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What another crazy week it has been yet again! It’s days like this that I have to pinch myself and check that I’m not on the Truman Show for how unbelievable some things can be. Firstly our ten month old baby Gabriele has morphed into a sabre-tooth tiger yet again and claimed his next victim, his big sister Millie. It’s adorable watching them play together and I laughed as I took this action-packed shot!

Tiger Gabriele Strikes Again With Sister Millie

Gabriele is a keen little shopper at the moment which I’m guessing won’t last for long as he is of the male species; so whilst he enjoys wearing pretty scarves and singing acapella for the public from the front seat of his shopping trolley I will most definitely be making the most of every photo opportunity that I get! Ooh I could just eat him up!

Gabriele Aged 10 Months Is The Only Man I Know Who Doesn’t Mind Coming Shopping!

Now I never look up at my ceilings but for some reason the other day my eyes met the kitchen ceiling above the cabinets and I caught sight of a horrible leak coming from the bathroom above. The trauma of realising our new-build house is 99.9% plasterboard and 0.01% brick made me not only fearful of my interior decor but also of the stability of the ceiling which was dripping and filling with water with every minute that passed. I then noticed the shape of the leak and couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, entirely shattering the urgency to call a plumber as a giant wet ‘manhood’ was increasing in size across my ceiling.

This picture was taken after one of the ‘balls’ exploded and dropped its load across the kitchen floor. Oh, I feel so immature giggling to myself as I’m writing this! But thankfully the plumber arrived some hours later, shut off the water and investigated the floor above to discover that the water pipe feeding to the toilet had lost its seal. Fortunately it was clean water that had leaked through the bathroom floor and into the kitchen ceiling, as knowing the circumstances of what goes down the pan in our household I would have been utterly mortified if soiled water had sprung loose!

The Leak In Our Kitchen Ceiling Seemed To Carry A Phallic Message

So now we must wait two weeks until the ceiling and floor above have totally dried out before we can call in the decorators to repair and paint the kitchen ceiling and lay a new bathroom floor. It seems a swelling manhood can surely cause a fair bit of chaos in the Kiss-household!

I absolutely destroyed myself at the end of this week when I had the most active day of my life. I have been taking part in The Insanity Workout for which I am just over half way through now and feeling fantastic after having had my two babies. The particular routine that I did on the day was an hours worth of pure non-stop interval cardio, followed by a further twenty minutes of a fit test to document my progress, and then three hours of roller skating which finally ended at 2am when I crawled into bed. My every limb is crying for a massage and I feel as though I’ve ran up a mountain twice over. But there’s a saying in life of “no pain, no gain” and I’m expecting a serious gain for my efforts this time around!

Five Weeks Into The Insanity Workout And My Abs Are Coming Along Nicely

I was channel-flicking on the TV guide the other night after putting the children to bed and ended up watching One Born Every Minute and I have to say it really struck something deep inside of me to see the babies coming into the world. Ok, so a lot of people find it petrifying, gory and horrendous, but I have to confess to liking the idea of giving birth.

Does this mean that I want another baby now? I don’t know, I just found myself fascinated by OBEM, staring at the screen in awe like a moth drawn to the flame. I’ve watched the show so many times over the years so it’s not as if it was a ‘wow what’s this strange thing?’ kind of moment. I don’t know, it’s kind of how I react to coming face-to-face with a rack of chocolate bars when I’m queuing to pay for my shopping, I know that I shouldn’t but I can’t help but have one.

It’s really made me wonder how women really know when they have had enough children. When they feel deep down in their bones that they will never again carry a child inside of them. My body tells me that I’m done, the sleepless nights, the bad backs and the headaches, and my purse tells me our family of four is enough to keep the farmers of the UK employed for life. But I don’t know, it’s my heart, it’s getting cravings for a another jellybaby!

When I think about life it makes me feel so sad, the thought of everybody growing that little bit older day by day, each minute that passes is a minute less that we have on this earth. Time is absolutely so priceless in so many ways yet so many have been wasting it for such a duration that it becomes normal to not even acknowledge it’s worth at all. The internet seems to be filled with people moaning and complaining on social networking sites “I’m bored” “this is rubbish” “I can’t lose weight” “I have no money” “I can’t find work” and I think, wow, is that how you spend this opportunity? The chance to live and breathe and stand and run and dream and achieve and be all that you can be in such a short space of time, yet all you do is devalue it, despise it and waste it. When families fight day and night to save the very last breath of their loved ones and others pour lungfuls away moaning over such menial things that make absolutely no difference to the world?

To think that a few thousand years ago none of this existed, in twenty or so of our lifetime ago man was just beginning. The generations of our family are still only starting, the tree of life is so young and fresh. When I was a child we had a single push button analogue box television with a wire ariel sticking out of the top and now I have a 50″ 3D plasma with thousands of satellite channels and a flatscreen in every room. What will my great grandchildren have in their lifetime and will they ever understand how lucky they are to have made it into this world. This great race for life, chosen from billions of possible souls to be given a shot at birth, growth, learning, wisdom and the acceptance of fate for how we must all die one day. I don’t want to focus on death and make this a depressing post, I want to highlight life, I want to open peoples eyes and make them realise how insanely fortunate they are to even be here. Grasp every second of every day from now until the end. Change what makes you sad, lose what makes you feel bad and accept what you can’t control. Stop making excuses about everything and anything and for once just grab life with both hands and go out there and live life to the fullest. Since when did being alive mean not living?

It doesn’t matter if you have no qualifications, no job, no transport, no money; it can’t stop you from stepping outside and fighting for your one chance to live. To learn, to earn, to build and progress. We are all capable beings, born into this world with nothing but the chance to one day have everything. And we can only achieve that with time, and time is the only thing on this earth that we cannot recreate.

The words ‘can’t’ ‘don’t’ ‘won’t’ should never have existed, we should drop them like a bad egg and raise future generations void of their definition. If you had only ever been told that nothing is out of your reach and the sky was never the limit, the moon and the stars are only the starting line then you would never have began doubting yourself, never felt inferior or insecure. How different the world would be and could become one day because of three little words. Can, do, will.

And that’s what sits in my heart like a welling pool of hope and opportunity to give the greatest gift of all, the gift of life; to a soul that enters this world with nothing but endless possibilities. And what reason do we have to not carry another child? The price tag of the cost of living? The thought of sleepless nights? Was the prospect of our very existence based upon something as superficial as the cost of an extra plate at the family dinner table? See what watching OBEM has done to my heart! Wow. Thank’s pregnant ladies! You’ve got me questioning the meaning of life, and I finally know what it is. After twenty-five-and-a-half years on this earth and as a mother of two I know the meaning of life, it is the ability to give life meaning, and that’s something that we all have inside of us.

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