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I recently attended Vegan Life Live, an exhibition in London celebrating all things plant-based where I look forward to my annual stock-up on vegan-friendly goodies as well as discovering the latest brands and products to hit the market. Euphorically, veganism is growing at an alarming rate, year-on-year becoming more widely acceptable, attainable and popular; this year I’m thrilled to have discovered Awesome Supplements and their spectacular vegan range!

Awesome Supplements Vegan Protein

Created for those fed up of the bold claims, under-dosed products, rubbish tasting powders and shoddy customer service, Awesome Supplements pride themselves on honesty, keeping it simple and their products being 100% research proven and research dosed – oh, and they taste pretty awesome too!

Regardless of your current diet or lifestyle, attending a fitness or nutrition exhibition is life-changing and can provide you with all of the help, guidance and tools necessary in order to live your healthiest, happiest life possible. What really resonated with me about Awesome Supplements when I came across their stand was, quite obviously their delicious vegan-friendly protein snacks, but also their down to earth, honest and informative ethos that is rare to find in this day and age.

After speaking with the very energetic and enthusiastic staff on the Awesome Supplements stand I was able to find these three products suited to my needs which have now become a staple in my daily fitness routine and diet, making such a positive difference to my day.

Awesome Supplements Vegan Protein

The Awesome Daily Dose has health and recovery covered. Instead of having multiple pots and packets for different vitamins and strengths, this covers all of my vitamin and mineral needs in one place. With iron being the most common deficiency in adults, magnesium is a close second and calcium is always a sticking point for vegans. By getting everything I need in supplements I don’t have to stress or over-think my food each day and can continue to eat a healthy balanced plant-based diet know that my deficiencies are fully taken care of.

Dosed perfectly at the recommended daily level, it leaves me to turn my attention to keeping active, eating clean and loving life – something I wouldn’t have the strength and stamina for if my nutrition wasn’t up to scratch. No matter what your level of fitness is, nutrition is key, moreso when needing that extra energy to raise the bar and reach your fitness goals which  can be difficult to achieve when in a calorie deficit for fat loss, on a controlled calorie intake for bodyweight management, or whilst eating a plant-based diet; three cheers for supplementation!

I know this may look super indulgent and naughty, but the Awesome Vegan Protein range is in fact perfectly attuned to suit my healthy vegan diet – yes, my vanilla and chocolate salted caramel choices are 100% allowed! It’s pretty common knowledge that vegan proteins can be an acquired taste, with most whey protein-drinkers unable to stand the pang and after kick of plant-based protein and this is where decent flavours are really key.

Awesome Supplements Vegan Protein

To be fair, I’m happy to eat and drink foods that may not taste the very best but that I know are extremely healthy and good for me inside as I have the rare ability to overlook my tastebuds for the higher good of my body. But I have to say, when it comes to vegan proteins this doesn’t just taste great, it absolutely smashes the competition out of the arena. I have to actually convince myself that I’m not eating a cheat-day dessert, as I can have this everyday entirely guilt-free.

With a methodically developed ratio of rice and pea protein to achieve a smooth texture, these smooth vegan-friendly protein powders have a strong amino acid profile and don’t break the bank for the sake of being plant-based. I take my Awesome Daily Dose throughout the day, followed by a single serving of vegan protein mixed with water after my morning gym session for optimum performance.

On days when I’m looking to up my protein intake, or use my traditional water-based protein shake as a post-workout meal instead of a drink, then I can add a scoop of protein powder to some blended up bananas, coconut milk or mixed with oats and baked in the oven for guilt-free protein cookies.
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