Nutrend Deluxe 100% Vanilla Pudding Whey Protein

Muscles need protein to repair after a workout, and as a sweet toothed vegetarian it can be hard for me to find high protein, low fat, health conscious foods to supplement my fitness. Despite being a cakeaholic, I eat no meat, fish or eggs and so I drink whey protein in a post workout shake to take the ache and burn out of my muscles and aid in a speedy recovery. The sensational Nutrend vanilla pudding is made from 100% whey and tastes absolutely incredible.


Nutrend Deluxe 100% Vanilla Pudding Whey Protein

The protein sources in the vanilla pudding shake are whey protein concentrate and high-quality whey protein isolate which are produced to maintain the high biological value of protein. It is enriched with bioactive colostrum to strengthen the immune system and promote muscle mass growth, whilst being sweetly satisfying, fluffy, lights and creamy to satisfy those sugar cravings despite being low in sugar. It can be taken at any time of the day, up to three servings daily between meals depending on your requirements.

I mixed my vanilla pudding up in my shaker with 150ml of water and literally ohh’d and ahh’d my way through the entire serving, savouring every last delicious sip. Available in a range of additional flavours including chocolate brownies, chocolate and hazelnut, chocolate and almond, cinnamon roll, lemon cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake I’m literally salivating at the thought of finishing my next workout so I can have another shake. Nutrend have totally aced it with their whey protein!
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