Gestation: 34weeks & 4days

Today I’m 34wks + 4days. And what can I say, I could give humpty dumpty a run for his money on who looks more like an egg. I’m huge and bored 
I’ve been preparing for my final weeks by doing some beauty regimes because I’m pretty sure I’ll have no time after the baby is born. I’m trying to grow out my eyebrows after having them waxed and threaded for work all the time they’re really thin, so I’m trying to lengthen them and have them cut to a nice shape, so in the mean time I’ve got lots of evil stubbly eyebrows which I’m finding so difficult not to pluck! Perseverance, perseverance! 
I had my hair done today and spent the afternoon playing with babies, two little girls – one five weeks old and the other six months today. It was amazing to see how active and bubbly they are, with such lovely little personalities and the most adorable giggles, I’m in love.

They have rescued my impression of children and I hope Millie will be as lovely as them. So I had my hair trimmed up and primped and cough*coloured*cough and conditioned to give it some va va voom. Although I’m not feeling too sexy at the moment with my puppy-fat face and big belly but it was nice to be pampered and it kind of makes me miss my old lifestyle. I have the opticians on Friday to get some more contact lenses, as last time I wore them was about a year ago so not only will I be able to actually see now, but I’ll have some gorgeously coloured sparkly baby-blues so on days when I’ll be feeling like a zombie I’ll be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed and everyone will be none the wiser.

Finally I need to book to have my teeth whitened, a French manicure, a couple of tans after the birth to freshen my complexion and cross my fingers, toes and legs in the hope that I can have my body back. I won’t go to the extreme of the high maintenance that I was before, but I do need a bit of a confidence boost to feel feminine again so I can face the world as a single mother. In the mean time, I think I’ll go talk to Humpty Dumpty. Here’s a snap that’s going straight onto my fridge for every time I try and reach for the chocolate from now on!

My Baby Bump And New Hair At 34 Weeks

Lovely hugs and kisses and ticking clocks from Tracy & Millie xxXxx

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