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Whilst at the Om Yoga Show I came across a stand for Riverford which caught my eye from across the exhibition hall for how bright, vibrant and delicious their organic vegetables looked. Juicy, sweet, crisp and super fresh, I was able to sample some organic apples which tasted of pure sunshine as I spoke enthusiastically to the owners of this eco-conscious company, their admirable ethos and aim to encourage more people to eat organic.

Riverford is the UK’s leading organic fruit and veg box delivery service, offering a wide range of fresh and local produce boxes delivered directly from the farm to your door. They provide a wide range of seasonal vegetable boxes, fruit boxes, meat boxes and recipe boxes of varying size and frequency with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical local sourcing which is what inspired me to give it a go.

Contents Of My First Veggie Box

As a family of three, my two children and I decided to try out a small vegetable box which consisted of potatoes 700g, carrots 500g, beetroot 500g, leeks 400g, a savoy cabbage, baby spinach 150g as suggested on the website which took just a few clicks to order.

Boxes can be completely customised to choose whichever seasonal items you desire, however I liked the idea of receiving what was recommended by the farmers that week, rather than sticking to my personal preference, as a result I was able to cook with fresh beetroot for the very first time and it was delicious!

A very cheerful delivery driver with a Riverford van rang my doorbell the following week and wished me a wonderful day as he handed me a recycled card box of freshly picked veggies still coated in mud and the fragrance was amazing.

The children and I decided to create an entirely organic vegan roast dinner by using every single vegetable in our box within one meal – and we still have so many veggies in the fridge for the rest of the week! Whilst it may sound unusual to add organic beetroot to a roast dinner, it worked so perfectly and the children licked their lips over every last bite whilst finding it such an amusing challenge.

Our organic vegan roast consisted of: red skin roast potatoes, roast carrots, pan wilted spinach, steamed savoy cabbage, streamed beetroot slices, onion and leak oat milk white sauce and a vegan sausage from the fridge.

Whilst I’m confident with experimenting with food, and as a mother can literally make a meal out of almost any ingredients left over at the end of the week, Riverford also have a selection of fantastic cookery books and delicious recipes to help you to make the most of seasonal vegetables throughout the year. From a Kohlrabi and peanut stir-fry to a beetroot and pink peppercorn gratin, there is something mouthwatering and exciting for everyone and cooking by yourself, or together with your loved ones, is a wonderfully mindful way to spend an hour or so putting your health and happiness first.

Why Choose Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes Over Supermarkets?

Whilst it may seem quick and convenient to routinely drive to your local supermarket as and when you run out of ingredients at meal times, with a little forward thinking you can totally shift your food habits and reap the rewards of eating organic.

  • Fresh, organic produce: Riverford’s fruit and veg is delivered fresh from their farms directly to your door, so you can be sure that it is as nutritious and delicious as possible and packed with flavour. They are also certified organic, so you can feel confident that their produce has been grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides instead of being sat on a supermarket shelf for days on end being sneezed on and touched by unclean hands from the public.
  • Variety and convenience: Riverford offers such a wide range of boxes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to suit your family’s needs as well as the frequency of deliveries. They also have a variety of recipe boxes available which can make it even easier to cook healthy meals at home and take the stress out of trying to please fussy eaters.
  • Sustainable and ethical sourcing: Riverford is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They work with a network of small, family-run farms across the UK to ensure that their produce is grown in a sustainable and responsible way. They also pay their farmers a fair price for their produce which helps to support the UK farming industry and is very dear to our heart.

Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Vegetables:

Whilst studies are continuously taking place and research progresses to reduce the risk of illness and disease within the population, nutrition is always at the forefront of good health…

  • Fewer pesticide residues: Organic vegetables are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, which are chemicals that can be harmful to human health. Studies have shown that organic vegetables have lower levels of pesticide residues than conventionally grown vegetables.
  • More nutrients: Organic vegetables contain more nutrients than conventionally grown vegetables. A 2014 meta-analysis found that organic vegetables had significantly higher levels of antioxidants than conventional vegetables.
  • Reduced risk of cancer: Some studies have suggested that eating organic vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer. A 2020 study found that people who ate the most organic vegetables had a 25% lower risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma than people who ate the least amount of organic vegetables.
  • Reduced risk of other chronic diseases: Eating organic vegetables may also reduce the risk of other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. A 2019 study found that people who ate the most organic vegetables had a 13% lower risk of developing heart disease than people who ate the least amount of organic vegetables.

How To Use Veg Boxes To Create Healthy Family Meals:

  • Plan your meals ahead of time: The Riverford website displays which produce is available each week, allowing you to plan your meals around the fresh and seasonal produce that you have ordered. This seasonal variety helps to ensure your family are eating a fresh variety of different fruits and vegetables when they are at their very best.
  • Use the Riverford recipes: Riverford also offer a variety of recipes on their website which can help you to quickly and conveniently create healthy and delicious meals. The recipes are easy to follow, so even if you are not a confident cook, you can still create delicious meals for yourself and family.
  • Get the children involved: Cooking is a great way to spend time with your family and teach children about healthy eating. My children love getting involved in planning our meals, preparing the ingredients for me, and cooking the food under my watchful eye. Not only is cooking a wonderful life skill to have for when they are older, but it also helps them to develop healthy relationship with nutrition and food.

Using an organic produce delivery services is a great way to ensure that your family is eating healthy and nutritious meals. With fresh, organic and seasonal produce direct to your door, Riverford have such a wide variety of boxes to choose from and their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing is admirable. Riverford is the perfect choice for myself and family to eat well and make a positive difference through supporting sustainability. What will you put into your box?

For more information, or to place an order, you can visit Riverford here!
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