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Having had a bump in the bridge of my nose since birth, courtesy of my Hungarian heritage, I’ve always felt that my profile is rather masculine. I daydream of having a slender, feminine nose with a beautifully straight bridge and no hump but the thought and cost of surgery, and the potential of it going wrong has prevented me from going under the knife just yet which led me to seek a non-surgical alternative to the traditional ‘nose job’.

Using a temporary filler Dr Chia Tan is able to reshape the nose, straighten bridges, correct a droopy tip, sharpen the projection and even improve the appearance of bent and previously surgically enhanced noses. This procedure is becoming evermore popular as a temporary alternative to surgery and the immediate results can last up to 18months. I’ve always been a little squeamish when it comes to my nose as I know how tender it can feel if I get a spot on a nostril so the thought of having a needle inserted into the tip wasn’t a sensation I was looking forward to, but after seeing such amazing before and after photos from Dr Tan’s previous patients it was a procedure that I was very keen to have.

1ml Of Juvederm Voluma Was Used For This Procedure

Dr Tan first cleansed my nose to remove my makeup before applying a numbing cream which sat in place for several minutes as he prepared the needle. He used a cannula to create a hole at the tip of my nose which is a technique that allows a single insertion point for a finer filler needle to be inserted into and fed up the length of the nose to reach the bridge. This technique also allows you to re-enter the same site and add more filler, checking the results throughout as it’s always best to underfill to start with than to add too much and have to dissolve the filler. Having one hole to work through also means that the risk of bruising and infection is reduced, the results are smoother and more natural and the procedure virtually undetectable aside from one small hole as opposed to multiple injection sites and the risk of filler lumping. As my nose was numb from the cream I felt no pain or discomfort throughout just a pushing sensation as the needle entered the tip followed by a light internal dragging movement on the bridge of my nose whilst the filler was threaded into position. It did however make my eyes water but this isn’t unusual for me as they also water when I apply mascara and have always been sensitive.

The Use Of A Cannula Allowed A Single Insertion Point At The Tip Of The Nose

In total the procedure took around 30mins which fit conveniently into my lunch break and as the filler contains a local anaesthetic the more numb my nose became until eventually I couldn’t feel any movement at all and calmly laid on the bed with my eyes closed none-the-wiser to what was going on. A 1ml syringe of Juvederm Voluma was used with it rarely requiring 2ml. It’s advised that I sleep on my back for the next two nights, avoid applying makeup over the cannula hole for 4hrs to allow it to close, avoid alcohol and exercise for the next two days and stay away from saunas, sunbeds and excessive heat for two weeks. I’m absolutely thrilled with how natural, subtle and immediate my results are and what a difference it’s made to my profile as the before and after pictures speak for themselves; for £350.00 this is certainly a procedure I’d be happy to repeat.


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