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Whilst browsing the beautiful exhibition stalls of the Om Yoga Show I came across the most beautiful fragrance in the air which drew me instinctively to Norah Perfumes. Speaking with the owners of this brand, we had the most wonderful conversation about their authentic Indian perfumes which are design to assist in yoga, meditation and spirituality practices and have been used in this way since ancient time.

Expertly made in the UK, Norah Perfumes pride themselves on paying attention to the finer details of production, and are incredibly passionate about creating organic, natural and high grade perfume oils. They lovingly source their ingredients from Kannauj in India, the home of botanical perfumes, Cairo in Egypt which is the city of ancient Egyptian perfumes and Dubai, the heart of quality Arabic perfumes.

An inspiration in innovation, they are always on the lookout to create the finest, most unique fragrances from hidden gem ingredients that they source from each and every corner of the world to create the finest fragrances to assist in relaxation.

My perfume box consists of the fragrances Madam Norah, Farasha, Musk Of India and Turkey Oud which are incredibly calming and help to reduce and manage anxiety, depression and other metal health issues through stimulating our sense of smell. Not only are the fragrances all so uniquely stunning, but it’s reassuring to know that these authentic Indian perfumes are lovingly made from all natural ingredients which include flowers, herbs and spices which entice me to take such long, deep and fulfilling inhalations as I smile through each note and appreciate the sense of peace that washes over me.

There are no synthetics, chemicals or alcohol used in the production process of the perfume which makes them suitable for use on any skin type as well as prolonging their use on clothing due to purity. Being entirely natural, they may also conveniently be used in home oil burners, as car air fresheners, you can a few drops to your bath, mix them into your lotion or body oils and even layer them with another perfume oil if desired.

Norah Perfumes also have a high quality Egyptian and Designer perfume oil range for those who are looking for the finest of oils as a treat or gift for loved ones. Furthermore, they sell beautiful handmade handcraft which can be found in their Egyptian handcraft section.

For thousands of years fragrances have been known to have a positive effect on our emotional, psychical and spiritual state with physio-chemical analyses showing strong links between health and olfaction. As the sense of smell is directly related to the limbic system on which our emotions depend, it is easy to understand that the inhalation of high quality perfume oil allows the rebalancing of our affects like fear, stress, lack of self-confidence, anger and difficulty concentrating which can be dissolved in this way. 

Norah recognise that every person is unique and as such have custom fragrances to suit individual needs with a touch of elegance and class. Their gift sets are such a wonderful way to share love and light with loved ones, for special occasions as well as self-care. With collections designed for men and women, girls and boys, ornate Egyptian oil burners and bottles, bakhoor burners, car fragrances, super essential oil, spray perfumes and sample selections there is something wonderful for everyone.

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