Gestation: 21weeks & 3days

Well I’ve got a case of itchy finger syndrome mostly for the credit card to go and buy everything baby-orientated in sight, it’s a bit like my recent shoe and handbag fetish only with a lot more accessories and lots of frilly pink and flowers. I never knew there were so many cute little outfits for girls, it’s fantastic.

I’ve been at home today resting my cankles, and I was looked at the ever growing mountain of goodies for the baby and decided I’d need something to store them in soon enough as I’m getting quite a collection of clothes and have had them all folded sweetly in the cot which I built the other day. So I had a little light-bulb pop up and went shopping for some D.I.Y bits and came up with this…..


I Made A Cupboard Into A Walk In Wardrobe For Millie’s Clothes

Now I realise she won’t be able to walk in it yet but I can sleep at night knowing that I’m fully prepared. I love walking past the door and peeking inside as I fill the shelves with new little outfits. I stand in there sometimes with the door shut and the down lighter’s on looking at the painted clouds on the wall and ceiling, and the rows of little booties and baby grows and I feel like I’m with my little girl in heaven.

It’s our special little place where I can be close to her with all of the pretty little things I’ve prepared for her arrival, and the pots of baby powder and wipes and soft little toys that make it smell and feel so so sweet. I badly can’t wait to hold her in my arms and kiss her all over. To show her what her proud mummy has made for her, for my little girl. I’d give her heaven and earth if I could, and she deserves nothing less.
And after giving my credit card some serious friction burns this afternoon I returned home to shop online and eat some onion sandwiches. xxxxx

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