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I like to think that I’m a fairly good driver; I poodle along in the morning traffic carefully minding pedestrians, giving way to cheerful school children crossing the road and I let the odd patiently-waiting driver pull out before me at a turning after my fair share of giving way to buses. Yet there’s a fire that burns deep down inside of me every time that my favourite song comes on the radio when I’m driving, an unquenchable desire to just slam my foot flat to the floor, throw my head back and howl with my need for speed. So what better way to quench my thirst for adventure than to burn rubber behind the wheel of a racing kart on a two-tiered 300m state-of-the-art indoor track at Rogue Racing!

Rogue Racing caters for adults and juniors, novice and experienced karters alike. Established in 2005, the new bowling and karting facilities based in Gatehouse, Aylesbury are the ultimate destination for every thrill-seeking family, group of friends and corporate event. Having passed my driving test at the ripe old age of 17 I like to think that I’m a pretty experienced driver now and I always enjoy the healthy competition of being challenged by a friend to compete in a time trial.

This Is My Second Time Indoor Go-Karting

The 270cc Honda-engine karts are capable of reaching speeds of up to 40mph, feature hydraulic breaks, wrap-around safety bumpers and adjustable pedals and seats for ultimate comfort. Indoor karting is a non-contact motorsport and the track therefore features a state of the art shock absorbing barrier system with fully qualified first aiders on site at all times which is pretty handy considering my love/hate relationship with tight corners and sharp bends. The track also has a viewing area for spectators, full lap timing and print outs for each driver as well as optional head-cam hire to capture the magic of the moment and ensure plenty of material to brag and boast about after coming in first!

I’m Pleased With My Progress Made In The Second Session

Karting differs to regular driving by recommending a quarter-to-three hand positioning on the steering wheel as opposed to the good old ten-to-two. It also focuses on braking heavily in a straight line when approaching a corner, turning smoothly and then accelerating hard when exiting to avoid skidding and drifting which ultimately reduces lap times. As the karts are automatic it’s important to press only one pedal at a time which makes my mind boggle as a longterm manual driver but after a few laps I’m sure most find their stride.

I’ll Certainly Be Coming Back To Claim The Title!

Sessions are split into 15min segments and range from £20.00 for a quick Arrive & Drive up to £57.00 for the hour. During my first session I spent the majority of the time getting used to the track. Before you begin racing you have two laps to find your feet and drive slowly on a yellow light before putting your foot to the floor and giving it all you’ve got. I arrived early with a friend so that it was just the two of us on the track and I very politely slowed down for every corner, gave a wide birth for my friend to triple-lap me, yes, triple lap! However by the final few laps of the first session gone were my manners and a grin from ear to ear took over as I flew up the ramp, round the ‘s’ bend and through the finish line and it was the most hilariously exhilarating experience.

I definitely needed the second session to find my feet and make progress on my lap time and the results speak for themselves. Even though I didn’t win I’m pretty proud that less than a second separated our best laps and somehow sitting in traffic during the Christmas shoppers after just didn’t give me the same buzz! A fantastic way to inject a bit of excitement into your day and highly recommended for all ages. I can’t wait to come back and claim my title!
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