How To Find Your Personal Style

First of all, you don’t need to dress the way that other people do. You don’t have to follow the latest celebrity trends or buy clothes that are being paraded up and down today’s catwalks. Well, you could if you like what you see, but you need to remember that it’s important to find your own personal style to look and feel your best. 

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Your personal style can showcase your personality. It can give your confidence levels a boost when you’re out in public and your style can be fitted around your body so you can feel comfortable in what you wear. To find your personal style, you might want to consider the following…

Know What You Don’t Like

If something is on trend, but it doesn’t match your shape or your personal preference, reject it. The clothes you buy have to be suited to your look and tastes, as you won’t feel your best when wearing them otherwise. So, reject those designs that turn you off and then attune your radar to those clothes that make your heart sing.

Get To Know Your Body Shape

We aren’t necessarily talking about your size here, as you can easily buy clothes that fit, or pay for them to be tailored. Rather, we are talking about understanding your shape, so you know what silhouettes show your body off the best. You will then be able to buy outfits which show off the best parts of your body and also hide the parts that you want to keep hidden.

This body shape calculator will guide you into making some excellent outfit choices, so get the measuring tape out and follow the fab advice given!

Find The Colours That Suit You

Certain colours suit certain skin tones, so you can use this colour analysis guide to find out what suits you best. You will then have a better idea of what colours to go for when choosing not just your clothes, but also your lipstick, eye shadow and other style-defining accessories too. 

Find Your Signature Pieces

Your signature look will convey who you are, what you stand for and what your personal style is. You can learn a lot from some of our most famous celebrity icons today who have created signature looks that you can spot a mile off. Consider Cara Delevigne and her trouser suits, Rita Ora and her cropped tops or Lady Gaga in… well, anything that’s a little weird!

They have found the styles they are sticking with and somehow it works for them. So, consider the look you are going for, find items that match and then create your own personal style from there.

Dust Off Your Heirloom

Sometimes the best style statements are those that are family heirlooms or really old pieces that you have kept hidden in your shoebox in the pantry. If you have a watch like a classic Rolex, but it’s a little tattered or broken, no worries, speak with Rolex Watch Servicing and Repairs. They will breathe new life into your style relic and make it look brand spanking new. They are specialists, so they know how to restore your precious watch’s value and make it practical at the same time. Now you can wear a vintage watch that is a dime a dozen and bring a layer of depth to your style as nothing else could.


Your personal style isn’t only about the clothes you wear, as the accessories you use can add a lot to your style too. Consider Anna Wintour and her glasses, for example, Harry Style and his bandanas and Taylor Swift’s elegant use of red lipstick. So, think about the outfit styles that suit you and then accessorise to match, with designer bags, lipsticks, jewellery and any other item that can help you to define your style. 

Be the style icon that you always wanted to be with your own personal style! I hope these tips helped, be sure to look everywhere and anywhere for further inspiration. 


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