Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendars By Morse Toad

The countdown to Christmas is such an exciting time of the year and something that our family absolutely loves. Having young children it’s almost a rite of passage for us all to open our advent calendars on the first of December and put up the tree as it really gets us into the festive spirit.

Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendars By Morse Toad

Whilst children’s calendars celebrate cute animals, cartoons and favourite treats, adult calendars have progressed into liquor chocolates, perfume and even cosmetics to suit every taste. But something we can all agree upon when it comes to finding the perfect advent calendar for loved ones is that it’s the thought that counts – and that’s what makes these personalised advent calendars by Morse Toad so very special!

Each chocolate advent calendar can be perfectly personalised for the loved one in your life as you are free to choose whatever message you see fit for this special occasion. As each day passes a single chocolate letter is revealed behind each door, spelling out a personal message that they write onto the bottom of the calendar.

Each Morse Toad Advent Calendar Comes Gift Wrapped With A Gift Card To Say Who It’s From

Whether you favour a more traditional “Merry Christmas From The Smiths” greeting for relatives, make a cheeky joke for a friend, address your loved ones by a pet name or even spell out a proposal; children and adults alike are sure to be smiling each day with this uniquely heartfelt gift. Designed in the style of a letterbox, each day leading up to Christmas you receive a chocolate letter to form your special message once you reach December 25th.

Ordering a calendar is really simple as mine was poured, printed and off into the post within just a few clicks at the online store. You have up to 30 characters across 24 doors to construct your unique message which allows for one letter each day and some days have two chocolates. Chocolate stars and a huge Santa Claus for Christmas day are used as spaces so that no day is left blank or boring if your message is short but sweet. If your message is extra long then you don’t have to include spaces at all, as it will still read the same once written out on the bottom of the calendar.

Each Door Reveals A Chocolate Letter & Personalised Message Which You Write Onto Your Calendar

These delightful chocolate advent calendars are made in the New Forest in the UK, gift-wrapped in festive green paper and posted directly through the letterbox of the recipient (without a receipt in the box) including a gift card to state who it’s from. Naturally I signed our giftcard as being from “Miss Kissmas” and personalised our calendar with “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Kissmas!” to honour our family name.

Despite this delightful design and sentimental thought, our personalised family advent calendar didn’t actually make it to December this year, as an impromptu family gathering left me rustling up a roast dinner for seven and serving a dessert for which I was ridiculously unprepared – the joys of relatives stopping by unannounced!

Revealing The Secret Message We Served Our Calendar During A Dinner Party!

Our family advent calendar became somewhat of a centrepiece at the dinner table as we served up our special Christmas greeting written in fine quality Belgium milk chocolate along with dried fruits, nuts and coffee and it really saved the day! I can’t say that I’ve ever opened an entire advent calendar at once and used it a substitute for dessert before (I suspect my father has done for a snack), yet it went down an absolute treat, the whole family loved it and there’s still time left to order another calendar before Christmas!

If you’re looking for something extra special and heartfelt this year to warm a loved ones heart, put a twinkle in a child’s eye or send your best wishes to far away friends then this is such a sweet and lovely thing to do. You never know, it may just save your impromptu dinner party too!

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