Knocked Up At Last!

Oh yes, that’s mine! I am so incredibly excited to say I AM PREGNANT! Argggggh!! I took a Clearblue a couple of days ago and the test came back as 2-3wks since conception, which is calculated at 4-5wks pregnant. So I booked in to see my GP and based on my last period I am 5weeks pregnant today and I couldn’t be happier.

My Positive Pregnancy Test

I was stupidly nervous when I went to my GP, and I asked a million questions a second but luckily she was very patient! I think my main fear is that I will miscarry again but this time knowing how far I am would make it so much harder to go through. She reassured me that this time round is a fresh start and there is no reason for anything to go wrong. I’ve started to take my vitamins and make sure that I eat frequently as sometimes when I’m busy I tend to skip meals and eat extra later on, but now I’m making sure I prepare it all in advance to make sure I get time to eat during the day.

Even though I know I’m pregnant I don’t feel it as much as I did before, my body has only slightly changed becoming more firm, and it hurts when I bend wearing jeans as they dig in around my waist. Aside from being a little sleepier I don’t really feel any different; I guess I was kind of hoping to become a glowing angel overnight and have a bump straight away but that’s the fun to come!

It feels like the night before Christmas right now, only I don’t know if it will be cancelled before it even happens! I’ve worked out my due date to be the 9th of May, which would be lovely to have a summertime baby, and it means we can do little trips to the zoo and go on long walks and to the beach. Poor Millie and us all have our birthdays in October and the weather is always so rubbish so it will be such a buzz to have a summer birthday in our little family.

I keep seeing baby adverts on the TV again, and my hands just want to clap by themselves with excitement like a wind up monkey when I think that will be us soon, holding a little bundle of kisses in our arms, with little chubby cheeks and an adorable button nose. We go to Italy in just over a months time which will also be on my birthday, and when we get back we’re due our first 12wk scan the week of Luca’s birthday. I’m so excited I feel like I could blow up 100 balloons and still not be out of breath!

But for now I have to wait, again! Let’s just see how it goes, be careful at work and eat little and often, and please God that our little one stays safe and healthy for it’s mummy and daddy. x x x

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