A Fun-d-raising Faux Pas!

I like to think that we live in a day and age where we have the ability to see a situation from an adult and level headed perspective; to absorb information with human sensitivity, emotion, assess motive and weigh up the pro’s and con’s of everything we do. Every person in the world is constantly creating actions and making decisions to either benefit themselves or others: “I’m hungry, I’ll make lunch” “I’m bored, let’s go to the cinema” “Do you feel cold? Take my jacket.” Some people are selfish and do things to please and better themselves, and some people are selfless and go out of their way to help others. Being selfish isn’t a bad thing, it’s simply a survival technique that is ingrained in us all, however being selfless is something I believe tests your strength and soul as a person. It’s having the ability to give away your last rolo because you know that it will make somebody else happy.

Tracy Kiss Fundraising Is Fun

Tracy Kiss Fundraising Is Fun

Being a single parent to my two wonderful children aged 7yrs and 3yrs, I categorise myself as a selfless person in that I constantly put others needs before my own on a daily basis. I still have the desire to please myself and desperately want to eat, nap, go out, have fun and take some time to myself, but I know that my children are more important, so I hear my needs and theirs too and judge the little ones to need me more than I need myself. Afterall, once I’ve tended to them, and if I still have time then I can sort myself out with whatever is left. And it’s safe to say that I’ve mastered eating my dinner cold because I’m too busy to sit down for a meal, existing on very little sleep and getting ready in less than 10 minutes flat from bed to shower and out the front door. The experience of parenthood, let alone single parenthood, is something that has taught me a great deal about love, patience, kindness and the ability to give.

As a mother my two children are my world and I would unquestionably go without food, water or sleep to give them what they need. I’d lay my life on the line in a heartbeat to save them, and there’s nothing in this whole world that could ever come between us, no matter how tempting. A mothers love is something set in stone, carved throughout my bones and a part of every fibre of my being. And because I’m a mother I too find myself caring about others, the environment, charities and causes around me, because I have the emotion to love and it doesn’t just end with my family. If I see an elderly lady struggling with a door I run over to open it for her, even if it means going in the opposite direction to do so. As a family we donate to collection buckets, take part in charity carol singing and visit the homeless shelter to give food to those who have none, despite having little luxuries ourselves. I’m by no means rich, I give my children my all and have very little for myself, and as a single parent family I have to constantly watch what I spend and assess each purchase as being a luxury or necessity because whatever I choose to buy resultantly takes food off of our table. “Sorry kids you can’t have your favourite yogurts and a new story book because Mummy really wanted some mascara this week.” So instead I go without mascara during testing times so that they can enjoy their treats because the magic of childhood trickles through your fingers before you realise, and I’d only end up looking like a panda with smudged eyes anyway. Thankfully I was raised not to be materialistic and the love and happiness that I have because of my children is completely priceless.

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

So I decided to set myself a goal this year, to raise £10,000 for 10 charities to help worthwhile causes to support men, women and children in need. Now £10,000 is a great deal of money to us and not something I could ever muster up alone, which is why I set upon fundraising to achieve my goal. And fundraising is hard! So many people have the same passion as I to help others, support amazing causes and make such a worthwhile difference to the world, but asking people to give their money to strangers is often faced with great difficulty at the best of times. So I took a step back and assessed my ability to help others, whilst I unfortunately don’t have the bank balance to transfer £10,000 directly to charity, I do have the heart, mind and soul to fundraise and help as many people as possible along the way. I love fitness and raise my children to lead healthy, active lives that will see them in the best of health with a can-do attitude and compassion for the world around them. So I decided that I would use fitness for sponsorship and embark on a bucket list of activities to raise money for each charity, with my first three tasks to be a 60km bike ride, climbing a mountain and jumping out of a plane. I hoped that in documenting my training, motivation and experience that I might encourage others to try the same, to up their daily exercise and give to charitable causes they may otherwise have never known about or even thought of. In testing my physical limits I can raise awareness and funds for so many people in need whilst motivating others at the same time.

Tracy Kiss The Mirror

Tracy Kiss The Mirror

I happen to have amassed a rather generous following of supporters for which I am humbled and overwhelmed, and so I decided to use my reach to ask people to donate to the causes that I hold close to my heart. And for those who have followed my journey from the start, they know I have been through a lot of heartache in life which has only made me a stronger person. From being bullied horrifically for being ugly until my late teens, to having life saving breast surgery, losing a baby to miscarriage and my 6yr engagement ending whilst I recovered from a breast reconstruction. I have had every part of my body, mind and soul destroyed, my self confidence shattered, and my heart and soul left aching from heartbreak, you know those days when every inch of you just hurts so bad, you’re so tired, so upset you just float through the day, you can’t concentrate on anything, have no appetite to eat and it’s almost impossible to switch off and sleep even though you’re desperate to. After all I’d been through I became a ghost, a shell of myself and I didn’t think that anybody could possibly survive such torture. All I’ve ever done is loved, cared about and helped others, yet it seems the more kindness I give the more I am punished in return.

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

Thankfully at the very worst point of my suffering I had an epiphany, that make or break moment when something has to give and it can precariously go either way. And it went the right way, I chose to carry on and stay strong for my children, because it’s within me as a mother to be there and keep them safe no matter what, for as long as there is breath in my body I will never leave them or let them down. So what started as stopping my pain medication and learning to lift a kettle following extensive chest surgeries suddenly turned into doing headstands, lifting weights and bodybuilding. I took myself from a fragile little lamb to a fearless lioness, and I realise that what pushes me most in life is what makes me who I am. From having always detested my body and appearance because of how others would taunt me, I decided to accept myself for who and what I am. I have stretchmarks from pregnancy, a massive forehead, big chin, beak nose, huge flipper feet, nobbly knees and a goofy laugh, but it’s not as if worrying about it or hating myself for it will ever change that. So I swallowed hard, took a deep breath and held my head high. After my engagement ended I started to wear dresses instead of jeans and baggy jumpers, I put on high heels which made me walk like John Wayne admittedly, but for the first time I felt like all the other girls my age who dressed fashionably and went out partying. I can’t dance to save my life because I have two left feet, I hardly ever drink alcohol so when I do I’m a total lightweight and can’t stop smiling as I want to make friends with the world, and whenever I’m doing something in front of people I half expect to trip over, fall down the stairs or accidentally do something embarrassing. I’m rubbish at impressing people, but I’ve realised I’m really good at being myself. So that’s what I do instead.

I love challenges, pushing my limits and testing my strength and ability. Everybody has to start from somewhere, and when you’re at the bottom fortunately the only way is up. If I can only lift a feather today then tomorrow I’ll try a twig, the next day a pot plant, the day after a bicycle and maybe next year a bus! Why not? I enjoy seeing progression, love teaching my children to achieve their dreams and feel blessed to live a life where true happiness is found within a genuine hug rather than a massive mansion or designer handbags. And the same can be said for fundraising, if I can raise £10.00 today then I’ll try for £20.00 tomorrow, £200.00 next month and £10,000 by the end of the year to mark my 28th birthday in October. And many people have asked me why in the world I’d want to try so hard to raise £10,000.00 to give away to people that I don’t know, and my answer to them is that I do it because it’s a lot of money that would make such an incredible difference to my children and I, and that is exactly why I know it will make such a difference to so many others. If there is anything in life that you lust over or want, imagine the excitement of finally getting it, and then times that by 100 and that’s how it feels to give it away. Although having £10,000 would be an unbelievable amount for somebody to hand to me, there’s nothing I’d need it for, because we want for little and as a family we are happy with what we have. Sure it would be nice to have a newer car other than my modest little ticker that gets us from A-B, but nice isn’t necessary is it? And I prefer to encourage the children to walk everywhere rather than drive because it’s far better to be active and enjoy the wonders of a frosty morning or bright sunny afternoon in nature.

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

So after I had nothing left to lose in life I realised that I had absolutely everything in the world to gain, and over these past two years I’ve had the most amazing journey of self discovery that no course, qualification or genie can ever grant or instil in you, it’s something that is earned with blood, sweat and tears over time. And from being that meek little bullied girl I am now a confident and driven woman, I have plenty of flaws physically, but I’ll only get older, more wrinkly and feel the greater effects of gravity as time goes on, so the time to appreciate my body really is now as it’s all downhill from here. From getting sweaty palms at the thought of wearing a bikini on the beach with stretchmarks and a Mummy tummy to now smiling in lingerie and sharing it with the world, the only thing that’s changed is my attitude towards life. I don’t think I’m anything special, I’m just thankful to be alive and have my health and happiness on my side, so no more excuses, no more saying no or shying away from the unknown. I highly recommend you make a conscious decision to start saying ‘yes’ as much as possible in life, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

So before I turn this post into a novel for how long it’s getting, let me get back to the point of why I wrote this; my fundraising faux pas! I had the idea of connecting my online following with my hope of raising £1,000 for 10 charities to reach £10,000 in total before my 28th birthday, just because I’ve never attempted it before and you’ll never know unless you give it a go. Best case scenario I can help those desperately in need, worst case scenario nobody donates and I cross it off of my list and try another way instead to achieve my goal of helping others. Now I know that approaching a stranger and asking them to give £10.00 of their hard earned money to a charity on your behalf is a massive massive ask, and possibly something that friends and family may even be reluctant to do because I doubt anybody has the luxury to be able to hand money away to strangers. So I asked my followers how I can encourage them to donate to my fundraiser and they asked for recognition, a simple thank you, a photo holding their name written on a piece of paper or a video message giving a little cheer for their help. Now I know that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, so I took all of these thoughts onboard and decided to offer a thank you photo to whoever donates and requests it. And seeing that I’ve embraced my body warts and all, not that I actually have any warts but you get what I mean, I snapped a few lingerie and topless selfies on my phone ready to send as a thank you to donors who ask for it. Time and price wise it took me all of three seconds to do and cost absolutely nothing, but very quickly I was amazed by the support that I received.

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

To date I have raised £2,600 for charity and will be giving £1,000 each to three of my 10 charities once I reach £3,000, with 7 more charities to choose and 7 more bucket list activities to do for which I am open to suggestions. To date I have:

1. WheelPower £1,000 raised for a 60km bike ride to support the rehabilitation and equipment required for disabled men, women and children.
2. The Fire Fighters Charity £1,000 raised to climb Mount Snowdon to support servicemen and women who have been injured in the line of duty as a firefighter.
3.Stoke Mandeville Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit £600.00 raised to do a skydive for babies, equipment and treatment whilst in intensive care.
4. Open to your suggestions
5. Open to your suggestions
6. Open to your suggestions
7. Open to your suggestions
8. Open to your suggestions
9. Open to your suggestions
10. Open to your suggestions

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

A big part of my fundraising is not only to raise money to support worthwhile causes but also to open the eyes and hearts of the public as to how you can help too and to see the good that your support does. For each charity I will be completing a bucket list task before handing over the donation cheque and seeing first hand how the funds have helped others. I’ll take my camera along with me to capture some pictures and video so that you can share this incredible journey with me and hopefully realise how together we can make a difference to so many. Awareness of a cause is just as important as fundraising as each charity relies heavily on continued support to provide the service and care tomorrow, the day after and the day after that.

Sadly after I reached my first £1,000 through my GoFundMe page my account was very bluntly shut down without warning by the GoFundMe staff who advised I had breeched their terms and conditions by posting an unacceptable photo to my page which was a picture of my breasts censored by big pink cartoon hearts saying ‘thank you’ to my donors. I had no way to reinstate my page and so I transferred the funds to a new YouCaring page where I didn’t post any photos because I didn’t want the same thing to happen again. It’s not my intention to offend, upset or discriminate against anybody, I don’t want to devalue any users experiences of charity fundraising sites, but it was what my followers asked of me and so I listened and obliged in exchange for their generous donations. Afterall, thousands of men and women of all ages take part in wacky fundraisers on a daily basis, from local football clubs doing the full monty to pensioners posing naked for charity gardening calendars, shaving heads and waxing delicate body parts, doing moonlight walks and relays in just a bra and jeans or dressing up in crazy and hilarious outfits. If a child did a sponsored sing or dance and was off-key with a little trembling voice from nerves or messed up the steps and forgot the routine would you say they weren’t good enough and retract your donation? Of course not, this isn’t Britain’s Got Talent, it’s the thought that counts and we’re saving lives. In my eyes if you’re willing to go out of your way to help others then no matter what you choose to do for sponsorship, be it big or small, is greatly appreciated by those who receive it and it’s something to be encouraged not punished. Censoring my pictures online didn’t expose my breasts to the unsuspecting public, but gave my donors some idea of what to expect as a thank you should they choose to request it as their sponsorship is for my bucket list challenges. I have no problem with sunbathing topless on a beach with the hundreds of women whom I’ve never met before on holiday, so why shouldn’t I share a snap upon request as a thank you to those who have donated to my fundraising cause? Mens magazines costs just a few pounds and contain sexually provocative photos of very beautiful and confident women earning a modelling salary, I’m just a mere mother with a camera phone and a big heart for helping others.

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

Tracy Kiss Fundraising

So I was more than a little disappointed when my YouCaring page was shut down without warning after a member of YouCaring staff emailed me again very bluntly to say that I had breeched the terms and conditions by offering topless photos for each donation. However this time I was able to receive a few reply emails from the member of staff who had shut it down in the hope of them reinstating my page. I explained that I hadn’t posted any photos at all to my fundraising page and that it wasn’t my intention to offend anybody, simply to raise funds for charities that are close to my heart, as is the purpose of using their site. I reiterated that the donations I’d received were for sponsorship of the bike ride, mountain climb and sky dive that I am undertaking and that my social media fans requesting photos is no reflection upon YouCaring or their site as I had no activity of it on my page. Unfortunately my words fell on deaf ears, or blind eyes as it was via email as they had provided links to my Facebook page thanking people for their donations, and after I received the same robotic response repeatedly I decided to set up my third fundraising page with CrowdFunder, third time lucky let’s hope!

I Have Had My GoFundMe And YouCaring Pages Shut Down For Offering Thank You Photos To My Donors

I Have Had My GoFundMe And YouCaring Pages Shut Down For Offering Thank You Photos To My Donors

Thankfully I have been able to retrieve all donations to date and these will go directly to charity, with the funding pages already having taken their cut from each donation so what comes to me is what I hand to charity. I receive nothing in return for my efforts, other than the satisfaction of helping people and your kind messages of support of course. So onwards and upwards, and I hope that you will continue to support my fundraising attempts. Afterall, if I gave up every time a door was slammed in my face then I’d still be the meek little lamb that I was, and once a lioness has discovered her roar it’s rather difficult to stand back when you feel an injustice in life. I feel disappointed in having my pages shut down, but equally I understand that we must abide to terms and conditions because they are there for a reason, and in using the site I had accepted the rules and believed I had done what was asked of me by not including any content to cause offence, but the staff decided to check out my censored Facebook profile images and boot me off. There’s little point in umm’ing and ahh’ing over the control a site has over the content of the rest of my social media profiles, I don’t judge people on their hobbies when putting a few pennies into a poppy collection pot, nor their social media weekend dress sense when offering dog food to volunteers collecting for hearing dogs. But who is to say what is right or wrong, we can only act as with see fit with good intention.

To conclude, I shall continue my fundraising with CrowdFunder and hope that you will contribute £10.00 donations in support of my bucket list sponsorship as I’m two steps closer to throwing myself out of a plane for babies in intensive care. Sadly I lost a baby to miscarriage at the same hospital that I am fundraising for, and it would mean the world to me to go up into the clouds to send a prayer to the beautiful little one who was taken from me too soon. My heart swells with love for my family and I believe in helping others karma will one day help us too, as it’s true what they say, treat others as you’d like to be treated. In helping to provide equipment, medicines, staff and emergency services to others these too could save the life of my own family one day. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and share in my fundraising journey.

Michael says exactly how I feel so beautifully <3

UPDATE 27/05/15

So the world has gone a little crazy over me being kicked off of aforementioned fundraising sites and it’s had pretty mixed reviews as I was kind of expecting when I agreed to show topless photos. Some people think I’m the worst mother in the world whilst others want to topless high five me and ask for my hand in marriage. And I’m just sat here in my dressing down nibbling biscuits and reading comments, articles and videos from across the world all having an opinion on me from just a few paragraphs of text published online.

I Had A Censored Photo Reprted But Facebook Says It's Alright!

I Had A Censored Photo Reprted But Facebook Says It’s Alright!

Interestingly I had another one of my censored Facebook photos reported again today, which baffles me why anybody would choose to friend request me to see my content then look through my albums to try and report me. If I saw something I didn’t like I’d carry on past it, not stop and try to offend myself even more, but hey ho. I’ve had quite a few photos reported on my Facebook in the past, with one of them being my chihuahua laying on his back taking a nap which I thought was cute, but somebody classified it as porn in a report. Now I’ve viewed the odd adult movie here and there and I have to say I’d be utterly disappointed to see a dog sleeping for five minutes in a movie as this does absolutely nothing for me! So surprise surprise Facebook returned the verdict that yet again, my photos are not deemed as nudity as I’m not naked, I’m either wearing clothes, lingerie or have censored anything that may cause offence. The very same photos are shared across all of my social media profiles which have always allowed them, as do many massive celebrity pages posting modelling photos, cheeky bikini pictures and censored snaps. I’m only doing what everybody else does, it’s just the way the world is. The only difference being that it has helped me to encourage people to donate to those who really need it, and for that I am most humbly grateful.

So as more and more sites ping up with news of my fundraising I’d love for you to send me the links and tag me #teamkiss in the ones I have missed or have yet to see, think of it like a giant game of worldwide eye-spy! Who can get the furthest from Great Britain? Go!

Tracy Kiss AOL

Tracy Kiss AOL

Tracy Kiss Bro Bible

Tracy Kiss Bro Bible

Tracy Kiss DeathAndTaxes

Tracy Kiss DeathAndTaxes

Tracy Kiss MSN

Tracy Kiss MSN

Tracy Kiss Tomo News USA

Tracy Kiss Tomo News USA

Tracy Kiss Iceriks

Tracy Kiss Iceriks

Tracy Kiss Complex

Tracy Kiss Complex

UPDATE 28/05/15

Guess who made it into Playboy! Well, Playboy.com as an article, which is almost technically the same thing right? I’m a huge fan of Playboy and always have been since I was a young lady when I had bunny shaped cushions, handbags and other paraphernalia adorning my bedroom. My first ever pet was a rabbit and that’s when I discovered my love for animals, with my family fondly naming me ‘Bunny’ as my nickname which has stuck to this day. A couple of years ago the children and I hand raised 11 of our own baby rabbits when our show bunny and his bunny wife had a few litters before we took them to be sterilised to give them a healthy retirement in our back garden where they can free roam and lay in the sunshine. The second tattoo that I got was a Playboy bunny on my hip as a teenager and you can probably spot it in all of my lingerie photos.

Tracy Kiss Playboy

Tracy Kiss Playboy

I believe that women, and men alike should feel empowered, confident in their own skin and free to do what they please so long as they aren’t hurting anybody else. I will never condone cockiness, inflated egos, self-centredness or hurtful comments. The way I view the world is that everybody is somebodies child, regardless of their age, and I would never want to hurt or upset somebody to make them feel bad because despite the bravado you see on the outside you never know how close to the edge they are and how much they’re suffering on the inside. Sometimes people just need a non-judgemental hug and to feel that somebody cares about them. I’ve found through studying psychology and sociology at college that it’s often the most loud, crass and ballsy people who have been hurt the most and build walls to front people out, but inside all they want is to be loved and accepted. I would much rather meet a negative comment or opinion with a kind and considerate reply because it has more chance of helping somebody than fighting fire with fire, and what Susie says of Sally certainly says more of Susie than of Sally. So let’s fill the world with peace and love, and I’ll share with you some of the comments I’ve seen about me online and my replies, you may have seen some already. I hope you’re ready for this, my replies are in red:

Comments from Complex TV:
So apparently I can’t be a MILF, which stands for ‘Mum I’d like to f-marry’ because I’m not old enough yet… Jolly good news!

marentes133 8 hours ago
A milf is 35 and older if you’re in your 20’s you’re just a bitch with kids. (I’d still smash tho)

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+marentes133 I’m British, is bitch a compliment or a little girl dog?

AllstateIts Inyourhands 2 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss compliment u sexy tiger

Another guy has flagged my name as sounding like a pornstar, if I had a penny for every time somebody told me that I wouldn’t need to fundraise!

KillahZillah 8 hours ago
Tracy kiss sounds like name a pornstar would have

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+KillahZillah I know right!!!! I’m not though, it’s my Hungarian family name

How can I prove that I’m not a troll? My huge feet and big nose are rather suspect…

dablacksquad 5 hours ago (edited)
+Tracy Kiss​ to bad dis ain’t even the real tracy kiss u troll

Tracy Kiss 2 hours ago
+dablacksquad www.tracykiss.com I’m not aware of any others? But I’d love to meet them if I’ve got clones so long as they support charities and don’t live under bridges <3

I think this guy is talking about cunnilingus? Let’s clean up his act!

NaughtyGawd 8 hours ago
Eh, just a basic bitch, but i would still eat her groceries

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+NaughtyGawd Shall I cook for you?

NaughtyGawd 8 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss steak, fries and fried egg would be good

MrHardCash 8 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss o_0 For a sec I thought you were the real thing.

pew pew laser beams 8 hours ago
+MrHardCash she is, look her channel its her.

dablacksquad 5 hours ago
+pew pew laser beams lmfao I’m mind blown

Some guy feels sorry for my kids and others want to fight frozen breaded meat products…

Riley Freeman 9 hours ago
Feel sorry for this thots kids

Mason McMann 6 hours ago
Learn to spell.

James Cravens 5 hours ago
+Mason McMann learn how to read asshole

KINGCALLO 3 hours ago
+Mason McMann fite me u fagit

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+KINGCALLO chicken or turkey though? And frozen or fresh? It makes all the difference

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+Riley Freeman Please don’t feel sorry for my children, they’re the happiest most loving little people ever and I’m blessed to share my life with them <3

Oh dear I don’t think he realises I’m a geek, I didn’t have my first boyfriend until my late teens…

Brandon Duran 7 hours ago
This the type bitch suck dick for a piece of gum in high school

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+Brandon Duran Sorry to disappoint but I was an A* Grade student at school and far too geeky to speak to boys, I got a great education though and I now use that to help others <3

Why do guys have such an obsession with the wrong hole? Somebody please explain…

Wolves XV 9 hours ago
I would fuck the shit out of her.

MCfriedChicken1 9 hours ago
Lying ass you’ll probably nut before you even put it in

Markezus 9 hours ago
Ill eat her ass

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+Wolves XV Honestly it smells of roses

Markezus 8 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss Holy shit

thatkiddomoo 8 hours ago
Lmaooo bruh she really commented

TyranitarComedian 8 hours ago
I’d throw a kidney out smashing.

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+TyranitarComedian as a donor or just enthusiasm?

People love a good dig about money don’t they! Money doesn’t motivate me, that’s why I do things to help others…

BLVCK LORD BEATS 9 hours ago
She got a gofundme but had enough money to buy some fake titties… Smh these hoes bruh

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+BLVCK LORD BEATS The GoFundMe is to raise £10,000 for charity not myself. And I saved up and paid for my own private breast surgery when I was 18 before having children.

BLVCK LORD BEATS 8 hours ago
U0001f602U0001f602 Shorty out here responding to comments lol +Tracy Kiss I respect

Let’s talk about my children shall we…

Billy Bob 9 hours ago
The worst part is that she has 2 kids..

Sphinx 8 hours ago
@Stephen Robinson: I don’t feel bad for other people’s kids, I feel bad for HER kids. Imagine knowing thousands of people jack off to your mom

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+Sphinx Don’t feel bad for my babies, they’re happy little people.

Sphinx 7 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss Until they get old enough to realize what’s happening. Not my business though

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+Sphinx Old enough to realise their mother has helped charities and people desperately in need of medical attention and care? Or that I have photos of myself topless online like thousands of other models that I’m presuming you look at. The only difference being their flash lifestyles and hot cars are funded by their following, I have a humble life and use mine to give to others. <3

Ngoyi Kayembe 9 hours ago
This woman got children though

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+Ngoyi Kayembe That’s why I’m fundraising for babies in intensive care <3

Ngoyi Kayembe 8 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss thats a good thing, but its still kinfa similar to porn

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+Ngoyi Kayembe I see what you mean, only minus the huge cock, baby oil, camera crew, video, pay check and views. Hmm…

Let’s have some insults then, I know you want to!

BeatsbyZay 8 hours ago
Nothing special but a basic ass white bitch with fake tits.

Tracy Kiss 8 hours ago
+BeatsbyZay I’m only trying to help good causes <3

candyrain009 2 hours ago
+Tracy Kiss Why don’t you become a stripper and donate all your singles to charity, lmao. Damn, I’d hate to be your kid.

Tracy Kiss 1 second ago
+candyrain009 Have to say that’s a fair point! I didn’t realise strippers did so much for charity until now, it was certainly a tough decision for me between becoming a stripper or fundraising for firefighters, disabled charities and babies in intensive care but I think I made the right choice. If you were my kid I’d feed you all your vegetables so you grow big and strong, read you bed time stories and build you a treehouse in the garden, harsh life isn’t it! <3

UPDATE 07/06/2015

Mix96 Tour De Vale 2015 WheelPower 60km Charity Cycle

Mix96 Tour De Vale 2015 WheelPower 60km Charity Cycle

Today I completed my first milestone by cycling 60km in the Tour De Vale for WheelPower, my first charity of 10, where I handed over a donation of £1,000.00 with thanks to your kind love and support. It took me four hours to reach the finish line and pushed my mentally and physically to exhaustion, but the sense of pride and achievement I felt when I reached the finish line was incredible. We all too often take for granted the blessing of waking up in the morning at the start of a new day, overlooking those who sadly won’t; we neglect to appreciate the ability to walk down the stairs when millions can’t, to reach up to the cupboard for a tea cup, lift a kettle, sit in the garden, kick a ball or drive to work. The simple everyday things that so many may never experience again, or be able to achieve without help.

Today I pushed myself for those who would love nothing more than to be able do the same. Your kind support and donations will now help disabled men, women and children to find mobility once more, whilst training and inspiring future paralympians to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams. Today has filled my heart with love, you should all be so proud for what we’ve achieved together. Thank you.

My next event is climbing Mount Snowdon in a few weeks time for the Firefighter Charity where I will then present another £1,000.00 cheque for such a fantastic cause. Please continue to help me to reach my £10,000.00 target, every little helps.


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