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I feel that my jawline has always lacked definition and at times I’ve glanced a double-chin in photos. Despite training at the gym several days a week to maintain a slim body and eating a healthy vegan diet my neck and jawline is a problem area for fat that no amount of exercise can seem to reduce. Having seen results of the thread lift as a way to tighten and slim the skin with natural collagen production this seems to be the perfect procedure for my needs.

The PDO thread lift, or Polydioxanone suture works by implanting a sterile dissolvable thread under the surface of the skin which the body naturally forms collagen ontop of the mesh so that when it dissolves into water within 100 days the skin is left naturally tighter and more youthful looking – consuming protein and Omega 3 during this time can assist the results. This procedure can be performed from early twenties onwards to prevent ageing and maintain skin elasticity; for older skin a stronger thread with hooks can be used to anchor and lift the skin into position and permanent procedures are available.

Medical Sutures Are Threaded Into The Jawline To Stimulate Natural Collagen Growth Which Tightens The Skin

The results take two months to fully show as natural collagen is gradually produced by the body which lasts for 12months+ depending on lifestyle and metabolism. I had fifteen individual needles inserted leaving medical sutures both horizontally and vertically beneath the surface of the skin around my chin in a crescent shape. A local anaesthetic was injected first to ensure the area is entirely numb and comfortable and the procedure took around 15mins to complete. This process helps to dissolve fat from the chin and jawline which removes volume from the area for a tighter more youthful appearance. The needles are short in length and very fine with a suture twisted around them so that once they are pushed into place they are twisted in the opposite direction to release the thread which remains under the skin as the needle is removed.

This Procedure Is Pain Free With Results Lasting 12+ Months

Seeing as multiple needles are used this procedure has a higher risk of bruising at the injection sites but fortunately it’s concealed under the chin and otherwise undetectable – I was lucky not to bruise at all. There is certainly an immediate improvement directly after treatment and I’m looking forward to seeing how the results develop over the coming months. This procedure costs £500.00 and can also be teamed with cryotherapy to create a slimmer more defined jawline.


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