Gestation: 25weeks & 4days

I’ll be six and a half months on Saturday and the time is really starting to fly past now. In a way I wish I could give birth tomorrow so I can have my body back, not in a selfish way, but just simple things like the comfort of a good night’s sleep laying face down, wearing normal clothes and using everything in my wardrobe instead of just joggers, and even being able to walk about town shopping without feeling tired or faint and having to sit down on the floor when I come over all hot and funny; all things I took for granted before I’m really starting to miss. I’d love to be able to run a full delicious bubble bath and to sink under the hot water with some nice candles as opposed to only being able to fill a warm bath part way because as soon as I get in the water level over flows and saturates the bathroom floor Godzilla style!

I was in Tesco buying some groceries yesterday and ended up coming back with a boot load of baby things. From Tesco’s of all places! I thought I’d just browse past the baby aisle as I hadn’t been in there for a while and I saw so much that I loved. I got thirteen more romper and sleep suits with little pink bunnies on them, some frilly white ankle socks, some more dummies and pink ribbon to tie to her clothes so she can’t spit them out and lose them, and a few hats for the winter with teddy bears. It’s really hard not to want to buy everything; I just want to give her the world. Even my grocery shopping trips aren’t safe, is there any store left on earth that doesn’t sell baby items? My poor bank balance… I managed to resist the jungle gym and door bouncer though as she’ll be two months old come Christmas and she’ll need some presents so I can get them then. I saw an adorable pink magic bouncy castle as well, and a pink paddling pool with drinks holders and palm trees 🙂 it’s a shame I’ll have to wait until next summer, I’m so excited now my mum almost had to straight-jacket me and drag me away to stop me loading up the trolley. Ha!

I really love my studies; I’ve got through two chapters already and can go for my first evaluation pretty soon. I’m just putting the final touches to my research and sampling. I’ve loved school since the very first day I went and now I have a little more time on my hands I just sit at my desk and get engrossed in my books for hours on end. Yesterday I spent six hours straight studying; I surfaced for food every now and then and went back to my room to paint.

In the next chapter I’m moving onto stencilling, paint finishing techniques and drawing rooms to scale – weeee! And I’m just finishing off the study of colour, mixing paints, shading, grading pencils, tints and tones and combination lighting.

I really can’t wait to hit the fabrics and soft furnishings section. I just need another house to let loose on now as there’s nothing more I can do here, unless I pull it all apart, paint it all white again and start over. Now there’s a thought!

I seriously feel like Carol Smiley today, not in the designing way, well maybe a little – but I’m in such great spirits and grinning so much my teeth will get a tan if I’m not careful! Today I just woke up exceptionally happy and I don’t know why but I love feeling like this.

I just feel so cheerful and lovely, little Millie is tapping about as I’m writing now and I’m getting a mouth-watering craving for melons as I know there’s a really cool juicy one waiting for me in the fridge and it’s so hot today! Bliss xXx

Well my lovelies, I’ll speak to you soon.

Hugs and kisses xXx

Tracy & Millie xxxx 🙂

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