The London Learning Academy: Fat Dissolving Injections & HIFU Aesthetics Courses

I am so excited to have completed two courses with the London Learning Academy for Fat Dissolving Injections including Lipo Lab, Aqualyx and Lemon Bottle, as well as HIFU – High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound and Vaginal HIFU tightening, as these two treatments work so well together.

As I celebrated my 36th birthday this year, my desires and needs for my own beauty regime and skincare has shifted entirely from when I was 18yrs old and shockingly always used to leave my makeup on from the night before and use tanning accelerator oils instead of suncream!

I like to think that with age comes wisdom, and now I truly understand the importance of anti-ageing regimes to keep my skin looking and feeling its very best as lifestyle, diet, parenthood, sleep and everything in between impacts not only directly on my skin, but also my mental health and wellbeing.

When we take time to truly love and care for ourselves, it makes it far easier to do the same for others, and so in extending my aesthetics qualifications to fat dissolving and skin tightening, I am able to help others to love the skin that they are in and feel confident and enthusiastic everyday at any age and stage of life.

Why I Chose This Fat Dissolving Course

Why fat dissolving? As a professional bodybuilder and mother of two, I understand just how frustrating it can be to have stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of diet, exercise or low bodyfat percentage can ever shift. As such I have previously had liposuction surgery to my chin in order to remove a stubborn fat pocket, yet fat dissolving injections are now just as effective, far less invasive, with little to no downtime, more affordable than having surgery and achieve just as incredible results.

Fat dissolving injections essentially work by changing the storage form of fat, and transforming it into an energy source, so that the number and size of fat cells are rapidly reduced whist increasing skin elasticity and reducing edema and cellulite. The results are incredible and truly speak for themselves.

What I loved about this training course with LLA is how they cover a wide range of products so that I am qualified to administer Lipo Lab, Aqualyx and Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections in order to provide the most suitable tailored package for my clients, as individuals. This means that I have the ability to decide upon the most suitable treatment plans and am not limited to a one-size-fits all model, because we all have different lifestyles, metabolism and desired outcomes.

Each course comes with a training manual to read prior to the in-clinic training and assessment, as well as extensive question and answer opportunities throughout, guidance and mentoring. Despite having everything that I needed in my manual which is packed with images, photos, text, tables and diagrams, I still took notes in my notepad on the day to ensure that the main key points would stay at the forefront of my mind. I have found from prior exam prep as a student that highlighting headings, making flashcards and bullet pointing my notes are a quick and convenient way to create overviews to refer back to when necessary.

Why I Chose This HIFU Course

HIFU is an acronym for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and is used in medical aesthetics for skin tightening, face lifting, wrinkle reduction and body contouring. This non-invasive therapeutic technique focuses upon using ultrasonic waves to heat your natural body tissue to work with what you already have for a tighter and more youthful appearance.

Our skin remains tight when there is a high concentration of collagen and elastin within the dermis layer, however, as we age the body produces less collagen and so the skin starts to wrinkle and sag. These signs of ageing are reversed by HIFU, essentially turning back the clock to allow us to look naturally years younger as the skin continues to improve with the generation of new collagen, achieving optimal cosmetic results with only one treatment.

HIFU improves overall skin tone, pores, brightness and elasticity and is fondly referred to as the non-invasive facelift as it lifts and tightens the skin, irons out wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pores, targets the ‘V’ line formation and reduces jowl lines. 

This course was not only incredibly informative and useful for my portfolio, but also offered Vaginal HIFU which is something that I feel passionate about as a woman and mother. Vaginal HIFU increases vaginal moisture and sensitivity during intercourse, improves vaginal tightness and firmness, reduces and improves stress incontinence and reduces and eliminates vaginal bacterial infections which is something that I feel we should feel more comfortable and able to speak about and seek help for.

I would never want anybody to feel unhappy or ashamed about their body, nor the unavoidable challenges that we face surrounding motherhood and age. We can make such subtle yet wholeheartedly life changing tweaks to our beauty regimes, skincare and sexual health and wellbeing that can not only change the way that we perceive ourselves, but also remove unnecessary suffering and improve our quality of life.

Why I Chose To Train With London Learning Academy 

I feel that in order to get the very best from a training course, in any field of expertise, it’s important to conduct thorough research on the provider beforehand – and consider online feedback from previous customers, as well as the duration and extent of their expertise.

London Learning Academy have a very successful proven track record in the industry, having already trained thousands of students both within the UK and worldwide, which has resulted in them having guided over 500 of their students to successfully set up clinics of their own – I find this hugely reassuring, inspiring, and in alignment with my own aesthetics goals.

The fact that they offer one-to-one training was a huge plus point for me as a student, as I like to ask a lot of questions to ensure that I understand every aspect involved and leave no stone unturned. All of their courses offer personalised one-to-one training, ensuring that you receive focused attention and tailored guidance in whatever way that you learn best as an individual.

Their courses are also CPD Internationally Certified to provide you with internationally recognised qualifications that attest to your expertise, with extensive practical practice to give you hands-on experience to build confidence and proficiency in each procedure.

Something that I also love is how they provide unlimited free shadow days and lifetime support which enables you to observe and learn from experienced professionals in situ whenever you need a helping hand or personal mentor.

The London Learning Academy is led by Dr Nas Brown, the owner of London Body Centre, which is an award-winning private clinic in London. Nas is a well respected figure in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience and radiates such enthusiasm, patience and kindness as a mentor. She is also on the board of aesthetics advisors for The Consulting Room and is recognised and published every month by CPD continued Professional Development, as well as being sponsored by Insync Insurance and Teleta Pharma which is one of the largest pharmaceutical suppliers in the UK.

Furthermore, she works alongside and provides her students with unparalleled access to the Faces App for all needs from consent forms to pre and post care forms, marketing and purchasing machines. To have such a wealth of knowledge in the industry is a priceless commodity which has ensured the success of her students to make better informed business decisions and investments in equipment and stock, to achieve optimum results for their clients and ultimately build such strong foundations and reputation for their own individual businesses.

Comprehensive support is so important at every stage of learning and running a business, but especially when training and the months and years that follow. The fact that they also offer advanced business coaching with lifetime support literally quashes every concern, hesitation or doubt for me to feel ready and able to take the next step and strive towards setting up my own clinic. With valuable resources to assist in every aspect of your aesthetics journey from consent forms to how to do a consultation, how to find and get clients, how to upsell clients, cracking social media, licensing, insurance, prescribers and more, Dr Nas has coached some of the biggest names in business – including Sir Alan Sugar!!

My training with the London Learning Academy has been so life affirming, informative, helpful and inspiring to set me on the path to achieving my own clinic as a single parent. I cannot recommend the team more highly for their expertise, kindness, patience and consideration towards their students and have thoroughly enjoyed training in these two new qualifications. Not only are these treatments something that I personally love and will make use of for myself, but it fills me with such happiness to be able to help others to look and feel their very best too.

Whatever your dreams and goals are in life, please take this as a sign to reach for the stars and take that first step. We owe it to ourselves to achieve the best quality of life for what makes us truly happy as individuals, providing for my family and loving the skin that I am in has made this journey such an organic and uplifting experience and I’m buzzing to continue to learn!
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