Gestation: 24weeks & 4days

Well I’m in a considerably better mood today 🙂 even though it’s been raining like it’s the end of the world all day and I’ve been madly busy at work, I still have a spring in my step because I’ve just done something I never thought I would.

My Baby Bump At 6 Months

Since suspending my modeling career for the time being, I have made the decision to return to my studies and have now taken up an Interior Design course as I come to rest on my maternity leave. It’s something that has fascinated me for some time, but I’d never thought of it as a career. The other week when I made the walk in wardrobe for baby Millie, and looked around my house, I realised in the last year Id decorated every room exactly how I like it and now I have nothing more to transform. This way I get to do exam papers (which I love -seriously!), learn more about design and creation and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be responsible for the décor of the next swish club in Bucks. Just as I love the idea of photography capturing special and beautiful pictures, I see rooms as canvas’s waiting to receive soul. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into such a juicy and delicious project that this course is. And one thing’s for sure, my baby is going to have the most gorgeous little girl’s bedroom EVER 🙂

So now I am 6 months and 5 days cooking, and my bump is beyond reality. I remember when I was a little girl and I would lay in the bath and try so hard to push out my belly as I wondered what I would look like if I was pregnant one day; but now it’s hard to believe how my skin can stretch so far without my insides suddenly popping out. You can see when Millie wriggles around as the entire bump now moves and changes shape which is incredibly exciting and almost alien at the same time. It’s such a weird but wonderful feeling to know there is this sweet little life inside me, I can’t help but keep touching my stomach and running my fingers up and down the side of my bump wondering how much she can understand and feel. To think there is just a thin layer of skin separating my little sweetheart and I who I so badly want to meet. If only I had x-ray vision, this would be the perfect time to use it.

I look like a walking zombie, although my spirits have been surprisingly cheerful these last few days, I’ve had a terrible onset of insomnia and wake up frequently throughout the night for toilet breaks and with severe cramp in my legs. My Chihuahua puppy Joe Bone doesn’t appreciate being woken in the early hours as I jump out of bed to go stomp around the room as the muscles in my legs try their hardest to pull themselves in two, it’s the worst feeling ever. For some reason I keep waking to realise I have no feeling in my hands which is interesting considering I have to open my bedroom door to dash to the bathroom.

But besides my poor back needing a good rub, and that my heels feel like I’ve been dancing bare foot on concrete all night, I have little to complain about. Millie is always wriggling about, absolutely loves it when I work at the club as she dances to the music and vibrations, and gives me little kicks when I eat bananas and mashed potato 🙂 what a little sweetheart she is xxx

Not long now until I can hold you in my arms my darling. xxxx

Kisses from Mummy. xxx

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