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I love having a bright white smile, not only does it lift my confidence but it also makes my skin look fresher, my eyes brighter and my natural appearance more polished with very little effort on my part. Since discovering teeth whitening several years ago I’ve tried literally every method available from home whitening to dentists, mobile beauty therapists and clinics which is what drew me to The Harley Laser Specialists for my teeth whitening top-up treatment.

The Harley Laser Specialists proudly boast the next generation of laser teeth whitening technology with stain removing techniques to erase the build up of stains and discolouration from years of tobacco use, certain medications, staining foods and beverages. Teeth are naturally yellow in colour without the added effects of food and drink and as they contain millions of microscopic pores these allow compounds to penetrate the surface and cause the tooth enamel to discolour over time. Laser whitening can achieve a bright natural white smile without the pain or damage to your teeth or your teeth enamel which can be common with cheap, counterfeit and online home-whitening products. My advice to anybody seeking a bright white smile is to visit a specialist to avoid causing permanent damage, burns and sensitivity to the teeth and gums, you cannot put a price on your health so never cut corners.

Using the highest UK legal limit of whitening peroxide gel the most stubborn stains can successfully be removed as well as plaque without causing sensitivity to the teeth. A combination of one-hour in-clinic treatments, a home whitening device and follow-up appointments allow you to fit your whitening regime into your lifestyle at your own convenience. Prior to having my whitening treatment I was advised to avoid wearing lipstick or lipgloss on the same day, if I wanted to have a hygienist appointment I would need to do so at least a week prior to my treatment to avoid any sensitivity and should attend my appointment with clean brushed teeth.

Peroxide Gel Is Applied To The Teeth

Peroxide Gel Is Applied To The Teeth

Upon my arrival at the clinic I was presented with a medical questionnaire to determine my suitability for teeth whitening and answered no to all of the answers regarding oral health issues as my teeth and gums are nice and healthy and I have no existing pain or sensitivity. The only question I answered yes to was “Have you had braces recently removed?” I had my Six Month Smile fixed braces removed two years ago and in order for the dentist to disconnect the brackets from my teeth the surfaces were ground down and polished. Seeing as it was two years ago now this didn’t affect my eligibility to proceed but if it’s something you’re considering you may need to check with your dentist to see how long you have to wait for the teeth to heal after removing fixed braces before whitening.

I was then invited to look at a tooth scale which showed a spectrum of tooth colours from the brightest white to a dark yellow/dull brown colour. Seeing as I have an active teeth-whitening routine my teeth weren’t far from the top of the scale, perhaps some four or five shades darker than the best results and I always seem to get a build up of yellow between my teeth because I have permanent wires fitted to keep them from moving out of alignment which prevents me from flossing. As this was a top-up session I was hoping to achieve an improvement in my whiteness for maintenance rather than an obvious transformation. Laying on a bed I then had a soft plastic cheek brace inserted into my mouth which kept my teeth exposed ready for the treatment, it was surprisingly comfortable and nothing like the harsh tools a dentist would use. My mouth was cleansed with vitamin-E on a swab and vaseline applied to my lips to protect them from the UV light before the clear peroxide gel was coated over the front, top and back surface of each tooth and a UV lamp put into position.

UV Light Activates The Whitening Gel

UV Light Activates The Whitening Gel

I had three twenty-minute whitening treatments which totalled an hour and it was a very peaceful and simple procedure as I simply closed my eyes and rested on the bed whilst waiting for the timer. My eyes were protected with red glasses as the UV light activated the peroxide gel to provide immediate results capable of making teeth up to ten shades lighter. Following my treatment the cheek brace was removed and I was given a tissue to wipe away any dribble before being shown to a sink with a glass of mouthwash to rinse away any excess gel. Despite the water being cool I had no sensitivity at all, my teeth weren’t hot or cold and my gums didn’t sting or tingle. Using the tooth scale I was thrilled to see that my teeth had been whitened to the maximum whiteness and they look and feel amazingly bright white and clean. I was advised to avoid coloured foods for the next 48hrs to allow the pores of my teeth to close properly without staining with water, tonic, skimmed milk, vodka, white wine, Malibu, gin, potatoes without skin, cauliflower, bananas, chicken, turkey, white fish, white rice, white pasta, white cooking sauces and chewing gum all being colour safe.

My Teeth Have Been Whitened To The Top Of The Scale

My Teeth Have Been Whitened To The Top Of The Scale

Finally after receiving my aftercare information I was advised to avoid smoking and only brush with white toothpaste for the first 48hrs using a soft toothbrush. If I felt any sensitivity to my gums I could use Bonjela and if my teeth were tender I could apply Sensodyne to the surface for a few minutes before rinsing. Fortunately I had no pain or discomfort, no sensitivity to temperature or air and am absolutely thrilled with my results. I appreciate being able to have the food and drink that I love with maintenance whitening treatments every several months to keep my smile beautifully white without compromising on my healthy diet and fulfilling lifestyle. A big thumbs up for The Harley Laser Specialists!
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