The Little Details For Your Wedding

As your big day gets ever closer, you will hopefully have all of the important aspects of your wedding planning already sorted out. Yet whatever size wedding you are having there are always lots of last minute things that need chasing up!

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It’s important not to overlook the little things as the small touches that add detail to your big day are the things that will help to give your wedding day that extra sparkle and make it a day to remember forever. Whether it is something that is just for the two of you, or something that your guests get to see and share in too, the little things will create such a markable finish.

Something For The Bedroom

There are a couple of directions that you can take your wedding bedroom attire. Of course, on your first night of marriage you may want to go down a seductive route with some fancy lingerie, but if you want to start off your married life in sync with each other and looking rather cute, you should look at getting some couples matching pajamas.

His & Hers pyjamas are perfect for eating breakfast in bed the morning after your big day and look super cute in photos for that Insta-ready memory as you welcome your future life as husband and wife.

Wedding Favours

Whilst it is traditional and somewhat expected that you will provide small gifts for your guests, putting in that extra attention to detail will make the world of difference when planning your tableware. 

It may seem like a lot of work to undertake, but one way that you can make these particularly memorable is to make them specific and personal to the individual guest. Buying something that has been chosen with an individual in mind shows your guests that you really appreciate them. Alternatively, you can get monogrammed items bearing the initials of each guest such as Scrabble tiles made into keyrings or jewellery which also make a nice touch.

Wedding Entertainment

There is always a lot of waiting around at weddings when you are a guest. Of course, during the ceremony it can become pretty hectic, but whilst you are off on a frenzied whirlwind of photos and meet and greets your guests will have to make do and wait for you so entertainment is key.

Why not think about games that guests can play at their tables. Small fun, easy to pick up games will also help to break the ice between guests who have never met each other before and a photo booth with selfie sticks and fun costumes always goes down a treat. You can even get the best man and bridesmaids to host a quiz for all of your guests to take part in and win prizes!

If you’re hosting a wedding and there is an outdoor area that is being used during the reception you can also use this space to make your party games more fun. Think about adding big inflatable gladiator duelling games to the mix, it can provide your guests with a hard hitting tournament which is guaranteed to bring happy memories. Or, for something a little more cerebral, you could opt for a game of giant outdoor chess. The possibilities are endless, hopefully just like the memories!


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