Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Kits

Henna tattoos are a safe, natural and temporary fashion alternative to traditional needle and ink body art for which I’m a big fan as I now have over 30 permanent tattoos across my body. I love the intricacy, attention to detail and appearance of tattoos yet as times and fashion change so do peoples opinion of body art and tattoo removal has hit an all time high. Whilst I’ve never regretted permanently marking my skin with tattoos henna is a convenient temporary alternative method to decorate the hands and body for festive celebrations, weddings and parties that all ages can enjoy.

Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Kits

Typically henna leaves a reddish-brown stain on the skin that lasts around 7-10 days. Jagua leaves a black-blue stain on the skin for 10-14 days and is most similar in appearance to a real tattoo composed of an ethically sourced 100% natural fruit dye. White Lace and Glitter tattoos do not stain the skin but sit on the surface much like latex and last between 1-5 days. Henna and body paint have become a popular fashion accessory for festivals and summer parties alike and are a great way to test out the potential size and placement of a future tattoo if you’re indecisive.

Earth Henna Have A Selection Of Black, Natural, White & Glitter Tattoo Kits

This was my first time using henna and I created a glitter tattoo in my own design to add a festive sparkle to a Christmas party. The application process itself is incredibly straight forward and full instructions and equipment are provided in each pack including pattern designs, pre-measured white-lace mix, a dusting brush, cornstarch, cotton buds and silver glitter. The kit comes with enough mix for 10-15 designs and doesn’t stain the skin. To create this design I applied the white lace mix via a squeezy bottle and application nozzle before dusting it over with silver glitter and carefully brushing off the excess once dry.

Earth Henna Glitter Tattoo

My ten year old daughter wanted to experiment with a white lace design that she created herself which was applied using the same method as my own but finished with cornstarch powder for a textured white lace effect as opposed to sparkly glitter. For our first attempts at decorating our hands I think we made a rather good job of it! These tattoo’s are simple to remove as the thin layer of latex sits on the surface of the skin and survives light washing, playing and sleeping, simply peeling off without a trace when you choose to remove it.

My Daughter Designed Her Own White Lace Henna

In the half-term holidays I’ve promised my daughter she can experiment with the red and black henna designs as well on her hands and feet accounting for enough time for it to fade before she returns to school. The white lace kit is an ideal activity for her and her girlfriends when they have sleepovers and want to add an extra touch of sparkle to a Princess manicure and I can’t wait to try it out as an all-over body decoration for a photoshoot!
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