Gestation: 19weeks & 1day

I’m now 19 weeks and 1 day 🙂 The baby is becoming a right little wriggler – especially when I lay in the bath, it feels like a weird hollow thumping from inside my tummy. I don’t know if the baby’s legs are strong enough to actually be able to kick me or if it’s just throwing itself about. Can baby’s actually swim or even steer at this age? I’ll have to Google it.

My Baby Bump At 19 Weeks

I’m really running out of tops that will fit me now and find myself living in tracksuit bottoms and flip-flops, as they’re more comfortable. Ha gone are my days of no pain no gain, and welcome to the comfort brigade! I’ve now put on 6lbs. Oh my god, 6lbs! How scary is that. I feel like a whale! A big happy whale. x

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