Freeze Dried Pure Pet Food For Cats

Being a fitness loving vegan, good food certainly goes hand-in-hand with my healthy active lifestyle as the cleaner I eat the better I feel in myself and the more productive my day becomes. I take great pride in cooking delicious home-cooked meals for my children and merrily inform them of how good it is for them to eat all of their vegetables in order to grow big and strong. My love and best wishes don’t stop with my children as I’m just as concerned about what my fur-babies are eating – my 8yr old cat Tobias and often fussy eater 9 month old kitten Rupert.

Pure Pet Food For Cats & Dogs

Pure Pet Food aim to make healthy choices easier for pet owners with their range of air-dried, dehydrated and freeze-dried pet foods which have been specially created to capture the natural goodness and nutrients found in raw and homemade foods. The process of freeze-drying works by removing all of the moisture from the natural and 100% human-grade ingredients to lock in and preserve the nutritional benefits of each meal which is regulated by both the human and animal food authorities – making it perfectly safe for you to have a nibble should it take your fancy. The meals contain no grains or gluten and are high in protein for a quick and easy balanced daily diet. To prepare you simply add warm water, wait 1-2minutes and serve and they’re conveniently ideal for fluffy fussy-eaters and those with food sensitivities as the food expands in the bowl rather than the stomach making it easier to chew, helping to prevent bloating and reducing the risk of dehydration caused by other dried pet foods.

Freeze Dried Food Retains The Natural Goodness

Made up of a very generous 85% meat and fish and packed full of natural vitamins, minerals and healthy fats including salmon and coconut oil, this range of lip-licking feline cuisine is something most health-conscious families would enjoy at the dinner table. With zero exposure to high temperature the meals retain a real meat texture without the need for preservatives, tedious preparation or bulky storage and freezing.

Rupert (9 months) Loves Surf & Turf

The Surf & Turf selection which my kitten Rupert loves proudly boasts 75% chicken and chicken liver as a source of vitamin B and antioxidant defence, carrot for vitamin A, 10% white fish for vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, apple for fibre and digestion, celery for vitamins A, C and K as well as folate, potassium, manganese and low in fat and cholesterol, salmon oil for Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for the immune system, a glossy coat and healthy skin and minerals from complete whole foods essential for healthy bones, blood and development.

Tobias (8.5yrs) Is A Great Fan Of Whisker Lickin Chicken

Whilst Tobias prefers the Whisker Lickin Chicken which contains 85% chicken and chicken liver, carrots, 5% egg, spinach, coconut oil, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals to focus on brain function, antioxidants and a healthy metabolism to name but a few health benefits; a far cry from the bland cardboardesque unhealthy biscuits that line the pet aisles in supermarkets, I’m sure you and your fur babies will agree!
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