Gestation: 28weeks & 1day

WOW WOW WOW WOW wow! I’ve just been for my 4d scan and seen my little daughters face and little smile for the first time and she’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect and lovely and precious in every way possible. Words simply cannot describe how wonderful I am feeling right now so I will leave you with these images.

My 4D Baby Scan At 7 Months

I also have a DVD of her wriggling about, she was all tucked up ready to sleep when the scan started and was cuddling up to the cord like a little teddy bear next to her face. She moved around loads, and in some pictures there are black spots where she’s pressed up against the side of my stomach and squashes her face. I asked the sonographer so many questions and totally forgot everything she told me, I wish I’d written it all down now.

They also confirmed again 100% that she is definitely a girl and there are no secret surprises tucked away – phew!

There are a few bubbles on the pictures, which are from the fluid in the womb; apparently I’m holding a good amount of water so she’s well padded. I was scared at the time as I thought that the air bubbles were warts all over her face. I heard her heartbeat again and all is as it should be and she’s growing well. At one point when they were trying to get a face shot they pressed a little too hard on my bump and her bottom lip started to quiver, bless my little baby! Well, hope you all enjoy xx Lots of love from Tracy & Millie

Today I had an ultrasound on my chest, which was a little different and uncomfortable, and they discovered the fluid had leaked from the tissue that had built up as a natural defense when I first had the surgery two years ago. As I was in a car crash the other month, where the seatbelt had been across my chest and the impact had shot me forwards, the implant took most of the impact from the strap. This dislodged the built up of tissue around the implant, and teamed with the pressure from my increasing bust size, a small hole appeared which caused the loose fluid to leak out.
 I will not have to have my implants removed thankfully as they are not damaged, but the ultrasound has shown that I have a build up of hard tissue in my chest that will have to be looked at in more detail after I have the baby and they can do any necessary procedures more safely.

I managed to get my antibiotics changed to something that I’m not allergic to and as a result the hole that was on my chest has healed over nicely without further infection.

I’ve been madly busy with my studies and I love every second of it. There are still a few things I need to do before I send off my assessment as each task within the test paper is extremely complex; I’ve been making lampshades and designing artwork to write reports about. In between my assessments I’ve secretly started the next module, which is focusing on planning a room, elevations and scale plans, lighting, heating and electrical systems, planning permission, surveyors, extensions, conversions and committee questionnaires for a client’s needs. The other day I stood talking to a builder in the supermarket queue as he was in his dusty overalls and workman boots, and we discussed the merits of using a wet or electric under floor heating system in a home, I think I shocked him a little with my enthusiasm.

I am now in dia need of a pint of ice cold full fat milk as I have the most terrible onset of heartburn, so I will bid you good evening and update you all soon.

Kisses from Tracy and Millie xxx

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