Gestation: 23weeks &4days

I hit, or should I say bowled into, the big six-month barrier on Saturday and boy oh boy I am feeling it now! What a porker I’ve become! My little bump is now a serious rival for Everest; I can actually rest my tea cup and dinner plate on it.

My Baby Bump At 6 Months

My poor assets are approaching bursting point as my 32H bra begins to feel a little too snug for comfort, but from the top half I think I could get away with looking normal, only just below my ribs this tidy tight bump suddenly appears from nowhere. So please stay low down so that when I drive people can still blow me kisses!

My Chest Feels Like It’s Going To Burst!

And little Millisent is causing as much mischief as possible, kicking and flipping around like she’s in a parade. I went to a birthday party yesterday and dressed up the bump with some confetti and it made me smile. I’ve had to take out my lovely stomach piercings and put in some horrible plastic maternity bars to stop my skin from splitting and so they don’t affect the hospital machinery. Millie is my happy little friend who gives me little nudges to let me know she’s there, and I give her little tickles back to tell her that I’m always thinking of her.

Taking Millie To A Party

I met up with an old friend last night and sat parked up in the rain watching the thunder for a few hours with him. It was a really nice evening, and as he hadn’t seen me since before I knew I was pregnant he couldn’t resist pointing out how much I’ve changed from a glamour puss to some kind of hippy earth mother! He took great delight in showing me how he could no longer fit his hands around the top of my thighs, which I took in my stride and thought of the good of my little one.

It made me realise how nice it would have been to have had a partner to share this all with, somebody to cuddle up to and to place a hand on my tummy and wait for Millie to kick. Somebody to kiss me on the forehead and tuck my hair behind my ear and tell me they’ll always be there for me. I miss being in love, and I miss the thought of a happy certain future with somebody, because recently my life has been so hectic and upside down, but I have this golden little light guiding me to safety, my little darling Millie keeping my strong on this stormy sea that I must sail alone until I can one day reach my tranquil oasis.

As I drove home I had to pull over to cry because I couldn’t see properly for all the tears. I don’t know why I cry so much these days, but it’s getting a bit annoying now. Well at least my make-up didn’t run too badly as I haven’t put it on with a trowel for a while!

I’m very excited as I’ve just booked my appointment at a private clinic to have a 4D baby scan! I’ll be getting a DVD made of the Millie moving about and kicking and smiling from within the womb, so I can rope in all of the family and friends to come with some popcorn and watch it a million times over! It will be so precious to be able to have a view of Millie inside the womb, and see her facial features and little fingers and toes. The ultrasound picture I have at the moment is quite blurry in black and white, but they said the 4D scan will record movement as well and it’s much clearer to understand. The previews I’ve seen online look amazing. I’ve booked it for the 22nd July at which point I will be 28 weeks (7months) and I simply cannot wait! I’m welling up just thinking about it. My precious little girl. xxxxx

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