Nutrend Carnitine Green Tea & Elderflower Activity Drink

When it comes to sports drinks I used to have the opinion that they were packed with sugar, caffeine and calories and only suitable for people who are ridiculously lazy with a poor diet or undergoing extreme exercise – how very wrong I was! The new Carnitine Activity Drinks from Nutrend are out of this world!

Nutrend Carnitine Green Tea & Elderflower Activity Drink

Nutrend Carnitine Green Tea & Elderflower Activity Drink

I’ve never been a fan of traditional tea and coffee and as such I rarely have hot drinks other than the occasional cup of green tea as I prefer drinking plain water day-to-day. Yet so many people use caffeine as a way to keep their energy levels boosted throughout the day so this green tea and elderflower drink is the ideal summer replacement; its vitamin B3 content supports energy metabolism whilst reducing tiredness and fatigue. Made from pure spring water this sports lock bottle contains 0% sugar, 40mg caffeine 1000mg L-Carnitine and 1000mg of Taurine to keep physical and mental functions on peak.

Drinking one bottle each day is all you need to increase performance as it can be taken half an hour before exercise as a pre workout as well as throughout training and after to combat fatigue. We lose 2.5l of water each day through urine, sweat and breathing making hydration essential for the body to function properly. I love the mellow taste of elderflower mixed with refreshing green tea; it’s light, uplifting and wonderful to sip on throughout the day with my 750ml bottle being large enough to see me through my morning workout routine and afternoon break.
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