Maxi Nutrition Protein Bars

When it comes to leading a fit and healthy lifestyle it’s incredibly important to eat right, yet in this day and age we all lead busy lives with little time for thought or preparation. You can workout everyday and never lose a pound in weight if you’re not eating the right foods, likewise you can lift more weights than Arnold Schwarzenegger and remain the size of a matchstick if you fail to fuel your muscles properly. Thankfully Maxi Nutrition take the hard work out of hitting your daily nutritional requirements so that you can focus all of your attention on working out.

Maxi Nutrition Protein Bars

Maxi Nutrition Protein Bars

Here I have the Promax Lean and Progain Mass bars which cover the two main aspects of fitness nutrition; stripping and bulking. The Promax Lean bars are a great alternative to unhealthy snacks whilst supporting your lean definition goals. Each bar contains 23g of protein, 125mg of caffeine and are high in vitamin B5 for enhanced energy metabolism, focus and alertness without any excess calories.

The Progain flapjack bars are perfect for weight training as the extra calories and high protein help to increase muscle size. Each bar contains 24g of protein, 3g of creatine and 45g of carbs to support your gains through high quality protein, necessary calories and a kick of extra energy needed for short-duration high-intensity exercise. The bars come individually wrapped and are super handy for popping into a gym bag, storing in a desk drawer and munching as a healthy snack. A fit and healthy body is fuelled by proper nutrition and regular periods of exercise, rest and recovery; what better way to achieve optimum health than with a delicious, nutritious snack that feels like it’s a cheat day everyday!
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