Cloudy All-In-One Relax + Rest Kit

My new years resolution for 2024 is to be more conscious to make space in my day for me time instead of working all hours and neglecting vital rest and relaxation opportunities. Being a single parent to my two children, eight pets and running my own business, it’s safe to say that I literally haven’t had a day off in decades! As such, when important deadlines are looming I can find myself carrying excessive stress and tension with me throughout my day, which goes on to disturb my quality of sleep at night and leaves me with the worst brain fog and lack of enthusiasm for the day ahead.

When I came across the Cloudy All-In-One Relax + Rest Kit, I instinctively breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t get it into my online basket fast enough – it is just what I’ve needed! I pride myself on being the ultimate multitasker, with the weight of the world and enormous responsibilities resting solely on my shoulders which, in the not-so-distant past, led to many years of battling with insomnia. We can in fact all benefit from turning our attention towards achieving optimum rest during times of peak stress in order to maintain our overall health and keep our home, family, work and life sustainably in balance.

The Cloudy All-In-One Relax + Rest Kit

With thousands of glowing customer reviews online, I felt reassured in choosing this all-in-one kit as it contains everything that I need to unwind, de-stress and assist me in being able to quickly fall into a beautifully deep sleep at the end of a busy day. This kit contains Cloudy’s entire plant-based, expertly-formulated line of products which have been specially curated to help people to decompress and get a better rest.

Contains 7 Best Selling Products:

Whilst browsing their online store, I decided the most effective way for me to improve my rest and relaxation would be to treat myself to their seven best selling products, which include:

-Melatonin Diffusers – Inspires peace via aromatherapy containing a blend of melatonin, lavender, and chamomile that is not intended for ingestion or inhalation
-Mellows Relaxing Sleep Gummies – Helps one to unwind and ease into a deep rest
-Calmies Stress Relief Gummies – Creates a confident sense of calm and balance throughout the day with plant-powered stress support
-Dream Mist Relaxing Sleep Spray – Contains lavender, vanilla and jasmine to mist over ones bed and pillow to create an aura of peace and calm
-Calming Cream Relaxing Body Butter – This de-stressing lavender, vanilla, coconut cream and soothing shea butter blend calms the body, clears the mind and nourishes the skin
-Silky Sleep Mask – A silky smooth, light-blocking eye mask to induce sleep
-Fuzzy VIP Socks – Fluffy socks to snuggle up and get cozy

So let’s take a closer look at the purpose and use of each of these products to assist in a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Melatonin Diffuser

This aromatherapy device features a blend of melatonin, lavender and chamomile to help to soothe the mind and body and achieve a sense of peace before going to sleep. I’ve never used a melatonin diffuser before, and at first sight thought that this was some kind of vape or e-cigarette to smoke which it is most certainly not. It does not contain nicotine, diacetyl or vitamin E acetate and should not be smoked or inhaled into the lungs.

After reading the instructions for reference, as this is my first experience of using a diffuser, it was surprisingly quick and easy to use. It fits seamlessly into my evening routine and would be equally as useful when travelling and needing to establish a bedtime routine. To use it you simply remove the rubber top from the diffuser, push it half way onto the blue coloured bottom of the device and press it to pump air through the diffuser, releasing the aromatherapy mist.

It is recommend that you use this diffuser retronasally, where the mist is drawn into the mouth, without making contact with the lips, and then exhale it out of the nose without it being taken into the lungs. A small number of fragrance molecules are expelled from the diffuser with each use and so a few gentle breaths through the nose is wonderfully relaxing and a more cost-effective and safety-conscious alternative to lighting scented candles.

The melatonin diffuser fragrance smells so light, sweet and floral, creating a soothing scented aroma which is perfect for inspiring a sense of peace and tranquility at bedtime. Each diffuser lasts approximately 30 days, or 400-600 uses, with a pack of three lasting up to 1,800 pumps. 

When our melatonin levels rise we move into a state that helps to promote sleep for which this is incredibly useful and will undoubtedly replace my bedroom candles from now on. A few breaths left me feeling peaceful and more sleepy when I can at times remain alert and awake long into the evening, even after getting into bed.

Mellows Relaxing Sleep Gummies

These clean and green sleep gummies promote relaxation whilst helping to support a better quality of sleep with their plant-powered blend of melatonin, ashwagandha and magnesium. The delicious vanilla blueberry flavoured gummies are vegan friendly, sugar free, PhD formulated, drug-free, non-GMO and contain zero artificial colours or flavours with each bottle providing a 30-day supply.

It’s recommended that you take two gummies 30mins before bedtime and is reassuring that these are non-habit forming, with benefits building with nightly use. Being vegan, it can be difficult to find sleep gummies which are suitable for my dietary requirements through food intolerances, so I was really excited to experience these.

I felt the deep relaxation effects of these gummies around twenty-five minutes after taking them as I began yawning and my eyes became more heavy, inducing the desire to close my eyes and go to sleep, much like when you find yourself taking an unexpected afternoon nap in the middle of your day off. My biggest struggle at bedtime has always been to be able to switch off and fall asleep, with these gummies as a catalyst it was so much easier.

Calmies Stress Gummies

These gummies have been formulated to assist with achieving calmer and brighter days by promoting relaxation and supporting stress management. This clean and green plant-powered blend of rhodiola, ashwagandha and l-theanine come in a mouth-watering vanilla raspberry flavour to bring a touch of zen to any event or obstacle throughout the day.

Again, in a convenient 30-day supply they are vegan friendly, non-GMO and conatin zero artificial colours or flavours and are recommended to be taken in doses of two gummies at a time, up to four servings per day.

I don’t usually eat sweets, as I’m much more of a savoury person, but these are delicious and quickly left me feeling more relaxed, calm and in control of my day, even when multitasking and rushing to meet deadlines. To keep these in my desk drawer, and take them as and when necessary, is a welcome part of my toolkit for my working day.

Calming Cream Relaxing Body Butter

This soothing shea butter blend with de-stressing lavender, vanilla and coconut cream calms the body, clears the mind and nourishes the skin. I find in the winter my skin becomes so dry and scratchy, especially on my hands and feet, and so I really appreciate a good moisturiser that isn’t too greasy or sticky for application before bedtime.

There is something wonderful to be said for the combination of freshly shaved, and shea-buttered legs, touching clean and cool bedsheets which make every twist and turn at bedtime feel like the most heavenly and relaxing massage.

It’s recommended that this calming cream is rubbed into the neck, arms, temples, legs, chest and shoulders whilst taking deep breaths to enjoy the natural fragrance and appreciate the relaxing sensation of a massage prior to going to sleep.

Having a calming cream massage is a wonderful combination of self-care and pampering which reduces stress and muscle tension and assists in achieving a restful sleep at the end of a long and tiresome day. Massage not only improves the skin tone, but also circulation whilst reducing stress hormones and stimulating the lymphatic system. Whether you self-massage, or give and receive a massage with a partner, it’s a wonderful way to unwind before bed and I really enjoyed this.

Dream Mist Relaxing Sleep Spray

This lavender, vanilla and Jasmine spay is designed to be misted all over your bed and pillow to create an aura of peace and calm, instantly turning the bedroom into the perfect haven for decompressing and drifting off into dreamland.

Whilst lavender is a flower that is extremely popular for promoting rest and relaxation, vanilla and Jasmine has also been found to support a good night’s sleep by inducing a sense of peace and calm alongside relieving stress and anxiety.

I spritzed this mist across my pillows, scatter cushions and bedding as I got into bed and it gave me a similar sense of serenity as getting into a freshly washed bed with a beautiful fabric conditioner fragrance. I found that the natural scent instinctively encouraged me to take deeper and longer inhalations to enjoy the fragrance, which in turn lowered my heart rate and increased my sense of peace and relaxation.

Whilst I appreciate the many health benefits of conscious breath work and meditation, I feel that this is a wonderful way to automatically trigger the body to breathe more effectively whilst triggering relaxation, so I will introduce this to my children to assist with their bedtime routine.

Silky Sleep Mask

I have to confess that I’m not really one for wearing sleep masks, as in the past I’ve only ever had one as an accessory to a Christmas gift set or offered to me on a flight which I politely declined. I used to have blackout blinds in my bedroom quite some years ago but found that the airflow from the closed window ventilation would still cause them to tap, and wake me up, so I took them down.

I much prefer to sleep in the dark, but in the summer it remains bright into the late evening, and in the winter the street lights and neighbours festive decorations cause so much light pollution which makes achieving total darkness all but impossible in modern life.

One thing that I have always been consistent with at bedtime, come rain or shine, is to have a heavy duvet on my legs – even during a heatwave. The feeling of the weight against my skin is somewhat reassuring and calming to me for which a light blanket or sheet cannot achieve.

I was surprised to realise how much better I slept whilst wearing a sleep mask, which has changed my opinion overnight of it being an overrated gifting accessory to a bedtime necessity. The silky smooth light-blocking fabric felt so incredibly cool and soothing against my tired eyes which took away the distraction of partial light as I attempted to fall asleep.

Much like turning over to the cool side of the pillow, or snuggling beneath a weighty duvet, having this soft and gentle reassuring touch to the face felt amazing and really helped me to relax and let go of my day.

Fuzzy VIP Socks

In preparation for bedtime I like to turn all of my lights and sounds down low to encourage my body to relax. I light candles, take a bath / shower, put on my pyjamas and cuddle up with the animals and my children on the sofa to create a sanctuary of peace.

Our feet play a huge yet silent part in feeling relaxed, as wearing socks helps to reduce the loss of heat from the toes and assists in the thermoregulation of the body. When we experience stress or anxiety, warming our feet and hands helps to reduce these symptoms.

I’ve always been a strict trainer-liner wearer, blindly sticking to my black close-fit safe and reliable cotton socks. They’re far from fashionable or fun, but are undoubtedly functional without frills and work with every form of footwear. Again, whenever I’ve received fluffy Christmas socks my daughter always claims them for her own use and I can’t say that I mind.

Given that these fluffy socks were a part of my Relax + Rest Kit I was inspired to give them a fair trial run and thank goodness that I did! Popping them on after my shower, I found myself stroking my feet as I sat with the dogs on the sofa because they were so soft and fluffy to the touch – not to mention relaxing to wear. It felt as though I were walking on clouds with the sumptuously fluffy material against the soles of my tired feet which put my flat and thin functional cotton to shame.

Before I knew it, I’d given myself the most soothing foot massage on the sofa, completely unaware of the fact that I’d been stroking my feet for several minutes and melting away the tension of my day. Perhaps it was the novelty of wearing fluffy socks for the first time in a very long time, but it was such a pleasant surprise which left me feeling far more peaceful and calm before bed.

The Verdict

The Rest + Relax Kit is clearly designed to help people to take time to rest, rejuvenate and restore after a long day by achieving a great nights sleep through such high-quality and health-conscious products.

I really wasn’t expecting to find the addition of fluffy socks and a sleep mask so beneficial to my evening routine, as these are items that I’ve always overlooked and didn’t deem a necessary part of decompressing, but I’m very pleased to say that I was wrong.

As a gift bundle, I think this is fantastic and had absolutely no difficulty at all falling asleep at night because of the addition of these products to my bedtime routine. Whether you choose to use them together, or each product on it’s own, depending on how stressed and uptight you feel you can layer up these products to achieve maximum relaxation.

Personally I feel the socks, eye mask and dream mist are perfect for everyday use for me and would add in the melatonin diffuser if I find myself feeling more alert in the evening. I would build up to adding the Mellows gummies if I have an important event the following day or am travelling and need a restorative sleep and aim to schedule a calming cream massage at the end of each week for designated self-care as part of my pamper routine.

Cloudy is a Green America certified business which promotes positive social change, is environmentally responsible, sustainable, socially equitable and accountable for its actions. Their products are cruelty-free, organic-certified with ingredients grown in soils free from synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and a percentage of each purchase is donated to NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) to support mental health and create awareness for those who need it.

Whether you’re looking for a lovingly useful gift for friends and family, or investing in your own self-care and wellbeing, giving the gift of a great nights sleep is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

You can use my discount code “TRACYKISSDOTCOM” for 10% off at cloudy.


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