The Quest for Comfort: Why Finding The Perfect Pillow Matters More Than You Think

Considering that we spend a whopping one-third of our lives sleeping, that’s a significant chunk of time spent cradling our heads on a fluffy – or sometimes not-so-fluffy- rectangle known as a pillow. Yet, despite its crucial role in our nightly routine, pillow selection often gets relegated to an afterthought. What if I told you that finding the perfect pillow could be the key to unlocking a world of better sleep, improved health, and even fewer headaches?

Beyond “Just Comfort”: The Hidden Powers Of A Good Pillow

Think of your pillow as the unsung hero of your sleep sanctuary. It cradles your head and neck, supporting your spine and keeping your airways open. The right pillow can offer a surprising number of benefits…

  • Pain Relief: A poorly chosen pillow can wreak havoc on your neck and back, leading to aches and stiffness. The right one offers proper support, keeping your spine aligned and preventing painful tension
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Say goodbye to tossing and turning! A comfortable pillow cradles your head, promoting relaxation and deeper sleep cycles
  • Reduced Snoring: If you share your bed with someone who sounds like a lumberjack after a long day, a supportive pillow can help to keep their airways open, leading to a quieter nights sleep for everyone
  • Allergy Relief: Certain pillow fillings can harbour dust mites and allergens. Choosing a hypoallergenic option can ease allergy symptoms and improve your overall well-being

Finding Your Perfect Pillow Match

So, how do you embark on this quest for the perfect pillow? It all starts with a little self-awareness:

  • Sleep Position: Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper? Each position requires slightly different levels of support. Side sleepers usually need firmer pillows, while back sleepers might prefer something softer. Stomach sleepers – although not recommended due to neck strain – often do best with thinner pillows
  • Material Matters: From down and feathers to memory foam and buckwheat, pillow fillings offer various comfort levels and support. Experiment with each to find what feels best for you as an individual
  • Size Matters Too: Your pillow shouldn’t dwarf your head or leave your neck unsupported, so try to choose a size that fills the space between your shoulder and mattress comfortably

Don’t Settle For Snooze-Worthy Sleep:

Investing in a quality pillow is an investment in your health and well-being. Remember, you spend hours with this trusted companion, so treat yourself to the comfort and support that you truly deserve. With a little research and exploration, you can find the perfect pillow that sets you up for a lifetime of restful nights and pain-free mornings. Don’t forget to replace your pillow every 1-2 years; over time, pillows lose their shape and support, negating their benefits so keep this in mind and consider treating yourself to a new pillow sooner rather than later.

Putnams innovatively create handmade pillows, cushions, bed wedges and back rests in their Devonshire workshop to support the body through all ages and stages of life for the perfect nights sleep. Assisting in relieving back, leg, neck and feet pain, their range also supports the body throughout pregnancy changes, acid reflux and sleep apnoea alike to nurture a natural nights sleep.

They also have products to contribute to a healthy office posture and comfortable nights sleep whilst travelling, which feature a range of fillings from British wool, organic buckwheat hulls, graphite latex, foam, memory foam to fibre for the perfect texture and support for each and every individual.

Putnams Anti-Snore Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Expertly designed to eliminate snoring for a more silent and soothing night’s sleep, this unique anti-snore memory foam pillow features two levels of elevation to provide the perfect support for men and women alike. Its Coolmax cover works to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep which is something that I greatly appreciate and always sleep with my window open for cool, fresh air to assist in achieving a deeper sleep. 

The pillows contoured shape helps to open the airways which in turn reduces snoring and its different pillow heights allow you to choose the side best suited to your natural build. With a memory foam core, it allows for an even pressure distribution which conveniently helps to also reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Measuring L51 x W37 x H12cm it fits perfectly into a standard pillowcase without looking unusual or out of place in any bedroom setting and is the perfect addition to my bed pillows – especially after a few glasses of wine or particularly testing day when I find myself woken more easily by snoring during the night.

Putnams Anti-Ageing Pillow

This pillow cradles the head, keeping you comfortably on your back whilst sleeping and happens to be the perfect position to prevent the formation or deepening of fine lines and wrinkles associated with side sleeping.

Many people have an asymmetry to the face which is occurs when predominantly sleeping on one side. Maintaining a supine position, lying on your back, with the assistance of the softly contoured edges of thus pillow encourages you to remain lying on your back all night. This reduces the pressure on the sides of the face when sleeping which can lead to wrinkle or fine line formation around the naso labial folds, marionette lines, smokers lines, forehead lines, glabellar/frown lines, neck bands and crows feet.

This Class 1 medical device measures 35cm W x 37.5 D x 15cm H with a dip width of 21cm and can be used to support the post-surgery recovery of procedures such as facelifts, PDO and facial thread lifts, lip, nose and facial filler, nose surgery and facial surgeries where you are advised to sleep on your back.

Putnams Height Adjustable British Wool Pillow

This British wool pillow is OEKO-TEX standard 100 and is made from 100% British wool filling from UK farms, making it a superb natural alternative to foam pillows. Comprised of 6 x 600gsm layered sheets of wool, you can easily add or remove layers of wool to adjust the depth of the pillow to achieve the perfect nights sleep, regardless of whether you are a back or side sleeper. 

Measuring 60 x 40 x 12cm, this wool pillow fits into a standard pillowcase and helps to relieve neck and back pain as well as tension head aches, whilst enhancing your sleep comfort. Wool is natural, sustainable and biodegradable as well as naturally flame retardant, hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract dust mites.

Putnams Anti Wrinkle / Acne Pillow

This anti wrinkle, anti acne pillow is filled with fibre to assist side sleepers that want to reduce the deepening of fine lines and wrinkles as well as the build up of dirt and pressure on the skin while sleeping which can lead to acne.

You simply place your head on pillow with the facial skin with the problematic area over the cut out section which allows you to sleep on your side in comfort without agitating or aggravating the skin whilst sleeping.

The pillows unique cut outs reduce pressure on the face whilst still supporting the neck and head during sleep which can stop the skin from wrinkling and therefore prevent the deepening of existing or new lines. 

The pillows side cut outs also leave the skin free to breathe during sleep without being compressed into the pillows surface which reduces occluding – blackheads, pimples and whitehead formation. Because the skin is not in direct contact with the pillow, oil, dirt and other contaminants are also not coming into contact with the skin, thereby keeping it clean. This also allows you to freely use moisturisers, masks and creams at night without them rubbing off into the pillow. This pillow is also incredibly convenient for maintaining false eyelashes and eyelash extensions without rubbing them off in your sleep, allowing you to go longer between infill appointments.

Measuring 56cm x 17cm x 30cm , this pillow comes with a Coolmax cover which is beautifully hypoallergenic with micro-bacterial properties to keep you cool and fresh whilst sleeping. Spare pillowcases are also available, allowing you to wash and change your cases frequently to help manage moderate to bad acne.

There is undoubtedly the perfect pillow out there for everyone, and much like mattress shopping, you simply have to test your way through each kind to discover what works best for your individual preference and needs. Now I have the perfect pillow for every age, stage of life and occasion – whether I’m having my lashes done, recovering from an injury, battling hormonal acne, maintaining the results of my beauty treatments or celebrating a silent night free from snoring!
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