Why Wearing Green May Boost Your Gym Session

We all know the power of a good workout playlist to get us pumped in the gym. But what if I told you that the colour of your gym wear could also give your workout a nudge? Specifically, what if you knew that rocking green could elevate your exercise experience… Let’s take a look at why!

Before you envision shamrock leggings and lime green headbands -though, hey, if that’s your vibe, more power to you!- let’s delve into the science, or rather the psychology, behind this fascinating concept.

The Mind-Body Connection Of Colour

Colour psychology is a fascinating field that explores the impact of colours on our emotions and behaviours. Research suggests that colours can influence our state of mind, which can, in turn, affect our workout for the better.

Green: The Colour Of Growth & Harmony

Green is often associated with nature, growth and balance with a calming and restorative effect, promoting feelings of peace and wellbeing. So let’s explore how this might translate to your gym session:

  • Enhanced Focus: Green can help to calm and reduce mental clutter, allowing you to concentrate on your workout and focus on proper form.
  • Boosted Endurance: The calming effect of green might also help you to push through fatigue and maintain a more steady and consistent pace.
  • Motivation Mojo: Studies suggest green can trigger feelings of growth and progress, keeping you more motivated to reach your fitness goals and strive for higher quality results.

Finding Your Perfect Shade Of Green

Of course, not all greens are created equal. A bright lime green might be too stimulating for a yoga session, while a deep forest green could feel a bit heavy for a high-intensity workout. So go forth and experiment, discover which shade of green resonates most deeply with you and your workout to suit your own individual style.

Remember: Confidence Is Key

Ultimately, the most important factor in a great workout is feeling great in what you’re wearing. If you feel confident and energised in a green outfit then it’s a mental boost in itself! So, whether you choose a green vest, leggings, or even some lowkey green accents to your trainers or sports bag, rock it with pride!

Green light, go:

  • Mix and Match: Why not pair green with other neutral colours to create a look that reflects your personality – black, grey, white or beige make a fantastic combination.
  • Accessorise Strategically: A bright green water bottle or headband can add a pop of colour and motivation to your gym kit without being too daring if you’re an all-black-everything gym goer.
  • Focus on Feeling Great: Regardless of the colour, prioritise comfortable, functional clothing that allows for a full range of motion and the most comfortable fitness experience.

Fitseekr Olive Seamless Sports Bra & Leggings

I personally find green gym wear so incredibly uplifting and motivational; upon reviewing my gym diary I was surprised to make the connection between hitting my personal bests on days when I happened to be wearing green. This wasn’t just a once off, but happened to me several times, which led me to looking into colour psychology and then consciously apply it to my day to nurture my personal growth and development.

Green comes in so many shades in fashion, from light to dark, olive, forest, emerald, sage, mint, pine, khaki, chartreuse, lime and pistachio to name but a few. You can be as vibrant or as earthen as you wish with your colour palette concerning this beautiful colour.

I’m so happy to see green popping up in the fitness industry, shaking up the traditional blacks, greys and whites which heavily dominate commercial fitness settings. So when I spotted Fitseekr’s seamless sports bra and leggings in this stunning shade of olive, I literally dropped it into my online basket in record timing.

This medium impact seamless sports bra features sweat wicking fabric, which keeps me so supported and comfortable during my daily cardio, as well as having a body sculpting design detail and contrasting waistband. The heat-sealed vinyl Fitseekr logo is of such beautiful quality and looks and feels great.

Made from 56% nylon, 41% polyester and 3% elastane, this bra and leggings set strikes the perfect balance between fitness and fashion, elevating my workout wardrobe whilst motivating me through my day. The matching seamless high-waisted leggings have the additional features of a deep waistband for extra support and coverage, as well as being squat proof with ribbed cuffs.

This seamless set creates such an instantly smooth and sleek silhouette which is breathable, comfortable and functional both in and out of the gym. Machine washable up to temperatures of 40 °C, it’s also incredibly easy to care for and looks great worn as a set as well as separated to contrast with the rest of my other gym wear for mix and match colours and styles.

The next time that you’re picking out gym wear, why not consider adding a touch of green to your day? It might just be the secret weapon that your workout routine and mindset needs!

Use code “TRACYKISSDOTCOM” at Fitseekr for 10% off of activewear and apparel.

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