BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Thigh Toner

I have a very loving relationship with my legs; I work them hard and they reward me by looking tight and toned in skinny jeans and leggings. Yet my thighs are the first area to show any sign of excess weight or laziness as they can become squishy, flabby and wobbly within just a few weeks of dropping my workout routine so I’ve decided to add this BoyzToys thigh toner to my home equipment.

BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Thigh Toner

BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Thigh Toner

The concept of the thigh toner is very simple but effective as it’s two sprung loops of metal covered in a soft and flexible foam designed to firm, tone and strengthen the inner and outer thighs as well as sculpting the buttocks. It can be used for a variety of exercises and is conveniently sized to hook into a broom cupboard or fold into its compact box. To use the thigh toner I sit on the floor and bend my knees, placing it between my inner thighs I slowly squeeze my legs together under control to put the muscles under tension before releasing and repeating.

It can also be used behind the knees in the same seated position as well as squeezed together between the forearms to work the pectorals and biceps. The toner is very easy to use and the slower you move the more you feel the burn as your muscles have to work at holding it in place. I love finding fun and space-friendly home gym equipment that I can fit into my busy family life and BoyzToys have a fantastic range at highly affordable prices!
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