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Ticking off our bucket lists together is a wonderful way to enhance our relationship, deepen our bond and experience fun and fitness-inspired dates as an energetic couple. Gone are the days of staggering out of nightclubs at 3am and munching on kebabs, as instead my boyfriend Freddy and I love spending our evenings and weekends taking on fitness challenges, experimenting with healthy recipes and developing new life skills. Obviously fitness drumming fits perfectly into this ethos!

Everyone Active Pound Fitness Drumming Class

After having my two children I was absolutely horrified to discover that I’d lost the ability to get up out of bed without turning onto my side first, as my stomach muscles were destroyed by pregnancy. Therefore, it’s been imperative for me to focus my training first and foremost on rebuilding my core as I regained my stability and coordination. In turn this has helped my posture and assisted in weight training exercises which has allowed me to body build and triumphantly earn my pro card with pure Elite.

Starting a new fitness regime when newly pregnant isn’t recommended unless you’re already used to the same level of cardio and core work; following a six week check with a natural birth, or twelve weeks after a caesarian, you can focus on regaining a pre-baby body. Whilst my fitness goals are to now sustain a strong and defined body as a slim vegan mother, Freddy very much appreciates his broad masculine size and big muscles but aims to cut body fat and bring definition and stability to his core. This class is therefore perfect for both of our fitness goals and I think it’s pretty safe to say that a six pack is fashionable for every season.

The Class Is A Total Body Workout For All Abilities

PoundFit is epically described as the rockout workout which is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energising and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Having about as much natural coordination as a box of frogs, this was a first for both of us to attempt a drumming fitness class, and bashing things with sticks made it all the more exciting. Each drumstick is weighted with a quarter of a pound and blends seamlessly with the pilates based routines.

Targeting the legs, arms, core and chest in particular, each 45min class includes a whopping 15,000 repetitions over 30 extended interval peaks and burns a whopping 900 calories an hour. Pound was created in 2011 by two ladies who were drummers and into fitness, they wanted to establish a workout that could fit around their work as musicians and capture the magic of drumming to a rhythm whilst improving timing, coordination, speed, agility and endurance for all ages.

The Class Is Very Motivating And Challenged Us To Try Our Best

17,000 Pound instructors bring the effervescent enthusiasm of drumming to 70 countries worldwide where Freddy and I attended a class at Everyone Active in Rickmansworth. Suitable for all ages, with specialist children classes for under 16’s also available, each workout can be simplified or modified to suit every ability.

The workout is broken into sections for each 2-4min song that has interval peaks and extended fat burning sequences interwoven. Just as you feel your body screaming and about to hit the wall it switches to another muscle group and the next wave of energy hits!

PoundFit Fitness Instructor Carlie Martin says: “I just love the atmosphere it brings – you feel like a rockstar! The first time I participated I didn’t stop smiling or sweating, I just knew that I had to teach it. It’s unique to anything I’ve ever done and I love every class, watching people let go, smile and workout is amazing!”

The Core Exercises Left Me Feeling Strong & Toned

Attending in our usual gym gear of a sports bra, vest and leggings we decided to keep our trainers on, although we were welcomed to go bare foot with or without a recent pedicure! We gathered our gym mats and drumsticks which were supplied and took a seat on the floor between the rows of eager drummers.

I was half expecting to find bongos or steel drums to whack but this class focuses on beating the ground and floor mats instead which is incredible for upping your squat count. It’s recommended you attend one to two classes a week depending on stamina and the focus is on upping your cardio ability whilst toning.

Very much a team event, Freddy and I immersed ourselves in the energy, noise and sheer power of the class, banging our sticks to the beat of the tunes as our faces glowed, legs trembled, arms ached and cores set on fire. It instantly put me in mind of the Maori Haka with such bold moves, rhythm and warrior-like bellows from our charismatic instructor who kept us pumped and enthusiastic throughout.

The Class Is Highly Beneficial And Enjoyable For Men And Women Alike

As you all focus on facing the front of the class to follow the instructors guidance it removes the feeling of being watched by others. I had no knowledge nor concern for the ability and competitiveness of my classmates who could freely take the high or low impact options because I was so caught up in the motion and movement that my face ached from smiling. The addition of drum sticks makes this pilates-style class far more funky and upbeat for guys who enjoyed it just as much as us girls.

Freddy says: “I always wanted to play the drums when I was a kid, however my mum was against noise being made in the house. Banging on the ground really gives you that pump and drive to push yourself in every aspect and the time flew by for me, you get lost in the music and before you know it you’ve got almost 1,000 calories in the bag.”

Finishing up with pulsing floor-work, my entire body felt beautifully worked and worn out as my legs screamed for forgiveness which made me smile all the more. We were warned that we might wake up the following morning feeling muscles that we never knew existed and it was certainly great words of advice – although given our next class I’m sure we’ll recover a lot quicker. If you’re looking for a high-energy, enthusiastic and fast workout then this ticks all of the boxes and then some!



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