8 Different Ways to Apply Scent

You might not think too much about how you apply scent. It is probably one of the final things you do before you leave the house, and you are probably so busy thinking about the day or evening ahead that you do little else than just spray and go. However, there is a little bit more science to it than that and if you follow this guide, you will learn some of the different ways to apply scent for the best effect. 

8 Different Ways to Apply Scent

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Apply Perfume To The Heated Areas Of Your Body 

Perfume works best when it is applied to the heated areas of your body. This is because your body heat mixes with the natural scent of your own body and creates its own unique fragrance. This is also why different scents can smell different depending on who is wearing them. The best body parts to apply perfume to are the pulse points such as your neck, chest, pulse points, behind your ears, or inner elbows. These are warmer as they are closer to your veins. 

Don’t Rub Perfume Into Your Skin 

Although this might be something you have seen others do and copied yourself, it is not the best way of getting perfume to settle on your skin. Rubbing it in can cause your perfume to start fading before it has even settled. This means that it won’t be able to mix properly with your natural oils and you won’t get the same unique scent as you might otherwise have done. The friction of rubbing your perfume into your skin can also cause your skin to heat up which can change the fragrance. 

Apply Perfume From 3-6 Inches Away 

This is the ideal distance if you are spraying directly onto your pulse points. If you hold the spray any nearer, then there is a risk of you over spraying. This means that the scent could become overpowering. If you hold the spray too far away, you will have the opposite problem and your scent could be too subtle and unnoticeable. Three to six inches gives you a happy medium and it is a natural angle for your hand too. 

Walk Into Your Spray 

One great way of applying your perfume is to spray it and then walk into it. This helps to diffuse it all over your body and it means that it is not concentrated in one location. Spraying your perfume in front of you and then walking through it will leave a light layer all over your clothes and a fragrance that is light and not overpowering. 

Spray Your Clothes Directly 

Rather than walking through your perfume, you could spray it directly onto your clothes. Your clothes will naturally smell different from your skin, and this will change the fragrance of your perfume slightly and make it lighter. However, this tends to be a longer-lasting way to wear perfume so it should stay with you all day. This will only work on clothing material that doesn’t stain so don’t use this method on fabrics such as silk. 

Apply Perfume Lightly 

All perfumes are slightly different so if you are trying out a new one for the first time, remember to apply it lightly and give it time to react with your skin so that you can get used to the fragrance. If you decide that it is too light, it is easy to apply some more. However, if you apply too much to start with and decide that it is too overpowering then it is harder to take off. 


You may need to reapply your perfume if you are out for the day and evening. It is a good idea to use an easy-to-carry scent, such as Byredo, which is available through SSENSE. SSENSE a luxury retail brand that offers high-end fragrances, clothing, and accessories online. These bottles are light and easy to carry, meaning that you can refresh as necessary. 

Use Complementing Scents 

You may think that your perfume is the only scent you have on, but that is not usually true. The chances are that you use body wash, body lotion, hand wash, and sanitizer too. These scents are a lot more subtle than your perfume, but the fragrances may still be noticeable under your main perfume. 

To smell divine, make sure that your fragrances complement each other and there is no sharp contrast such as musk and flower which can be a little odd. Perfumers will often produce sets so that you can use the same fragrance in all your products which can smell delicious. 

There are many different ways you can apply scent. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but most people have their preferred choice depending on how they want their favorite fragrances to smell on them.


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