Living Your Best Life: Embracing Movement Despite Chronic Aches and Pains

Many of us experience a shift as we age. The body that once effortlessly kept up with our demands might start to whisper -or sometimes shout- messages of protest. Having being diagnosed with hEDS, Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I’m well accustomed to daily aches, pains and inflammation. These chronic aches and pains, along with reduced mobility, can become such unwelcome companions. But this doesn’t have to signal the end of an active, fulfilling life. Here are some tips for embracing movement and living your best life, even with limitations…

Listen To Your Body, But Don’t Let It Dictate Everything

Respecting your body’s signals is crucial. Pain is a way of communicating, so listen to what it’s telling you. Take rest days when needed, and avoid pushing through excruciating discomfort. However, don’t confuse occasional aches with a reason to become entirely sedentary. Gentle movement is your friend!

Find Low-Impact Activities You Enjoy

Gone are the days of needing to conquer intense workouts. Explore activities that bring you joy without pounding your joints. Swimming, water aerobics, yoga, and tai chi are excellent options. Consider group fitness classes designed for those with mobility limitations – the social interaction can be a great bonus too!

Make Movement A Habit, Not A Chore

It’s easier to stick with something that you genuinely find enjoyable, so think outside the gym! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from a shop and walk, or try dancing to your favourite music at home in small bursts as you build up the duration.

Befriend Stretching And Strength Training

Maintaining flexibility and muscle strength is vital for supporting your joints and improving balance. Regular stretching can ease stiffness and improve your range of motion. Light strength training exercises can help to keep your muscles strong, which can take pressure off your joints. There are many resources online and in senior centers specifically designed for chair-based exercises.

Kurk Orange

Kurk is classed as the gold standard of supplements; carefully crafted to optimise immunity, wellbeing and performance, Kurk Orange is naturally flavoured with the invigorating flavour of freshly squeezed orange juice. You simply drop 1ml of orange into a glass of water to naturally assist daily movement with fewer aches and pains.

Supporting the joints and muscles, whilst reducing swelling and stiffness, allows for an increase in everyday mobility as well as sharper focus and improved memory. This supplement also improves brain function, concentration, clarity, learning and recall, giving you more energy with a better quality of sleep.

It expertly fine-tunes the metabolism, increases energy levels, reduces stress and boosts the mood to keep anxiety in check and balance emotions in order to experience life in a more glass-half-full kind of way.

We should all invest in all-round health, both now and in the future; boosting our immunity and bolstering health allows us to be proactive with our wellbeing rather than only chasing symptoms after they have already become severe. Standard curcumin supplements often come in powder form which is hard to absorb, but with cutting-edge technology used to distil curcumin into a powerful liquid elixir, each drink is far more beneficial because of its high solubility and quality that surpasses regular turmeric’s potency by 1000x. 

Kurk encourage people to unlock nature’s power in order to optimise health, which really resonates with me as a vegan living a healthy, active and nature-focused lifestyle. The benefits are cumulative, building with time and consistency to promote sharper brain function, stronger immunity, improved mood and effective pain relief. Whilst it starts working from Day 1, after 3 weeks, 80% of customers report feeling healthier and happier, more alert, less stressed, and less stiff.

From day 1, inflammation is reduced, movement improves and the immune system is boosted which contributes to increased energy levels and better muscle recover. After a month of consistent use there is reduced soreness, a more relaxed, sharper and focused mind, as well as a more restful nights sleep.

For those looking to support and boost their general health, a daily 1ml dose added to a glass of water in the morning is ideal, however for those who want to go above a beyond with their health, or suffer from chronic health conditions, 1-2ml ever 12hrs is ideal. If daily doses aren’t for you then you can use it as an occasional supplement after periods of heavy physical work or events, consuming 1-2ml twice per day for recovery. With a reassuring 60 day refund guarantee, there’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Living with chronic aches and pains doesn’t have to define you. By embracing movement and a more healthy lifestyle in ways that work for you, you can manage your limitations, improve your wellbeing, and continue to live a vibrant, fulfilling life. Remember, it’s never too late to start moving more and fuelling your body in order to feel your very best!

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