Home Gym Equipment Made In The UK

Having gained my PRO card as a vegan in natural bodybuilding after having my two children, it’s safe to say that health and fitness are at the forefront of my day. I adore weight training, something that isn’t typically associated with women as the thought of pink-clad smiley gym-bunny running on a treadmill with a ponytail swinging usually springs to mind.

I’m fortunate to have a home multi-gym with limited free weight equipment which I used as an infill, or maintenance, alongside my daily heavy-weight commercial gym sessions; but with the world in lockdown over the Coronavirus pandemic I suddenly realised that the lack of heavy weights that I have at home just isn’t going to cut it – cue Gymbeing!

Home Gym Equipment Made In The UK

The entire Gymbeing Strength range is manufactured in the UK, made to commercial gym standards and looks pretty snazzy in an industrial, polished-chrome kind of way if I may say so. Gymbeing have been selling gym equipment for 16yrs now, offering personal training services since 2005 and have experienced over 40,000hrs of one-on-one training with clients – transforming thousands of people into healthier happier beings through the power of fitness.

The Gymbeing clothing brand began in 2012 focusing on UK manufacturing with branded supplements and accessories following shortly after, proudly selling more than 70,000 items since 2015. Within 24hrs of gyms being forced to close in the UK because of Covid19 they had over 5,000 enquiries for home gym equipment and have worked non-stop for the past six weeks to fulfil the nations needs.

GymBeing Make Pull-up & Dip Frames, Multi Adjustable Dumbbells & Barbells & Gymwear In The UK

The price of their UK made new multi-adjustable dumbell sets up to 30kg, barbells with industrial grade clips and 7ft olympic bars with 2″ collars cost less than what others are greedily selling used and unwanted gym equipment for online – in a world where people stockpile hand sanitiser during a pandemic to sell for £200 a bottle it’s clear to see peoples true colours.

Gymbeing are covering this new niche in the market by providing UK manufactured, high-quality fitness equipment to all at an affordable price delivered directly to your door. I stocked up on their new Gymbeing Strength range of adjustable 30kg dumbbells, barbell and a 7ft olympic bar along with a pair of used 25kg, 10kg and 5kg plates, some UFC weighted wrist weights, pre-workout, protein supplements and several pieces of gymwear to see me through this season whilst training from home.

Gymbeing Have A Huge Range Of Affordable New & Used Gym Equipment Delivered To Your Door

At a time when the world is thrown into panic, fear and chaos, our daily routines are completely out of the window and we must find a new normal to survive financially and emotionally for however long this lasts; this is when true colours will show and real heros are unmasked – those who choose to support others and those who take advantage for personal gain.

Together we can help one another, be there for eachother and support those in need. Fitness has been something that has filled my life with health and focus for many years and I would feel absolutely lost without it. I’m so thankful to be able to train from home and maintain the healthy lifestyle that I love so much and I’d like to thank the NHS, all of the keyworkers and Gymbeing staff for their selflessness and generosity to help others during this time. Stay at home and stay strong!

Use code “tracykiss” at the checkout for a 5% discount at Gymbeing!

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