The Edible Anus Bronze Object D’art

When it comes to romance – or pranking friends – nothing quite says “I love you” better than a bespoke, meaningful and personalised gift. Nowadays there are pop up boutiques and stores offering everything from personalised t-shirts and scatter cushions to phone covers and teddy bears and so the Edible Anus caught my eye whilst browsing the internet for unique birthday gifts for my boyfriend!

Naturally being the inquisitive so-and-so that I am I wanted to know more about the concept of eating chocolate anuses and discovered that these palatable bite-sized booty pieces are made by replicating a persons ring-piece to give as a beloved gift set. This really got me thinking about what my actual anus would look like, not only as a chocolate selection but object d’art in the form of a solid bronze masterpiece which is conveniently also an option in their online store.

Edible Anus Personalised Chocolates

Based in their London HQ I paid a visit to the Edible Anus team to undergo this very unique experience and took my boyfriend along with me to share in the magic. I was thinking of keeping it a surprise and giving him the finished polished piece, pun intended, but I found the concept so fascinating that I knew he’d really enjoy it too so we turned it into a nice day out. Essentially dentistry putty is pressed into the anus with buttocks spread wide in order to capture an exact replica of every crease and crevice as no two anuses are the same, just like a fingerprint! The putty takes about a minute to go from cold and gooey to a squishy rubber and has to be carefully removed to keep it intact.

Having My Edible Anus Cast Taken

Following this the rubber replica is set into clay to turn it inside out before being cast into silicone and the chocolate or bronze moulded as many times as you like. A whole lot of turning the anus inside and out takes place to get to the desired material and size. The casting process itself took several minutes and was a very fun and enjoyable experience for us both which we’ll certainly enjoy dropping into conversation at every opportunity possible. The Edible Anus team were very welcoming, informative and creative and make a cracking cup of coffee if I may say so myself.

The Edible Anus Production Process

Following this my anus cast will now be sent off to a jewellers to be made into solid bronze to the value of £540.00 of precious metal taking between 4-6wks to complete and chocolate gift boxes start from as little as a few pounds for those who are happy to buy ready-made. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece and treasuring it for many years pride of place on my French Dresser. It’s so much fun to think out of the box, break down taboos and try something new and for couples this is a very pretty, meaningful and unique gift to give. For friends winding each other up it’s also pretty epic to tell your best mate that they unknowingly ate your anus when you offered them a chocolate!

Remember to check back soon to see my finished (ring) piece!
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