Gestation: 38weeks & 6days

Oh my goodness! Eek! I’ve just been to see my midwife to have my check up first thing this morning as I now have eight days until d-day.

She listened to the babies heartbeat which was fine and then she had a feel about to see how the baby was laying in the womb, and dug probably ten times harder and with bags more enthusiasm than Alan Titchmarsh, both her thumbs into my pelvis before telling me how low the baby’s head is. The agony of it! I’m absolutely petrified of childbirth now!

So then she tested my blood levels again as I’m now on pills to balance my levels. I walked in looking like the undead as I was up all night with cramps, I’m deathly white as I’ve not seen the sun in months, my arms just hang limply by my sides as I shuffle instead of walking – apparently it’s a side effect of being anaemic that your arms feel like they’ve been tenderised by a toffee hammer, lovely. I then had a vicious case of hiccups after she’d poked poor Millie into submission and I think now she’s tucked up in the deepest darkest corridor of my bones so she doesn’t get disturbed again for the remaineder of her stay.

She checked my dates again for when I’m due, (which is Saturday) flicked through her diary and said if I hadn’t had her by Monday then I’ll have to go in for a sweep. My face was a picture when she told me what that meant; I think what little blood I had left in me ran straight to my ankles. I really don’t like the sound of that.

I’ve now been walking my hiney off trying to get Millie to pull her finger out, I had to walk back home from the doctor’s surgery and bumped into my neighbours. No makeup, baggy trousers, deathly pale complexion, walking like I’ve sat on something I shouldn’t, and hiccupping like an elephant on cough drops, they said how lovely I looked (haha!) and told me if I wanted to get her out I should eat lots of pineapple, drink some raspberry leaf tea, and have plenty of ‘nookie’ I smiled politely and shuffled back to my house one flip flop at a time. Oh well.

My Bump At 38 Weeks & 6 Days

As I’m in a really happy but strange mood here’s a snap for you to see the glory of motherhood! Someday I’ll look back at this and remember how brave I was to show the world pictures of me looking so bad!

Hugs and kisses and silly faces from Tracy & Millie xXx

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