Andrew Tate: Toxic Or Necessary Honesty?

After hearing some rather alarming things about the most Googled man on the internet, Mr Andrew Tate, I was shocked to learn that he grew up just 30mins from where I live and has since become the only person to ever survive being “cancelled” by all of social media and beyond.

I decided to take a look into why there is such severe dislike for his actions online and why he has been blamed for his “toxic masculinity” and the affect that it is having on young men and women alike for it now to be discussed in schools. What I found when I looked beneath the surface was incredibly deeper than the damning headlines and explosive soundbites used to generate views and create a set narrative in the media.

Here I share my thoughts as a mother, feminist and woman in the public eye… I would love to hear yours!

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Tracy Kiss

Social influencer, Bodybuilder, Mother, Vegan
London, UK

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