Oud: Liquid Gold of the Fragrance World

Oud, also known as agarwood, has captivated the senses for many centuries and it’s clear to see why. This precious resinous material boasts a rich history, captivating aroma and a surprising number of uses. So let’s delve into the world of oud, exploring its origins, benefits and the many ways in which it enriches our lives today…

Mysterious Beginnings

Fascinatingly, oud originates from the Aquilaria tree, which undergoes a unique transformation when a fungus infects it, causing the tree to fight back by producing a dark, fragrant resin. This resin-infused wood is what we call oud. The rarity of this natural process, coupled with the slow growth of the Aquilaria tree, makes oud incredibly valuable and often fetches prices that are far higher than gold.

Beyond Fragrance: A Multifaceted Gem

Oud’s fame primarily lies in its intoxicating aroma which is often described as woody, balsamic and slightly musky to offer a complex and captivating fragrance experience. In the Middle East, oud has been a cornerstone of perfumery for millennia. Its deep scent is therefore often used in incense and attars.

But oud’s influence extends far beyond fragrance. Traditional medicine across Asia has utilised oud for centuries. It is believed to possess anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, and is also used in various remedies. Oud’s calming and grounding aroma is also ideal for use in aromatherapy to help to promote relaxation and focus. I have always found it so instantly calming and uplifting.

Incorporating Oud Into Your Life

So how can you incorporate oud into your life? Well, if you’re a fragrance enthusiast, exploring oud-based perfumes is a great place to start, as it also makes the perfect gift. Oud oils can be used in diffusers to create a calming and luxurious atmosphere in your home, office or meditation space.

For those seeking a more traditional experience with oud, oud chips can be burned as incense, releasing its beautiful aroma and therapeutic benefits. A little oud goes a very long way, so start small and savour this precious gift from nature in every aspect of your day.

Candles & Oud: A Night In Paris Range

I came across Candles & Oud whilst looking for luxury gift ideas, and was instantly drawn to their stunning Night In Paris range, which has been created from the best scents from around the world. Their ethos is to take time to understand each of their customer’s individual tastes, before then offering them a personalised selection of items to suit their needs – what a refreshing approach!

With a passion for exquisite scents and fragrances, their ranges are of the highest quality for which their worldwide customer base is of great testament. Their Night In Paris range instantly captured my senses and consists of fruity black cherry, floral orchid and powdery vanilla to tantalise the olfactory system with top notes of black cherry, plum and raspberry, middle notes of freesia, orris and orchid, and base notes of musk, amber and vanilla.

They also have Royal Oud, Oud De Arabia, Heavenly Oud, English Oud, Rose & Oud, Velvet Rose & Oud, Amber Oud, Vanilla & Amber, Leyla, Adventure, Instant Crush, Cherry & Saffron, Spirit Of Muscat, Black Pepper & Amber, The Duchess, Amber & Lemon, Dunes Of Sahara, Ambition, Violet Heart and Sylvan Amber fragrances to name but a few.

I find meditating to my Night In Paris candle the most incredibly calming and uplifting experience. To take a moment from the hustle and bustle of life, step away from chaos and ground myself in the present with deep inhalations and mindful breath fills me with such love and light.

I have to confess that I spend a great deal of my time browsing stores just sampling the candle aisles. There’s something so wonderful about finding a fragrance that you instantly connect with and can’t wait to take home, and for me the Night In Paris range did just that.

With a generous 40hr burn time, Candles & Oud invite you to recreate an intimate and luxurious environment in your home with oud that is sapiently selected and blended by their makers to recreate a flash forward to the exotic places of the best times of your life. I never forget the way that a fragrance makes me feel, instantly connecting me to such beautiful memories as it paints a picture in the mind to keep sentimental moments so fresh and vibrant – from breathtaking rooftop dinner dates to iconic birthdays, evening events and introductions.

Natural and sustainable, their candles consciously use raw ingredients for the base whilst being cruelty-free and locally sourced which ticks all of my eco boxes. The Night In Paris candle illuminates each evening with Parisian charm with rich and sophisticated florals and subtle spice to fill the room with a warm and cosy atmosphere; pure romance, elegance and peace neatly wrapped in a beautiful gift-ready box and ribbon.

The Night In Paris perfume exudes timeless elegance, making it suitable for any occasion from brunch to the boardroom or dinner dates. Developed by highly experienced master perfumers in Switzerland, all raw ingredients are of the highest quality and sustainably sourced from around the world.

Presented in a minimalist glass bottle, it features a durable, high-quality pump for consistent spray proportion from the very first use until the last. The attention to detail and quality of each product is to be admired, making the perfect self-care treat or thoughtful gift for loved ones. And with large collections available in each fragrance type, you can conveniently build up gifts across Mother’s and Father’s Day, birthday’s, Christmas and anniversary’s across the year.

The reed diffuser brings such a beautifully elegant touch to any space, transitioning the fragrance from daytime to night when candles can truly take centre stage. I adore my Night In Paris diffuser which keeps my home smelling incredible, nurturing a deep inhalation and appreciation of such pleasant notes each and every time that I enter the room. It also sets the perfect environment for mindful tasks, helping to centre my senses, calm the mind and allow me to focus wholeheartedly upon the task at hand. How necessary it is for us all to snap out of autopilot and become present in the moment.

The matching body lotion, soap and hand cream are essentials that I didn’t know that I needed, popping into my handbag and wash bag alike to keep my skin looking and smelling its very best all day. The Night In Paris collection has made my daily routines so relaxing and uplifting. From my scented candles and diffusers to lotions, soap and perfume; it’s a feast for the senses that melts away all stress and anxiety, nurturing an atmosphere of calm, security and optimism.

Curated from a luxurious blend inspired by the essence of ancient love stories, their hand cream is luxuriously moisturising whilst utilising coconut, shea butter, macadamia and almond oils with the captivating scent of Leyla. Vibrant top notes of lemon, orange and apple dance with orange blossom and the spicy allure of pink pepper, accented by the subtle sweetness of jasmine. Upon a warm base of vanilla, musk, cedarwood, and patchouli, enriched with the deep,
intoxicating notes of coffee and cocoa, I find myself fondly smelling the back of my hand as I sit at my desk pausing for inspiration between meetings.

Both ethical and effective, the 97% natural hand cream leaves my hands feeling soft, supple and loved. Oud’s journey from a rare tree resin to today’s luxurious fragrances and wellness tools is a testament to its versatility and enduring allure; something that we may all use as a poignant reminder to breathe love, light and positivity into all aspects of our day, activities and behaviours.

You can use code “TRACYKISSDOTCOM” at Candles & Oud for 15% off of your order!

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