps? Doing crazy abs work in intervals, fan-bloody-tastic! I considered switching the workout to a muscle recovery one but then my period would have beat me, and with it being my first during Insanity, I was determined to soldier on and I’m paying for it now. But I could scrub tea towels on my abs right now so I’m not complaining, after all, no pain no gain! One nil to the Kissmeister Mother Nature! πŸ™‚

Day 17 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 43 More To Go

UPDATE: 14/02/13 Day 18

Today was the Cardio Recovery workout which was a nice switch-up from killing my lungs to killing my legs instead with lots of balancing, squatting, planking and tensing. Even though I wouldn’t call it a breeze, it was nice to have a chilled workout and it left me equally pleased with my efforts as I jelly shook my limbs at the end to release the ache of holding and pulsing squats. I’m nearing the end of week three and Monday marks the start of week four, which is half way through the course already! How time flies when you’re having fun hey! But one thing I do need to seriously focus on is changing my eating habits, as I’ve had so much junk food this week and it will no doubt undo my good workout efforts; so I must be strict on myself in order to get the most out of Insanity. Hurry up period and be over with so that my spots can go away and I don’t crave chocolate and cupcakes morning noon and night! Us ladies have it hard, but that’s also just how we like it!

Day 18 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 42 More To Go

UPDATE: 15/02/13 Day 19

So today was Cardio Power & Resistance and I huffed and puffed my way through to the end without pausing the video once. Now, I’ve been a bit of a silly sausage and arranged to have laser eye surgery in two hours time which means that I cannot exercise for a week, possibly two depending on how my eyes heal. And as I’m a third of the way through my insanity workout tomorrow, it means that I’ve stunted my progress by having to opt out of the routines for a block of time. So I’m pondering over stopping all exercise for seven days completely and then suffering to pick up the pace from where I’ve left off next week, or switching my routine to stretches instead and taking things slow and weak. My fear is that as my eye surface is going to be removed and then replaced, any hard movements could cause my eye to open or fall apart. So maybe I could workout on the exercise bike instead in intervals? I’m not sure, but the surgeon should fill me in on what’s appropriate today. For now, here is a snap of my two-pack abs today, let’s hope it’s still vaguely there in a week or two without exercise! Boo hoo.

Day 19 Of The Insanity Workout: 41 More To Go

UPDATE: 23/02/13 Day 20

Ok, so this is how it all went down my little Insanity Bunnies! I had my laser eye surgery eight days ago and was advised to stop all exercise for a week by my surgeon. I didn’t want to risk damaging my eyes or having a bleed and losing my sight so I literally did nothing for an entire week. A few days after stopping my Insanity routine I was pigging out HARD, I’m talking doughy Millie’s cookies, chocolate bars, Chinese takeout, pizza, a small bakery truck’s worth of bread and yeast and the same huge portion sized meals that I would have eaten if I was working out, only I was sat with my eyes resting and my metabolism in hiding. So basically I destroyed all of my good work and hard efforts so far, but it’s ok, because I needed a binge and a rest and what better excuse does anyone have than having surgery?

I admit my timing could have been better and now this has left me in a predicament as the Insanity is sixty consecutive days of high intensity interval training and I’ve had seven days off and ate junk food like an idiot. But I hold my hands up and confess, and I took my punishment hard today when just eight days after having surgery I bit the bullet and smashed my way through the Plyometric Cardio Circuit and now I’m back and better than ever baby!

I feel pumped, my bloated belly of junk food is slightly firmer now and I’ve just drank a whole bottle of water which my lungs are loving. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day in the timetable (day 21) but I’m going to work through and carry on with day 22 instead in the hope that I can pick up the slack and keep my results as real as possible instead of missing out on any extra time. The way I see it is I could have been ill and missed a few days working out, or away on holiday or stuck at work and missed a few routines, it’s not as if I’ve quit and given up, I just put it on pause whilst I went into theatre for surgery. But I’m a fighter and I will power through, because Shaun T says so and Tanya cannot win forever! Rarrr, I’m coming for your crown girl! πŸ™‚

Day 20 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 40 More To Go

UPDATE: 24/02/13 Day 22

So I skipped my day of rest today which would have been day 21 and instead I motored my way into day 22 which was the Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs workout. During the hour long lung attack I felt destroyed just ten minutes in and seriously questioned why I returned to Insanity after having eye surgery and taking a week off – hence the dark glasses and Optimax bag shot today; but after I hit the wall and expected to collapse, I came out the other side roaring and raving and sweated my way to the final minute. I must have been insane, but I’m determined to see this through until the end and pick up the pace for the lost time last week. What’s that Shaun T? You want me in your next video? Let me check my diary! πŸ™‚

Day 22 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 38 More To Go

UPDATE: 25/02/13 Day 23

Today was a gem of a workout, Cardio Power & Resistance what a treat you were! My leg muscles basically cried every time I jumped into squats and my shoulders would have wet themselves if only they had the body parts required. I feel totally destroyed and I’m sweating like nobody’s business right now. Despite it being freezing temperatures and flakes of snow outside I had all of the doors and windows wide open and worked out in just a gym bra and girl boxers and still wanted to peel my skin off to escape the heat. The Insanity is a true heart pumper and I love it! And still having to wear my dark glasses following my eye-surgery makes me feel kind of special when I’m pumped, it’s a bit like being a real-life female Terminator crossed with Men In Black. Cool!

Day 23 Of The Insanity Complete: 37 More To Go

UPDATE: 26/02/13 Day 24

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – you utter destroyer! Why did it get to me so badly today? I feel like all of my limbs are floating off into the sky and every muscle aches. But it’s my own fault for taking a week out, I was well into the swing of things before and I know I’ll get back there again in time. I just need to build up my stamina and keep myself in the zone and power through. It possibly didn’t help that I left it until 9pm to workout tonight and it’s been a long and tiring day. Blah blah blah, moan moan moan. Shut up Tracy and get fit or get out!!

Day 24 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 36 More To Go

UPDATE: 27/02/13 Day 25

Today was the Cardio Recovery workout again and you can be forgiven for thinking that the word ‘recovery’ sounds quite nice, but it’s not! That’s to say if you think that holding squats, pulses and stretches until your eyeballs whistle out steam and you shake like a lamb is a walk in the park for a workout session. The facial expressions I pulled alone whilst pulsing would have got me into the Guinness World Record’s for gurning, and every muscle feels slapped and hard right now. Just what the doctor ordered! Love it.

Day 25 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 35 More To Go

UPDATE: 28/02/13 Day 26

Today was Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs as my daily punishment, and I literally got into the zone like a dog chasing a car! I was focused, on point and indestructible. Despite aching like a rusty stiff robot I motored on and found the strength from deep within to keep going and I feel so good right now. I’m keeping away from junk food and bread and I’m standing taller and sitting with better posture. I’m a fine-tuned machine right now and so glad that I discovered Insanity. Even though Shaun T always tries to sabotage my health by telling me to workout landing softly and with a relaxed jaw like I’m eating ‘potato-chips’ which makes my mouth instantly fill with saliva every time as I think about their salty greasy goodness! But I guess giving viewers subliminal messages about eating junk keeps them bingeing and his DVD on the shelf so it’s all good and so addictive! If I lived in America I actually may have married my workout DVD’s by now like people who marry their house or pet horse… so it’s a good job I live in England really! Mmmm…. subliminal potato-chips…. *drool*

Day 26 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 34 More To Go

UPDATE: 01/03/13 Day 27

Plyometric Cardio, you sweaty beast! It doesn’t get easier, but you do go harder and I definitely raised the bar today. My stamina is increasing on par with my cravings for chocolate, it really hasn’t helped with Easter approaching an every shop filling itself with cocoa goodness. I had THREE chocolate bars today and some chocolate cupcakes that we baked this afternoon. I know it was bad, but after the first bite I was cheating anyway so I made sure I did it properly. Right now I’m disappointed in myself, but I’m still finding bits of chocolate around my mouth so I’m laughing like a naughty school child outside the headmasters office. Dammit!

Day 27 Of Insanity Complete: 33 More To Go

UPDATE: 02/03/13 Day 29

So today should have been day 28 which is a day of rest, but as my name isn’t God and I’m also behind on my routine thanks to my week off from surgery, I am skipping my rest days like a crazy fool and powering through. So skip skip day 28 and hello day 29, which introduces the Recovery Week and the Core Cardio & Balance routine. Ooh something new to try!

The Core Cardio & Balance Routine Consists Of:
Switch Heel Kicks
Mummy Kicks
Football shuffle
Over the Log
8 High Knees/8 Power Jacks
8 Fast Feet/8 Hooks
Moving Ski Hops
Hit the Floor
Level 1 Drills
8 Switch Kicks/8 Hop Squats
High Jumps
Moving Plank Walk
8 Elbows/4 Suicide Drills
4 & 4 Hops
8 Jabs/Jumps
Hip Flexor Burners
Shoulder Burners & Plies
Cool Down Stretch

And I had so much fun laughing my way through the routine as I love balancing and resting. It isn’t entirely a recovery or holiday, but more concentrating on doing each move slowly and properly to make sure that all muscles are covered and used. Tanya the Queen of Insanity was on the right hand side of the screen today which threw me a little as I’m used to battling her on the left hand side like a game of Tekken. Also the other workoutees and Shaun were wearing more clothes today which took away the incentive to oogle over their six-packs. My endurance was on top form today, I completed every routine in time and with great effort throughout and now I’m going on a nice long walk. Half way through tomorrow, buy this girl a cookie! POW!

Day 29 Of Insanity Complete: 31 More To Go!

UPDATE: 03/03/13 Day 30

Hello Insanity-halfway-point I can’t believe I’ve made it through the first month without my arms and legs falling off. I have such a sense of achievement in breaking today’s workout and signing off the 30th day – now I just have to do it all over again to reach the finish line, simples!

So it was the Core Cardio & Balance routine again today which is repeated for the entire week as a recovery mode for the abuse I’m about to suffer from next week no doubt. I’m enjoying doing slow and controlled movements and working my abs and I’m getting so much better at holding the balances and repetitions for longer which is always great to notice an improvement. The hardest part of the routine is by far the last set of shoulder burners as you squat and work your arms at the same time and by the end of it I’m banging my fists against the tops of my thighs and swinging my arms to kill off the ache. But there’s no gain without pain so bring on the burn baby!

Day 30 Of Insanity Complete: 30 More To Go

UPDATE: 04/03/2013 Day 31

Day 31 done, you playful little puppy you. I am now a pro at the Core Cardio & Balance workout and glide through the routine like a graceful and sweaty swan. But nonetheless I make it all of the way through, giving it everything and feeling insanely pumped by the end. I literally want to squat and pulse my way around the house after every workout like a praying mantis and I feel at one with my bones and muscles, I can totally understand why people enjoy hugging trees; but I can hug my ankles!

As I am now officially counting down the last half of the workout I have to admit I feel a little sad as I don’t want Insanity to end. It’s as if I’ve formed a beautiful friendship with Shaun through our workout sessions, and I’ll miss seeing his fabulous thighs and lovely eyebrows on my TV screen everyday.

Day 31 Of Insanity Complete: 29 More To Go

UPDATE: 05/03/2013 Day 32

Day 32, I owned you! You can’t touch this, I’m on fire baby, yeh! So it’s almost the end of the recovery week and my daily Core Cardio & Balance workout today was a breeze. I feel fantastic and I’m loving the look of my body right now, it seems a new muscle pops up here and there each day and gives me more definition and power. I’m slightly dreading the force of the workouts next week and hope that I can keep up the pace now that I’m back on track again.

Day 32 Of Insanity Workout Complete: 28 To Go

UPDATE: 06/03/13 Day 33

Core Cardio & Balance complete yet again, tomorrow is my last day of the recovery week before the real hard work begins and I’m a tad nervous. As I’ve done this same routine for a week now I’m noticing little things about the team that really get to me, and the main thing from this routine is a man called Jimmy and the facial expressions he pulls during the arm work and squats. He reminds me of a dog licking another dogs behind out and does this really creepy mouth sucking licky thing when Shaun T comes over to him to tell him to straighten up. Everytime I know that his weird suckling moment is approaching it makes me want to shout at him to stop being so weird.

Day 33 Of Insanity Complete: 27 More To Go

UPDATE: 07/03/13 Day 34

Today was the final day of my recovery week with the Core Cardio & Balance routine before the horror of next weeks punishing workout! I felt like a muscle-bound graceful swan today as I mastered each pose, each stretch and each pulse. I’ve really enjoyed this routine and will be sad to say goodbye to it, but I’m putting all of my effort into manning-up for the next big step. *gulp*

Day 34 Of Insanity Complete: 26 More To Go

UPDATE: 08/03/13 Day 36

It should be day 35 today aka ‘the day of rest’, which yet again I have decided to skip; firstly because I am behind on my timetable after taking a week out for my eye surgery, and secondly because it’s Mother’s Day in two days time and I plan on being a greedy mother and having a few treats as well as over Easter. So I have skipped my rest day for the second time and powered on through to day 36 and what a treat that was today!

Todays workout was the Max Interval Circuit and Oh. My. Word. Never in my life has sixty minutes passed so slowly and so much sweat escaped from body from every pore possible. I think I need to dry clean my carpets after todays workout.

The Max Interval Circuit consists of:
Straight Arm Jacks
Jump rope
High Knees Arms Out
Switch Kicks
Hit the Floor
S/S Floor Hops
Pedal/Power Lunges
Ski Abs/Push-up Jacks/In-out abs/Oblique push-ups
Power Strike
Frog Jumps
Football Runs/ Cross Jacks
Jump Hooks
High Knee w/Twist
High – Low Jab w/Squat
Floor Switch Kicks
1-2-3 Jab
Side Suicide Jumps
Squat Hooks
Full Body Drill
Plank Punches
Cool Down Stretch

It really is a wrecking-ball of a routine that left me panting for my life and crawling across the floor on my hands and knees to get to my water bottle. Shaun T, you utter genius, the harder you hit me the greater it feels when I get back up! At one point in the workout as all the workoutees were pulling painful faces, sweating and screaming out, Shaun said something along the lines of “I love to kill people” and I let out the hardest most spontaneous laugh that kicked me into rocket-mode as I pounded out the final sets. I didn’t see Tanya in this routine which threw me again as I always use her as my benchmark, maybe she was shopping?

There were also some great new routines to keep me tantalised, with my favourite being the Squat Hooks, Side Suicide Jumps and Plank Punches. My whole body is abused but alive!

Day 36 Of Insanity Complete: 24 To Go

So not only did I kill myself with todays crazy workout, but I also took my third fit test and then went roller skating until 1am and I am so broken right now you wouldn’t believe. I smashed my last results which left me feeling on top of the world and totally over confident, but after skating I’m now hobbling to bed with the worst ever leg ache. Owie!

My Results For Fitness Test Three Of Insanity

UPDATE: 10/03/13 Day 37

Max Interval Plyo, gah, you challenger you! I got up an hour earlier today to have my insane workout before visiting my mother and grandparents on the coast for Mother’s Day and I’m so glad that I cracked it as it set me up for the day ahead. My leg muscles are screaming and desperate for a break and I’m craving chocolate like it’s going out of fashion. Stay on the straight path Trace, think of the abs!

The Max Interval Plyo consists of:
Jumping Jacks – Arms Up
Jump Rope S-S
High Knees – Arms Out
Switch Kicks
Hit The Floor
S-S Floor Hops
Switch Jump
Squat Push-Ups
Wide In & Out Abs
Power Jumps
V-Push Up One Leg
Pogo Right
Pogo Left
Power Push Up
Globe Twists
Level 3 Drills
Power Lunges/Hop Squats
Side Push Ups
Kickstand Touch the Floor
8 Power Knees/4 Diamond Jumps
Balance Push Up
Cool Down Stretch

Day 37 Of Insanity Complete: 23 To Go

UPDATE: 11/03/13 Day 38

Today I stood in my back garden in just my underwear in the freezing cold night despite the snow in order to cool off following the Max Cardio Conditioning routine. I’m loving the switch up of new circuits and my arms and shoulders are looking so good after so many upper body workouts recently. Even though I’ve been eating like a fool and enjoying a few treats over Mother’s Day and the run up to Easter my body is still looking and feeling like a machine and each workout leaves me shaking like bambi and every muscle in my body aching.

I’m just three weeks away from finishing Insanity now and I never want it to end. I think at this rate after I’ve finished day 60 I’ll continue to do the routines but a little less often as it’s made such a difference to my body I don’t see how I could ever bring myself to drop it completely.

The Max Cardio Conditioning routine consists of:
Jumping Jacks – Arms Up
Jump Rope S-S
High Knees – Arms Out
Switch Kicks
Hit the Floor
S-S Floor Hops
Jumping Jacks
123 Heisman
High Knees
High Low Jab with Squat
Football Runs
8 Ball Shots with Squat
Right and Left Kicks
Diamond Jumps
In-Out Push Up Jacks
Suicide Jumps
High Knee/Low/Floor Sprints
Ski Abs
Kick Step Back
Squat Twists
Over the River Hops
Power Knees
Ski Down Hooks
Belt Kicks
Forward Back Suicides
Push Up Abs
Plank Punches
8 Jump Ropes/8 Hop Squats
Squat Speed Bag

Day 38 Of Insanity Complete: 22 More To Go

UPDATE: 12/03/13 Day 39

The Max Recovery workout today left my thighs shrieking like a banshee, recovery my abs! Ha! Just when I think Mr S.T has gone easy on me he busts out some super muscle shaking moves, squats and pulses that leave me clenching my jaw and breathing like an astronaut to try to keep posture and I feel more destroyed than I would on a day of intense cardio.

The Max Recover Workout consists of:
Flat Back to Rounded Back
Hip Flexor stretches
Standing Contract Relax
Plank Contract Relax
Slow Military Push Ups
Butt Lifts with Arms Up
Right Angle Pose
Side Arm Balance to Push Ups
Low Plank Obliques
Plie Position to Pulses
Low Plank to High Plank Obliques
Standing Obliques (Arm to Knee)
The Hammer
Cool Down Stretch

So it’s safe to say that I’m aching all over right now and looking forward to a whooping tomorrow to shake out all my limbs and flush my lungs through. Who would ever have thought that I’d look forward to cardio intervals over stretching!? Insane, it’s the name of the game baby!

Day 39 Of Insanity Complete: 21 More To Go

UPDATE: 13/03/13 Day 40

Today was a repeat of the Max Interval Circuit and it destroyed me! My legs were like jelly by the end and I limped my way through the hour long sweat-out. It possibly doesn’t help that my two children are sick and coughing and sneezing all over me, or the fact that I did my workout so late in the day again as I didn’t have the time earlier. But it burned every inch of my body and I really hit the wall. I hope I’m not getting ill too because I’m so determined to finish this, come on Shaun T, shout in my face some more and give me back my fire!

Day 40 Of Insanity Complete: 20 More To Go

UPDATE: 14/03/13 Day 41

Keep calm and Insanity on people! I smashed todays workout one aching ab at a time. I really should have taken my rest day when it came instead of skipping past and soldiering on, there’s obviously a reason why Shaun T made a schedule, d’oh! Today was the Max Interval Plyo again and I did better than my first attempt at the start of the week, but I still have a way to go to master the new moves. I’ve found I can’t stop eating recently and it’s really annoying me as I feel so bloated and tired and my period is due any day, I so badly don’t want to fall behind and slack off but my body is giving up on me. Come on Trace, dig deeper! I need a bikini body for summer! Rarrr!

Day 41 Of The Insanity Workout Complete: 19 More To Go

UPDATE: 16/03/13 Day 43

Today’s repeat of the Max Cardio Conditioning annihilated me! It possibly didn’t help that on my rest day (training day 42 which was yesterday) I ate my body weight in chocolate, went roller skating for four hours in the evening which killed my legs; as well as having a few too many jager bombs at the bar so I woke up dehydrated this morning. But it’s my own fault, I need to get my game on and stop with the treats, I am seriously committed to doing the Insanity workout, it’s just the diet and nutrition that I’m not following because I’m already in shape I just want to tone.

I suffered today but it makes it all the more enjoyable when I crash out on the floor after such an intense workout, dripping in sweat and breathless, feeling fantastic for being alive. That’s what I’m talking about!

Day 43 Of Insanity Complete: 17 More To G0

UPDATE: 17/03/13 Day 44

Today was the Max Interval Circuit again and I have had the worst stomach cramps all night. It seems my delightful period is due yet again and I feel trashed. All of last night I was tossing and turning in bed, my stomach swelled up like I’d swallowed a melon and I just couldn’t get comfortable. But this morning I was up with the larks and onto day 44 of Insanity, fat belly or no fat belly! You can’t defeat me Mother Nature!

I’m also coming down with a cold thanks to my two poorly children coughing and sneezing all over me πŸ™‚ so I was wheezing my way through today and coughing back phlegm. Mmm what a lovely thought that must be, it feels as though everything is against me right now but when I start working out I get such a fire in my belly and an irresistible urge to push harder and go longer. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

So today’s picture may seem pretty undefined, as my abs have retreated behind my swollen aching womb (sorry is that too much info?) BUT if you would have seen me just an hour ago looking like I was ten months pregnant for how hard and round my stomach was, you’ll look at this picture like I have since my 60minute Insanity workout and think wow, this isn’t the same pregnant-whale-girl at all! I’m off for a throat sweet and some pain killers now, ready to fight another day! Dig deeper! Argggh!

Day 44 Of Insanity Complete: 16 More To Go

Day 44 Of Insanity Complete: 16 More To Go

UPDATE: 19/03/13 Day 45

So I skived off yesterday and didn’t workout as I had a date with my blanket and cup of Lemsip. Both of the children are ill and I didn’t get a chance all day to step aside and workout from running around after them like a headless chicken, even if I’d have had the energy to.

But today, although I’m feeling as rough as sandpaper and as delicate as a faberge egg, I motored through the Max Interval Plyo workout and I’m glad that I did. I dragged my limbs across the carpet with every movement and gritted my teeth as my muscles shook, but I did it. And that’s what Insanity is all about, giving it your all and pushing yourself harder than ever before. Even though I’m ill I’m still going hard! Rarr!

Day 45 Of Insanity Complete: 15 More To Go

Day 45 Of Insanity Complete: 15 More To Go

UPDATE: 20/03/13 Day 46

Max Recovery workout: you devilish fiend you! Exactly what part of wrecking your muscles during crazy pulse and squats, whilst having a period and sneezing yourself over during balances is supposed to be a recovery is quite frankly beyond me. But I was glad of the slightly less high-tempo workout today to keep me from passing out for the next forty-eight hours solid! My favourite moves today have to be the arms-out crab squats (which I have named myself by the way) where you go up onto tippy toes, squat and hold your arms out at shoulder height whilst pulsing; what a treat my buttocks, quads and arms had! Fingers crossed I’ll be feeling better soon and I can smash the crap out of my final two weeks, Insanity you will not beat me! I am Sparta! *achoo* πŸ™‚

Day 46 Of Insanity Complete: 14 More To Go

Day 46 Of Insanity Complete: 14 More To Go

UPDATE: 21/03/13 Day 47

Today was the Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs double workout which I upgraded to Insane Abs for the package that I have; and it was an HOUR AND A HALF of punishment but I hit that groove and got into it hard. I no longer feel ill, I’m literally bursting with energy right now, and I took todays workout above and beyond anything I’ve ever done physically. Without meaning to sound like a freak, the closest thing I can compare it to is when you’re having really good sex and you’re in it going crazy and you just can’t stop! Oh yehh πŸ™‚ I can’t believe how lifted I am right now and ready to take on the day, morning workouts in your underwear in the freezing cold light of day is insane! And I love it! Shaun T, I’m coming for your crown boy, 13 days left and my body is a temple baby. Wow!

Day 47 Of Insanity Complete: 13 More To Go

Day 47 Of Insanity Complete: 13 More To Go

UPDATE: 22/03/13 Day 48

Max Interval Sports Training: you brilliant beast you! I absolutely loved the moves Shaun T busted out today, basketball, football, gymnastics and boxing were my favourite to name just a few. My abs were shrieking by the end of the flutter and scissor moves and my legs threatened to explode from all of the jumps and squats. This is why I love it so much, the bigger the burn the faster the turn around! Rarr!

Day 48 Of Insanity Complete: 12 More To Go

Day 48 Of Insanity Complete: 12 More To Go

UPDATE: 24/03/13 Day 50

Yesterday was day 49 of Insanity and a day of rest, which I celebrated with a super-hero air punch when I realised in the midst of feeling destroyed that I had a twenty-four hour skive ahead of me! But today I was abused by the onslaught of day 50 and the Max Interval Circuit, oh joy! I’ve had such a dry and sore throat I feel as though somebody has started a furnace in my throat and face and I literally collapsed on my bed at 9pm last night. So I rather lamely limped my coughing, sweaty self through todays hour of cardio before the children woke up, doing the housework, shopping and returning home to complete fit test 4!

Day 50 Of Insanity Complete: 10 More To Go

Day 50 Of Insanity Complete: 10 More To Go

I was delighted with my Fit Test 4 results today which was a whopping 182 reps more than my last test. So there seems to be two possible reasons for this crazy increase, perhaps I’ve increased my stamina like a lioness from the gruelling hours of muscle and cardio training I’ve put into my daily routines with Insanity, OR because I’ve been so weak and tired from the flu and my period I couldn’t put in as much effort and energy so my reps were not as forceful or as long which meant I could do more? But either way any increase is very much welcomed! Although I won’t ever workout on my period again after finishing my final week as all the jumping and squats managed to destroy my shorts during my fit test video! Too much information? Nah! Us ladies have it hard working out! But that’s what makes the results worth it! πŸ™‚

Fit Test 4 Complete

Fit Test 4 Complete

UPDATE: 25/03/13 Day 51

My muscles were so stiff and achy today I really didn’t think that I would last the whole 55 minutes of the Max Interval Plyo routine today, but somehow I did. I was sweating above and beyond the point of grossness and I really gave it my all, despite feeling broken I’m keeping focused in my mind that every second that burns is one less until I reach the finish line at day sixty and now I’m into single figures with just nine days to go! Wow. When I started the Insanity I was hoping to see it through to the end but after the first routine I realised I had a huge task on my hands and had taken on a killer workout schedule for two whole months, but I am so glad that I’ve persevered and lasted this long, and now that the finish line is in sight nothing will stop me from reaching my goal, come hell or high water I will smash day sixty and prove to myself and the world that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Come on people, dig deeper!

Day 51 Of Insanity Complete: 9 More To Go

Day 51 Of Insanity Complete: 9 More To Go

UPDATE: 26/03/13 Day 52

Todays punishment was a two-hour muscle abuse known as the Max Cardio Conditioning routine followed by Max Interval Sports Training. Before I even began my mammoth workout my legs were absolutely killing me and I was limping along like John Wayne all day because of the muscles down the inner side of my legs being so tender. Ever the optimist I decided a good workout would limber me up and give me more strength, which was kind of true but also ridiculous as I now feel like I’ve swam several Olympic swimming pools without a break.

But I beat it, I did my two hours and now I can sit back and reap the rewards of relaxation on the sofa, like a triumphant King on his royal throne. Let’s hope the ache subsides before tomorrow or I’ll be a blubbering mess! Eight more days, bring it!!

Day 52 Of Insanity Complete: 8 More To Go

Day 52 Of Insanity Complete: 8 More To Go

UPDATE: 27/03/13 Day 53

Today’s Max Recovery workout has been eventful! I try to fit my routine around juggling the children, housework, cooking and working from home so I snatch my minutes as and when I can, but it seems our ten month old son Gabriele was on a mission to get involved today. I literally covered the lounge floor with cool toys and treats to play with in the hope of distracting him long enough to cover my workout and he chased me around the room the entire time.

The recovery was great because my muscles no longer ache, I feel calm, centred and in control; but this little cheeky chops didn’t make it easy! During the press-ups he crawled over to my face and stood up holding onto the back of my head for balance as I went up and down, at one point he tried to suck my chin which really put me off! And when I went into the squats he crawled between my legs, stood up behind me holding onto my hips and sunk his six little razor sharp hamster teeth into my left buttock which was like every horrendous wasp sting in my life multiplied by a million! This boy is on a mad one today and tried to sabotage my workout, but do you know what I say? No excuses! I’m a woman, I can multitask, and I will always make time to get things done, even if I don’t sleep until 2am! You have your goals, you juggle, you master and you move on. I’m human, I’m a mother and I’m also a machine and I will smash Insanity with only one week left. Come on!

Day 53 Of Insanity Complete: 7 More To Go

Day 53 Of Insanity Complete: 7 More To Go

UPDATE: 28/03/13 Day 54

The Max Interval Circuit today made me feel on top of the world. I’ve fallen into a groove of pushing myself hard and working through the breathlessness and pain of aching muscles and it’s almost like a guilty pleasure to force yourself deeper with each set. I guess it’s the same as having piercings and tattoo’s, even though it hurts it’s a good kind of pain and totally addictive. I looked in the mirror a second ago as I took a picture for today’s update and saw how my body has changed into this muscle-bound meat machine and I actually thought to myself “Wow! That girl looks fierce!” and then I had to do a double take to realise it’s me, it’s like hold on a second, what’s happened here then!? Only fifty-four days ago I was a floppy mother of two and now I’m basically a transformer, ripped and toned with the ability to balance on my big toe on a two-pence piece on top of the Eiffel Tower without a harness, that’s if I wanted to of course.

Insanity has transformed me into something totally out of this world that I never thought possible for scrawny little me, but here I am, living proof that you can do anything you set your heart on, so long as you have dedication and drive you can achieve anything. Sadly I only have six days left until I hit day sixty and I really have no idea how I’ll cope without my Shauny T shouting at me from my TV. I guess I’ll have to start from day one again! πŸ™‚

Day 54 Of Insanity Complete: 6 More To Go

Day 54 Of Insanity Complete: 6 More To Go

UPDATE: 29/03/13 Day 55

Max Interval Sports Training, call yourself a workout? Ha! I laugh in your face! I actually feel like one of those villains in a comic book film where they start off good and trying to help people then suddenly turn evil and twisted/disfigured and try to throw the world. I started off Insanity like a shaky little lamb and now each time I workout I get such a fire inside of me and I want to shout at my TV “Yehh! Come on!” and shake a fist like a crazy rugby fan in the stalls. I don’t know why the sudden transition, maybe I’ve become consumed by the power of adrenaline when you push yourself to your limits on a daily basis, but one things for sure, I won’t be making a spandex costume and underground lair just yet!

I’m shattered after todays workout but equally I feel pumped up, cleansed and alive. The sun is shining, my muscles are toned and I’m daydreaming about buying a bikini for the beach. God bless Insanity! πŸ™‚

Day 55 Of Insanity Complete: 5 More To Go

Day 55 Of Insanity Complete: 5 More To Go

UPDATE: 30/03/13 Day 57

So technically today should have been a rest day for day 56, BUT it’s easter, I’ve been super greedy with my chocolate and cake consumption so God knows this girl shouldn’t take a day off! Skipping my rest day, today I moved onto day 57 which is the Max Interval Plyo workout and I actually thought I would throw up from todays carnage. My lungs are burning, I’m dripping with sweat, my stomach is churning, my legs are crying out for a break from jumps and squats and I feel like I want to poo myself. What a great feeling!

In hindsight maybe I should have rested because it’s obviously there for a reason, but I’m so close to finishing in three days time I didn’t want to lose the momentum and end up doing less than my best. And as tomorrow is Easter Sunday I’m pretty sure my stomach is having a hot date with a calorie bomb. So I’m effectively doing the time today in anticipation for the crime I’ll be committing on my hips tomorrow! Makes sense really! πŸ™‚

Day 57 Of Insanity: 3 More To Go

Day 57 Of Insanity: 3 More To Go

UPDATE: 31/03/13 Day 58

Today I’m dragging my heels as the Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs combo are brutal. It seemed easier to do the workout throughout the earlier weeks, but the closer you get to that finish line the heavier and harder it becomes. I guess it’s like needing the toilet when you’re out shopping, the closer you get to the cubical the more desperate you become.

Also I can’t believe I’ve just clocked this, but Inanity doesn’t end at day 60, it runs until day 63 on my timetable and I’m not sure why or how I haven’t noticed it before? Hmmm. I checked on the BeachBody site again and it says 60 days so hmmm…? Pumped too much to be stumped right now so I’ll just sit, pant my breath back and smile. Great!

Day 58 Of Insanity Complete: 2 More To Go

Day 58 Of Insanity Complete: 2 More To Go

UPDATE: 01/04/13 Day 59

Today was the Max Interval Circuit and I’m now huffing and puffing like the wolf out of the three little pigs only my lungs wouldn’t even blow a paper cup down right now I’m that smashed and out of breath. But it’s a good smashed and I feel great. It is also the first day of April which is twenty-nine days until my little boy is a year old and I feel like I’ve come so far. My target was to tone up after my second child and thanks to Insanity I’ve done just that!

Day 59 Of Insanity Complete: 1 More To Go

Day 59 Of Insanity Complete: 1 More To Go

UPDATE: 02/04/13 Day 60

The Max Interval Sports Training workout today was actually a nice little break as strange as that sounds. But as the rests are sometimes a minute between each crazy interval it makes the time fly past and gives you just enough of a catch-up to get your face off of the floor after each set of reps. I’m feeling good, absolutely shattered after busting out the moves today, but looking forward to crossing the finish line and owning the hell out of Insanity! Yehh!

Day 60 Of Insanity Complete!

Day 60 Of Insanity Complete!

UPDATE:03/04/13 Day 61

Today was the Max Interval Plyo workout which felt a bit strange seeing as day 60 was yesterday and I crossed the finish line, only to realise there’s these three extra awkward kind of workouts left that leave you in an embarrassed quick jog hop to get them out of the way. Why are they there? I don’t think anybody knows! But I guess it’s still part of the challenge so I can’t ignore them. I’m pumped and feeling great after todays workout and ready to smash the other two into oblivion! Then I can sleep for a hundred years, bliss.

Day 61 Of Insanity Complete: 2 More To Go For Some Reason

Day 61 Of Insanity Complete: 2 More To Go For Some Reason

UPDATE: 04/04/13 Day 62

Today was my final workout and the Max Cardio Conitioning and Insane Abs combo were ruthless but amazing! Despite the fact I was huffing and puffing like a geriatric pigeon, covered in sweat and as red as a beetroot, I really gave the workout my all and I feel on top of the world right now. The Insanity workout has been a massive challenge for me, and one that I can now say I have completed. I have my final fit test tomorrow to see how my results vary from day one, and then a final body composition analysis test and I’m so nervous about the results. Even though I’ve been working out hard and pushing my body to the max, I’ve also been eating more to match the energy needed so I know that I won’t have lost weight from this workout, but I suspect from the sheer volume of extra food I’ve eaten that I may have put on fat as well as muscle. Eek!

Day 62 Of Insanity Complete! Workout Over!

Day 62 Of Insanity Complete! Workout Over!

UPDATE: 05/03/13 Day 63

So today was my fifth and final fit test and I smashed it like a chocolate easter egg straight out of the fridge – KABOOM! I really didn’t think that I would beat my last results of 707 because I was on full speed, burn out, power through, nitro circus mode; but I was stunned after todays last ever burn out when I managed an additional fifty-nine reps taking my highest score to 766. Proud moment right here, excuse me whilst I clap myself and pat my own back. πŸ™‚

Since week one’s fit test I have improved by an eye-watering four hundred and ninety nine reps which is incredible and just goes to show how fantastic Insanity is for your stamina, resilience and core strength. I’m so insanely hyped for taking on Insanity and seeing it through to the end and it’s made me a more focused, controlled and centred person for the drive and ability it has given me.

Day 63 Of Insanity: Fit Test 5 Results

Day 63 Of Insanity: Fit Test 5 Results

If you’re looking for a workout that will push you to the limit and give you a body you’ve always dreamed of then Insanity is for you. You’ll never know how capable you are unless you’re willing to try and now I can’t wait for summer because I have the best figure of my life after having my two children! Thank you Shaun T. Tomorrow I will get my body composition results so I can see how Insanity has benefitted my body inside as well as out.

UPDATE: 06/04/13 Final Body Composition Test Results

Today I had my final body composition test and I hate to admit it, but I had a massive binge-out last night and ate a great healthy dinner followed by popcorn, poppadoms, bread and butter, cheese and crackers and peanuts. I don’t know why i did it the night before being measured, but I did and it was foolish so I face the consequences for it now.

Having My Final Body Composition Test

Having My Final Body Composition Test

I laid still waiting for the machine to beep, feeling like a right idiot for messing up my chances to show how far I’d come with Insanity. All along it was never about losing weight for me, but toning up my body after having children, and although my clothes felt tighter and my body bigger I’ve not weighed myself in over two months since I began the workout so have no idea if I’ve lost or gained weight at all.

The machine beeped and the figures were in and I literally held my breath as I waited for the verdict. Two months of crazy blood-pumping, lung-burning, pushing myself to the limit working out, and it all comes down to the numbers on this fact sheet.

My Body Composition Before And After Insanity

My Body Composition Before And After Insanity

I was ecstatic to see that I had lost .6% of my body fat, despite eating whatever I wanted throughout and having a ridiculous binge-out on food last night. I also gained 5.1lbs of muscle which increased my body weight to 9st 4lbs, perfect for my 5ft 8″ frame. All along it was never about my weight, just getting my body back; but cutting down my fat was a bonus and I can safely lose up to one pound more of body fat (not body weight) whilst still being healthy, anything less and I would be at risk of leaving my organs unprotected. So I’m officially in the best shape of my life, and our second baby hasn’t yet had his first birthday! I feel like I’m on top of the world, I kicked my arse daily for two months solid and now I can stand proud and say I earned every ounce of my success. And it just goes to show that anybody can do it, no matter what point you start from, it’s where you end up that counts.

My Body Before And After Insanity

My Body Before And After Insanity

And if that was a whole lot of blogging to take in, or if you need a recap on my journey you can see my progress here from start to finish! DIG DEEPER! I did!

As you can see, I like to share the fun and amazing things that I do with the world. Not only does it inform others of what’s available in the local area and nationwide, but it also helps to support and strengthen local business. I love reading online reviews and checking out things before I buy them so I hope that you find mine helpful. If you would like me to do a review on a product, service, experience or day out for your business I would be happy to help free of charge simply contact me here!

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  • U look amazing! U make me want to get all fit and trim for the summer! If u can do it after having two children, there’s no excuse for me (having had no children) Well done.

  • […] at the end of this week when I had the most active day of my life. I have been taking part in The Insanity Workout for which I am just over half way through now and feeling fantastic after having had my two babies. […]

  • I’m sorry, but I have to say I don’t really see any difference, despite the fact that the before-picture was take from a further distance than the after-picture.. Not sure if the loss of less than 1% body fat is worth 2 months of self-torturing..

    • I just noticed my comment might have sounded like and insult, which it was not intended to be. You were in great shape before, which is probably why there are (at least to my eyes) no visible results.

      • Everybody has the right to their opinion so there is no need to apologise for giving your thoughts. It has made me laugh at how you see no difference between my scrawny before body and muscle-bound after body as I became an entirely different person through doing Insanity. I also had my eyes lasered at Optimax to correct my blurred vision during my training and can highly recommend the procedure πŸ™‚

    • Hi Critic! Thanks for your comment. Obviously my transformation was NOT for weightloss as I stated at the start of my training for Insanity. I had two children and simply wanted to tone up and gain muscle mass as my body felt lose and scrawny. The difference between the before and after picture is 6lbs of muscle and my arms and legs doubled in size and I gained a six-pack on my stomach. The body composition analysis stats show how the makeup of my body had changed significantly so as you’re not sure if the “loss of less than 1% body fat is worth 2 months of self-torturing” I can confirm that yes it was, and I’m very proud of myself for achieving it thank you. I look forward to seeing your results if you make it to the end!

      • You can definitely be proud of yourself!!! I am really not sure if I will complete this plan. I have to say, I started with this workout 4 days ago. Ever since then I’ve blacked out (not to unconsciousness though) at least 4 times a day and my throat is really sore (still trying to figure out if this is connected to the workout). Before I started with Insanity, I had been working out on a moderate-slightly intense basis, so I didn’t start from the scratch (or how do I say this in english..?) I feel like I’m compromising my health :/
        And as I said, I’m sorry if my first comment sounded like an insult or something. Glad it worked for you πŸ™‚

        • I’m not a doctor so I cannot comment on your health at all as you may have a bug or sideline illness causing the symptoms, but I can share with you my experience during the Insanity workout. As it’s interval training it’s designed to get your heart rate up quickly and then to drop down again in bursts of exercise in order to get the best results. During the first days of training I did feel a little sick from working out so hard, like when you run around too much as a child and make yourself feel sick, however I was never actually sick as a result of working out.

          I too felt dizziness and my hearing went funny a few times which normally happens when I’m about to faint, but it was only after completing a full workout as I had to stop and catch my breath and drink some water and then felt fine. No effects were prolonged aside from aching muscles as you increase your bulk. I have never fainted on Insanity, nor thrown up or had any ill health as a result of doing this workout.

          They do recommend that you consult your doctor prior to starting this workout as it is extreme and not everybody is physically able. Naturally when you raise your heartbeat and get your blood pumping you can feel sick, dizzy or light-headed but when you stop working out it should not persist. I suggest you seek medical help as you can never be too careful.

  • Wow Tracy you look amazing, what a transformation!!

    I’ve just finished day 8 and already feeling and seeing the differences πŸ™‚ My clothes are looser and I feel amazing! I spent most of last week hobbling around and struggling to walk but I’m through that now and enjoying every minute. I’m doing it to loose a bit of weight and tone up, I’m 5ft 3″ and started at 9st 2.6 and have already lost 3 pounds after 6 days and 1% body fat. I love this programme and your blog has certainly given me lots of info including the realisation that the recovery week isn’t a week off! and the two hour workouts in month two are a shock, but a challenge I can take on! and the 3 extra days, what is that all about??!!

    Hopefully in another 7 weeks I will be as pleased as you, well done :-))

  • Hi, You look amazing! I’m on day 14. I’m not sure how much I lost, but I’m wearing today one top which did not fit me 3 weeks a go:).

  • hey Tracy! thanks for posting your progress. I’m almost done with my fist month of insanity, but I feel like my legs are bulking up more than they should. I’m even starting to feel the top of my thighs touch. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any improvement in my butt or stomach. Do you think it’s because my technique is off?

    • Hi Leanna, you use your legs as a major part of Insanity and they certainly show a great difference when the bulk up, but rest assured they can only get so big before they stop. The thighs become muscly from the knee upward and may seem very dramatic in size to you, but to others they look tight and shapely and I’m sure you’ll get lots of compliments. As women we’re not used to having hard limbs and muscles but you’ll soon become accustomed to it. Providing you do each routine with good posture and to your best ability, then the results take as long as they take. It may not seem like much difference visually, but the body starts its work from the inside out, so your core is gaining strength and condition and the end result will be the abs definition when it is ready. I wish you all the best with your workout and please keep in touch with your results!

  • What an awesome read! You did great, you should be super proud. I’ve just started and after some googling to see how others were getting on come across your site. Had the same sickly feeling after day 2, the doubts creep in like “argh, I dont want to feel like this again” “I’m never going to complete this” etc, it’s also pretty intimidating when you feel exhausted and are pouring with sweat and then Shaun T says “right, thats the warm up done, take 30 seconds”. WHAT?!! That was only the warm up?! But I’ve got through it all and experienced no sickness after day 2, infact I was buzzing about an hour after finishing it. Now I cant wait to wake up the next day and put the next dvd in.

    Can already feel my stomach tightening up (so if you’re ever driving through Dunstable this winter and see a guy with his top off, it’s me ha!) and it’s only day 6 for me now (which i’m about to do in half hour, whoop!!). Had the cardio dvd in yesterday and when Shaun T said he was nervous about what was to come I was like please god, no haha but I somehow got through it though it was crazy and I needed a few breaks.

    Just having a read on the rest of your site, what an inspiring, amazing person you are. And you’re gorgeous!! A pretty good combo. Take care and thanks for the great site/blog!!

      • Thank you!! Just put something in your justgiving page, unfortunately cancer is in my fam (and I’m guessing most people who read this) so as it’s nearly christmas I gotta throw a little in!

        • I’m sorry to hear of cancer being in your family and I wish you and your relatives all the best for a speedy recovery to all concerned. Thank you for your incredible donation, God bless and have a wonderful Christmas, I’m sure you will be helping many.

          • Thank you for the well wishes Tracy, it’s ok at the moment, theres a tumour behind my mums eye that is just being monitored for now as it’s not “alive” yet apparently but it will need blasting away one day and she’ll lose most of the sight in that eye, her best eye too, typical!! But she’s cool, it’s affected me more.

            You too, I ordered 10 Christmas Puds the other day, now I’ve got to somehow not eat the lot before Dec 25th. Schoolboy error getting them this early!

            Anyway, this has nothing to do with insanity so apologies ha. Take careeee!!

          • Life is a funny old thing and we are forever tested with obstacles and mountains to climb. How you handle it and move on from each situation shapes your future and gives you the strength and courage to face the next challenge. Every cloud has a silver lining no matter how dark the sky gets. Love and appreciate every day as a blessing and lock the puddings in a safety deposit until crimbo!

  • HiTracy, congratulations on finishing this tough workout. Your improvement is amazing(fitness test), and your body looks very toned and strong after finishing Insanity program.
    I just started myself with Insanity, after finishing the FocusT25, and i can relate to the things you have written.Boy. this is tough …Thanks for the great read. i read it every day,its funny too, after i finish a session , and it gives me a feeling im not alone on this !

    • Good for you Michael, please let me know how you get on with Insanity it’s an incredible workout and Insanity Max 30 is just as challenging only in shorter intervals to make it more manageable.

      • Hey Tracy. Outstanding read. I myself am on day 19 and feeling and looking better every day. Being in Calgary Canada living at 3200FT above sea level sure makes this cardio hard. Yet every day i push through and read your days and the struggles you had to go through. I also sent you an e mail a week or so ago to say thank you for what you do.

  • Thanks Tracy for mentioning the Insanity max 30 program, i am definitely going to keep on doing some training videos, after i finish Insanity(maybe 2.3 times a week).Love to do it as well.
    So, how am i doing? Im in the recovery week now, and lookin very much forward to the undoubtably very tough second part.Have been really nailing the exercises in the 4th week, and feel very happy about my progress( first fittest about 25% more repetitions).Even my speed has gone up considerably(im 45 already, so i have to dig even deeper, i guess).
    Still reading your great review as i go along, and wanted to thank you one more time too for helping me motivate as well.You have a wonderful personality,Tracy.Thanks!

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