Forever Living Bright Toothgel

Forever Living are a natural aloe vera based company, growing and producing natural aloe vera based skincare and products since 1978.

Forever Living Bright Toothgel

Forever Living Bright Toothgel

I like to think that I keep my teeth in good order, I brush twice a day, floss every now and then and have never had so much as a filling so my dentist is most definitely my friend. I do however love to eat spicy food which can be quite staining, as well as drinking red wine and eating ridiculous amounts of garlic with my lentils and pulses. I find a fews hours after brushing my teeth that my mouth can feel quite stale and not as fresh as I would like for as long as I would hope and I’m always on the look out for a brighter, whiter, fresher, cleaner smile, so I thought I’d give the Forever Living Bright Toothgel a go.

Claiming to be family friendly, suitable for vegetarians and free of fluoride; the natural peppermint and spearmint flavourings leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean whilst fighting plaque, whitening without bleaching agents and the antibacterial action of the aloe vera helps to soothe the mouth and gums whilst freshening the breath. But how will a toothgel compare to the tried and tested method of the humble toothpaste? Off to the sink I go!

Squeezing a pea of green toothgel onto my toothbrush I became curious as to how this glossy translucent substance could hold form well enough to clean my teeth. I have been conditioned my entire life into brushing a white thick paste across my teeth, with the emphasis being on giving a brighter whiter smile and fighting yellow plaque, but green? Where’s the brighter smile in that?

Bringing the brush to the surface of my teeth I first noticed the taste of the toothgel which was refreshing, cool and easy to brush around my teeth and gums in the form of a gel. It tasted more pleasant and palatable than toothpaste which can at times be very overpowering or downright rank, but this was neither bland like cucumber nor bold like mint. It is gently cooling and refreshing and as I continued to brush, it felt like a breath of fresh air dissolving around my teeth and gums into a white fluffy foam. It’s almost like when you have a mouth ulcer and you gargle with tepid salt water, leaving your mouth feeling extra clean and free from breath or residue; just minus the salt or nasty taste replaced by a light, cool refreshing gel instead. You get the feeling that it’s done more to your mouth than a regular toothpaste would and hours after brushing I still feel fresh and clean.

It’s a huge thumbs up for me that it doesn’t contain fluoride, and with its refreshing taste and texture my six year old daughter loves it too which means I no longer have to buy different tubes for us all. I didn’t think a toothgel would be capable of cleaning teeth as well as a toothpaste but I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonder that is the Forever Living Bright Toothgel, I have been converted!

For more information on the wonders of Aloe Vera and the full range of products available you can visit Forever Living here. I sourced mine directly through Forever Living distributor and representative Hazel Loutsis.

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