Gestation: 20weeks & 4days

I’ve just passed my five months and this was the resultant scan, which revealed I am having a baby girl and she is very fit and healthy and perfect in every way. She’s a little wriggler now to say the least, and in a delightful routine of hopping about when I’m laid in bed and trying to wake me up! You would not believe my relief to know it’s a girl! I am absolutely over the moon it is the best thing ever. As much as I would have loved my baby no matter what sex it was, I feel so overwhelmed that she’s my little princess and somehow it makes it feel a lot easier to have her on my side.

My Baby Bump At 20 Weeks

At the scan when we tried to get the pictures she was lying on her back with her legs crossed and arms behind her head, how mad is that, she’s chilling out in there. Then she turned to face the camera straight on and gave me such a precious little pose she’s already mummies little model! It was so lovely walking out of the hospital with such a cheesy grin on my face, smiling at people in the car park as if to say “Yes, that’s right, I’m pregnant. Here’s a smile from a pregnant lady! Have a nice day!”

I Was Told I Was Having A Girl At My 20 Week Scan

I’ve also decided on a name for her, which has a bit of a funny story behind it. I have now developed a bit of a sweet tooth and allow myself little treats, after years of convincing myself that I don’t like crisps and chocolate or cake and ice-cream, I’ve now got the sweetest tooth in the world and it’s so liberating to be able to have a treat and actually enjoy it without feeling guilty about putting on weight.

Well there is this AMAZING shop called Millie’s Cookies, which I think is American? I found it when I was shopping in the city, and they make fresh cookies in hundreds of different flavours in their little shop, and massive cookie cakes and cool treats. I have absolutely fallen in love with their milk chocolate chip cookies so much so you wouldn’t believe! I bought a box of twenty, and they’re huge and clumsy and doughy and sweet and chocolaty, nothing like those shop packet cookies that are hard and smooth and leave crumbs in your tea.

These are like gorgeous floppy drops of heaven, they are love epitomised, and they gave me the name for my sweet little angel. Millie, after Millie’s cookies : ) I had originally liked the name Grace because it gave me a warm feeling, but instead I think I’ll use it as her middle name, as well as my mum’s name Teresa, because she has been my rock and she means so much to me.

So here you are, my precious little baby everyone, Millisent Teresa-Grace Kiss! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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