X-Pole Chrome XPERT Fitness Pole

I have to hold my hands up here and confess that I have about as much rhythm as a pebble plopping into a pond, and I absolutely couldn’t seduce a teapot to save my life. I’m a rather lanky, big-footed tomboy with an absolute passion for fitness; and whilst dancers effortlessly twist and flip their toned torsos around a pole in sky scraper heels to banging music and adoration from their fans, I’m instead using my pole for the not so glamorous or well known act of pole fitness to take my workouts to the next level from home.

X-Pole Pole Fitness

X-Pole Pole Fitness

After popping my X-Pole together which arrived in a carry bag in pieces along with attachments and tools, I fitted it in my lounge propping it between the ceiling and floor with a generously wide base to not mark the ceiling and superhuman stability that doesn’t rock or wobble no matter how hard I throw my carrot-cake-fuelled self at it. My intention for beginning pole fitness was to increase my upper body strength and core as my arms are by far the weakest part of my body and something I have always struggled with, my vegetarian diet makes it difficult to consume enough protein to assist my muscles without taking supplements, and a lack of calcium as a child has left me with weak bones; so this was certainly going to be a challenge for me!

Having never climbed a pole before I realised very quickly the two biggest factors that I would have to overcome, the first being slippery palms that stop me from holding myself still and the second the ability to grip and support my body weight with just my hands as it left my forearms and biceps burning for days. The pole is constructed in polished chrome from several parts and can be used both static or spinning, with every connector made from the highest quality metal and no protrusions or edges to catch yourself on and can be taken down and stored away in a surprisingly small bag. The pole is fully adjustable, can fit a variety of ceiling heights and can hold an incredible amount of weight for which my thighs are testament to.

I started out by trying to hold myself off of the floor for as long as possible to build the strength in my wrists and arms before giving a few moves a go, from touching my toes on the ceiling to trying to do the splits. The benefits of pole fitness may not be blindingly obvious, but not only does having a twirl burns calories, sculpt a strong and toned body, increase flexibility, and help to develop strong bones and connective tissues for mobility, it also surprisingly strengthens the hand muscles to reduce the chance of every having a repetitive strain injury, it promotes blood flow to the heart through moderate exercise, develops abdominal muscles to assist women in easier less painful childbirth and gives you the confidence to push yourself and achieve the body of your dreams. For men and women alike, popping a pole in your lounge can have such a dramatic effect on your health and wellbeing and it’s great fun for all ages and abilities too.

You can purchase the XPERT X-Pole here for just £199.00 in the sale.

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