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Well today I am still feeling blah from the end of my period setting in and all I want to do is cuddle up with the children and wallow it out on the sofa with a hot water bottle and pig out on some junk food; I’ve counted four massive chocolate chip Millie’s Cookies that have met my internal furnace so far, although I may have selective amnesia for the remainder of the box in order to make myself feel better. Shh tummy, nobody will know!

After dropping Millie at school this morning Gabriele and I headed to Luca’s parents salon and his brother’s barbers for a lovely pampering. Not only was it fun to see Luca hard at work and watch him showing Gabriele to his friends, but it was extremely necessary and much appreciated to have a little girly time courtesy of Lucas mum. Big kisses if you’re reading this Juicy!

And when I slumped down in a not very lady-like manner in the chair with a very windy Gabriele on my lap enjoying the attention from all of the ladies around him, I really didn’t know what I wanted. I’ve been worried about my hair since Gabriele was born as it’s been falling out in clumps for months and months now, when I wake up in the morning my pillow is hairier than my barnet, in the shower I can make my own waterproof plug solely from hair and have to pick it out of the hole at the end in order to let the water out, and when I brush my mop before leaving the house my hairbrush looks more like a hedgehog several seconds after it’s touched my head. So it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking and feeling like a wispy newborn chick recently and all I seem to do is tie my hair up to avoid the embarrassment of it all.

My hair was never thick to start with, although I remember as a little girl I seemed to have so much hair I could have knitted human rugs for the elderly villagers, but I don’t know if it seemed so luscious because I was just so young or because I remember the past with rose-tinted spectacles at times. But either way, the pictures of me as a child show me with thick helmet hair as I like to call it, so much of it that it needs thinning out to not look like a wig!

Recently I’ve been loving the idea of dark hair and was tempted to go darker, shorter, more different I guess. You know when you fancy a change yet you don’t know what you want so you go for the exact opposite of what you have and then think “Oh no, change it back!” ha, well I didn’t quite get to that point, but I wasn’t far off of being opposite.

With my hair a medium brown and down to almost my bra line I chattered through some ideas with Luca’s mum and decided upon darker brown, shorter and drumroll please… A FRINGE! Now it’s been years since I last had a fringe, and I’m talking about first day at school years ago, as annoyingly I not only have thin wispy hair but also a kink in my fringe which I always forget the name of: cowslip/cowslick/cowspit? But it means that instead of my fringe growing forward one part points backwards as if I’ve brushed my hair back, and it’s always scuppered my chances of having a solid fringe.

Saying that, back in the days when I used to model, on a few occasions the stylist did ask for me to have a fringe and on set I had it cut in a couple of times with tonnes of hairspray and all windows closed and the fans turned off to keep it in place. And I absolutely adore fringes; with a forehead as big as mine I welcome a fringe with open arms, yet my follicles have different ideas.

So having a fringe cut in today was like an awakening to life and I’m over the moon. I feel as though I should be walking taller, standing with my shoulders back and have a book balanced on my head for good posture because I feel very proper and mature now. And walking past a mirror I had to look twice because it feels as though it’s changed my whole face and I hardly recognise myself. It was just the perk and change that I needed 🙂 and having a few extra inches cut off and a conditioning treatment my hair looks and feels so much thicker and healthier, it’s a miracle! I’m a changed woman.

My New Hair With & Without A Fringe

It felt strange at first to get used to as I never feel anything touching my face and had to stop myself from trying to swat away what I thought was a fly every time I moved as my hair tickled against my eyebrows. However after several minutes I’d adapted to my new friend and walking to the car from the salon, the outside world had different ideas about my fringe as I got merely five steps out into the wind and looked as though some windscreen wipers had parted my newly cut locks right down the middle! Pulling it back across with my fingers and trying to digit comb it back into place I realised I was fighting a losing battle with the feeble breeze and instead decided to walk briskly to the car and then fix it back into place when the doors were safely closed. And as I was driving with the window open a crack for fresh air it sent my hair awol again 🙁 I never realised having a fringe with a forehead cowlick was such a commitment, perhaps just as much so as having a baby! Or maybe it was just my reluctant forehead not wanting to be shielded from the world and fighting with all that it had left as its last bid for freedom?

So now I am at a crossroads as to my ‘Fringegate’ situation, do I forever tickle my face into submission whenever I step outside, or do I take heed of one of my favourite childhood heros, Superman! If I could find a miniature can of hairspray and a comb to stow in my handbag surely I would be able to enter a public dwelling as a slapable-foreheaded-lady, and visit the toilet for several moments to tame the follicle beast before emerging as a fringed member of royalty. And just like Clark Kent I doubt anybody would be able to tie down my identity once they see me with my fringe.

And as I sit writing this I am halfway between fringe and foe. Whilst moving around, turning my head and looking down my fringe has incredible movement and has decided to part down the middle, however as I hear Luca arrive on the driveway from work or should the landline telephone ring I will tickle my face into position and not break posture! This is day one of Fringegate that I have waited so many years for and I will not admit defeat just yet.

So ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts on Fringegate?

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