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Starting a new business in todays society can be pretty daunting, especially in this post-Covid era that we find ourselves in with the impact of lockdown rewriting the way that we now shop as well as our expectations of service, quality and convenience. Perhaps you’re looking to take the leap to move your business online and utilise social media marketing for the very first time, or even revamp your existing online presence which hasn’t delivered the customer base that you’d quite hoped for?

Wherever you are currently at in your online business journey and wherever you are looking to go, fear not for there is a wealth of help, support and expert guidance out there at the click of a button to take your business to the next level so that you can focus on what you do best and leave your marketing needs to the experts!

VP Vegan Marketing is a digital marketing agency and SEO consultancy which helps ethical businesses to grow online. With years of experience successfully working with vegan, plant-based and ethical businesses they offer a wide range of digital marketing services to help to boost brands’ online visibility and drive new leads and sales.

Established in 2015 by digital marketer and animal activist Brit, a long term ethical vegan, they are based in the UK and are 100% ethical vegan-owned and run which is so wonderfully refreshing to see.

How VP Vegan Marketing Can Help You & Your Business

-SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – they can audit and optimise your website using ethical SEO techniques to help to boost your visibility and rankings in Google’s search results

-SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & PPC – with their extensive knowledge of Google Ads and PPC advertising they can create and manage high-performing paid search adverts to drive targeted traffic directly to your website

-Social Media Marketing – they can manage your social media accounts to plan and implement effective organic and paid social campaigns, building an engaged audience for you and attracting new customers to your business

-Web Design And Development – they can build an attractive and high performing responsive WordPress website for you as well as maintain, update and develop your new, or existing, website

-Content Marketing – they can create engaging and highly sociably shareable content for you to drive new visitors to your website

-Email Marketing – they can set up and/or manage email marketing software for you, manage and grow your existing mailing list and create highly engaging emails designed to help you achieve your marketing goals

-Online PR & Vegan Influencer Marketing – as experienced publicists they can generate exposure for your brand and increase organic traffic to your website by promoting your business to influential vegan and plant-based bloggers and organisations

-Online Reputation Management – if you or your business have been unfairly represented online they can use a variety of ethical digital marketing techniques to remove and reduce problematic online content and restore your brand’s good reputation in the search results and elsewhere on the web

Thoughts From The Founder Of VP Vegan Marketing

I recently caught up with Brit, the founder of VP Vegan Marketing, to discuss the importance of

Q: What led you to veganism and animal activism? 

A: I was vegetarian for a number of years but after becoming involved in a small local protest and meeting some vegans, I became educated in the cruel dairy and egg industries. I realised that it was very important to reject and fight against those industries, as well as the meat industry. Once I’d gone vegan and become more engaged with other vegans online, getting more involved in animal rights activism was a natural next step.

Q: What first interested you in digital marketing? 

A: I’ve always been interested in computers and the internet and in 2013 I fell into a part time job at a digital marketing company here in Leeds. I learnt a lot in the role but as I much prefer working for myself than being an employee, it wasn’t long until I decided to start my own vegan digital marketing agency. 

Q: How/when did you identify a need for vegan marketing?

A: I could see that veganism was really taking off soon after I went vegan over a decade ago, and it became obvious that there was a rapidly growing market for vegan products and services. I was also in contact with lots of vegans who were launching their own businesses, and I could see that they needed help to reach this expanding new market – ideally, help from other vegans. 

Q: What are the most common marketing mistakes made / obstacles that new or small vegan brands face?

A: New and small vegan brands obviously face a great deal of competition from large, established non-vegan brands which in recent years have entered the vegan market and have huge marketing budgets. Despite this competition, many vegans really want to support small vegan businesses and so it is possible to survive and thrive without being drowned out by the massive brands.

Q: What is the most rewarding and fulfilling part of your job?

A: Making clients happy while also helping to promote vegan products and the vegan lifestyle is really rewarding and fulfilling!

Q: What advice would you give to somebody looking to start a new vegan business?

A: Before launching a new vegan product or service, first make sure that you’ve fully researched your target market. There are lots of tools you can use to identify what people are looking for online, and joining relevant online groups can also help you to research the products and services vegan people are interested in. Making sure your business has maximum online visibility (our specialisation here at VP Vegan Marketing) is also very important. 

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