Fit with: TeamKiss home workout program


Teamkiss is proud to present a new training program. Fit with:TeamKiss

So, what does this home workout plan offer?

  • 8 week training program for men and women who want to workout from home, on the go or at the office in their lunch hour.
  • No equipment necessary, no previous fitness experience or gym membership and very little space required.
  • Designed by a busy single parent who hated feeling tired, out of shape and unattractive whilst living on a budget.
  • The program focuses on stripping fat, improving cardio and maintaining muscle to bring enthusiasm, energy and control to people’s lives again, allowing clients to feel fitter, live well and look better because beauty starts from within.
  • The package also contains nutritional advice, goal setting, progress logs, fit tips and advice on how to better your diet and lifestyle without starving or punishing yourself; getting the weight off and keeping it off for good through simple and easy to follow steps.
  • #teamkiss is a worldwide community of like-minded individuals who want to take control of their lives, to look in the mirror and smile and realise your self worth.

From mouse to lion/ess lets do this together!

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Tracy Kiss

Social influencer, Bodybuilder, Mother, Vegan
London, UK

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  • Tracy, I tried to enter my email address to get info from you on your program and it kept telling me that it was an invalid email address. I do live in the USA but I didn’t think that would make a difference because I have contact with people everywhere. *email removed*
    Melissa Stott

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